How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut

How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut?

How to ask for a two block haircut in order to get a two-block haircut, you need to be very specific with your hairdresser. You need to explain that you want a cut that is similar to the classic Garzon.

However, tell her that the hair on the sides of your head should be buzzed with a clipper and that the hair on the top should be trimmed with scissors.

Always carry reference photos of the two-block haircut you want. This will help your stylist visualize what you’re talking about.

For the haircut to look exactly as you want it to, it’s best that your hair is 12 cm or longer.

The two-block haircut is booming today. Do you want to know why?

Foreigners from far away countries, such as those from Korea, have been quick to adopt Kpop as their favorite music genre. Groups such as BTS and EXO have brought this trend in a very short time.

Hairstyles have been a trending topic in fashion for a while now. As in energy, there has been a shift in what’s popular.

Kids who were born after the 90’s probably won’t remember the old style of women’s hairstyles – Garcon, that existed before their birth

Yes, the two-block cut is definitely one of the most famous Garçon hairstyles. However, there is a difference.

The bottom part is always shaved with a hair clipper to create a “Mushroom” effect on top.

The two-block cut and its origins date back to the old Garçon hairstyle. However, some stylists might not know about its roots in Kpop.

It’s rare for people to know about these bands, but I know them because my daughter is a major fan.

That’s why, if you’re going to cut your hair, it’s very important that you know what you want and talk to the hair stylist about it. Think about the kind of haircut you have now so they can achieve the look your going for!

So, if you are willing to follow this Korean trend in cuts, stick with me. I will tell you:


The “two blocks haircut” was originally called so because of its shape, before it had a name.

The haircut looks like two cuts in one because the bottom half of your head is completely shaved, while the top part is cut in a different way. The top of your head will have long locks which are formed into a kind of ‘mushroom-like’ shape.

When cutting your hair, please make sure to take height into consideration. For example, the top of the head would be noticeably more voluminous while the lower part will be shaven.

So, what’s the first thing you should do before you go to the salon?


I don’t want you to bring your hairdresser hundreds of pictures of what you want for your two block cut. Imagine that your stylist has other clients too.

This means you will pick out 4-5 pictures that show exactly what you want, with great quality; this lets the hairdresser see the final result and decide how to proceed

Consider being as specific as you can when searching to ensure that you get the best results. This should include a picture taken from a range of directions, for example from the front and back.

This speak to the fact that visuals are an important form of communication. Images help tell a story seamlessly and quickly, so ensure you use them to your advantage wherever possible.

If you feel like your stylist doesn’t understand the pictures of the haircut that you’ve sent them to work with, then it’s time to tell them what they’re supposed to do using words.


Let’s start with a general idea: you want a Garçon style, but one that’s been remixed.

So, when you show up at the salon, you’ll tell your stylist that you want to get a Garçon hairstyle, but that you want to cut the bottom with a hair clipper and the top with scissors.

Again, you show her the pictures.

Do you think that she/he understood you?

That’s alright, let’s just get to work then. If you feel that your stylist misunderstood your intention with the two-block cut, just come up with an excuse and tell them to expect you back another day.

The two-block cut is a haircut that requires shaving the sides and back. Many people confuse this haircut for trimming the ends, but it’s really only seeking to remove hair on the sides and back. It should be done with precision to get what you want

If you have the perfect 2-block cut that you dreamed of for your KPop choreography, then you’ll have a new challenge ahead of yourself: maintenance.

It’s tough to communicate your hair goal sometimes. You’ve already done the toughest part which was to ask for the cut and now you should be able to enjoy it!


When should you touch up a two-block cut? If you said 3 months, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. In reality, the cut could need touching up at least once a month

The ideal time to retouch your cut in summer is every two weeks. In winter, every three weeks

Hair grows about 7.7 centimeters or 2.5 inches per year, which is more in summer than it does the rest of the year. As a result, many people need haircuts more often in summer than they do during other seasons.”

By visiting the hairdresser on a regular basis, you can trust that your hair is in good condition. Regular cuts will release hydrated & strong strands of hair. This protects against dehydration and damage

Do you want to know what I’ve discovered in these past couple of months in my salon?

That both men and women are encouraged to innovate with their look with the 2-block cut. And there are many variations of it, so you’ll notice this when you go looking through photos to take to your stylist.

Some people have a creative approach to cutting their hair. They may choose to cut it in two blocks and dye one area in different colors from the rest.

It’s popular for some people to do a slight perm or dying on top, so that the top of their hair has more movement.

It’s important to remember that there’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ beauty. There are more than enough looks out there for everyone, so don’t be scared to experiment and find your own style.


If you’re determined to get a two-block cut, the first thing you will need to do is find several pictures from the internet to show your stylist the exact style you’re looking for.


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