Bad Pixie Cut: What To do When My Pixie Haircut Goes Horrible Wrong

Bad Pixie Cut: What To Do When My Pixie Haircut Goes Horrible Wrong?

What To do When My Pixie Haircut Goes Horrible Wrong If you think your pixie cut is bad or you don’t like it, I recommend two things.

  • Consider a professional! don’t attempt to cut your hair and in fact, you’ll probably mess it up even more.
  • It’s normal to feel frustrated after a haircut. The best thing you can do is avoid changing it for a few days and see where you end up.

If you’re not happy with your pixie after a few days, it may be that the style or cut is not what you were expecting or that it feels heavy. Look in the mirror and identify specifically what isn’t working for you.

When your pixie is too long, go to your hairdresser and ask to have it trimmed. If the ends are not neatly finished or the cut looks untidy, you can use gel or wax to shape it

You don’t like your pixie and it’s too short, you’ll need to wait until your hair grows out. Later, we’ll discuss how to cope with short hair.

You cannot believe it.

It can be tough to live up to others’ expectations. Do you feel like you’ve failed yourself every time you look in the mirror?

You still don’t understand what might have gone wrong, right?

You’ve searched a hundred pictures of the perfect pixie cut on Instagram and talked to your stylist for an hour to make sure she understood what you wanted.

Were you looking at the hairdresser’s every move as she cut your hair

And yet, you feel your pixy cut is a mess. You were expecting something different & now you feel like hiding under several hats. Seems like other people are seeing the same problem too because you’ve already started counting how many scarves you’re going to need to hide your hair.

Worried about your horrible pixie cut, This is when you should stop.

Stop the ball is often used in soccer to denote when players are so desperate for a goal that they play aggressively with few consequences.

It is at this point that the coach cries out, “Guys, stop the ball”.

Today, I use the same expression to stop your worry

Take a deep breath and focus on your “calm self”. The first thing is not to panic. Everything has a solution, and bad haircuts are not an exception.

It’s understandable that you would want to do anything you can to fix your hair. But before doing anything drastic, take some deep breaths and come up with a more detailed plan on what you should do next.

However, all cuts will require a few days to settle. In this time you may find that you get used to the new cut, learn how to style it and create some fun looks. Finally you may feel that the cut is the one you wanted. If, after a week, you still think the pixie cut is a lot of work, you should switch back.

But first, MySuggestion: Stand in front of the mirror & carefully examine your hair

  • Do you think it’s too short?
  • Is it too long?
  • Do you comb it and, still, it looks untidy?
  • Are the ends not polished? 

If the cut you got doesn’t turn out as you had planned, these suggestions will point you in the direction of your next Pixie haircut.

A new haircut might not be the right fit for you right away. If you’re not sure if it’s working for you, make sure to discuss this with your hair stylist. They can usually fix any issues without needing to start over.

Then, stay with me, because I will tell you:

  • How to quickly solve the imperfections of a pixie cut
  • What to do with a badly cut pixie while it grows


Here are some reasons why you might not like your pixie cut


If you want your stylist to make adjustments to the length, the best thing to do is go in and tell him/her.

Don’t forget to take a few shots of the pixie haircut you want on your cellphone.

I know you’ve shown her pictures before, but it never hurts to reinforce your words with photos. For example, the length of a haircut could mean different things to different people. The same applies for styles like layers and bangs

For this haircut, you should really monitor the hairdresser’s work. Ask to see what the back of your hair will look like when it’s done.


You like how it looks when you have your short hair, but it doesn’t always look so good after you comb it. The ends are likely to separate.

To get your pixie cut looking great, you will need to use your brain and some products. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

One such versatile product is gel, which can provide dozens of versions for any pixie cut style, giving you the option to choose.

Gel helps in achieving the perfect look and in formulating your hair. It helps in placing each strand nicely and in remedying any bad ends.

It will also help you achieve the goal of shorter hair or hair that is stuck to the scalp, in the lower areas.

You can also use hair wax or styling products to keep your hair neat and tidy. This will give you a wet effect and make the ends look less voluminous (or your hair could end up looking like as if it was cut too short).

What should you do if the pixie cut doesn’t suit your hairstyle preference?

If you’re really keen on making the change, you’ll need to be patient and wait until your hair grows out.

However, you won’t have to worry because I’ll give you some helpful tips on how to take care of that bad pixie cut.


The first thing you will want to do is know your hair care routine and how it effects your hair. Make sure to take care of your hair so it can grow out & change your look.

Consider washing only a few times a week and try using a sulfate-free shampoo.

Here are a few reasons why washing your hair can affect its growth.

Shampoos containing sulfates can remove the oils in your hair, which is vital when it comes to increasing its length.

Aim to wash your hair about 2-3 times per week, washing it only with sulfate-free shampoo. Add deep conditioning at least once a week for optimum hair health

  • Trim your ends every 3 months.

It’s true that cutting your hair can sometimes stimulate new growth, but it might not always happen.

It is important to keep your hair healthy. One way to do this is by trimming its ends if they are open or ‘split’. This helps the hair grow healthier and makes it look thicker.

The solution? Trim your pixie every 10 to 12 weeks, just a few inches, to get rid of the split ends. You’ll barely notice the difference and your cut will grow out faster than before.

  • Add some accessories to your Pixie cut to allow you to show off the style more. This will only be effective if it is styled right, so take your time picking out accessories.

What would women be without their many accessories?

A pixie cut may not be your first choice of hairstyle – but there are many ways to make it look aesthetically pleasing. For example, adding accessories & other elements into your hair style is one way that can improve the ascetic.

Expand your possibilities! There’s a wide range of hair accessories for your pixie cut. From headbands to pins, you’ll feel the difference and look amazing.

There are many ways of hiding your bad hair. For example, you could put on a hat, wrap up your hair, or cover it with a headscarf.

Finally, each of these substitutes come in various colors, fabrics, and designs which allow you to choose whichever best suits your tastes.

Searching “hair accessories” on Instagram or Google will provide you with some of the most innovative accessories on the market today. Keep in mind that these are some of the best quality hair accessories you can find. I highly encourage you to check it out!


Picking a new hairstyle can be a nail-biting experience, but if you don’t like the result right away, try not to panic. Give it a few days for the hair to settle and see if it grows on you.

If you find your haircut is not for you, there are a few ways to make it better. Products like wax and gel can be used to shape your hair or, if it’s too long, your stylist can cut it.

If the short pixie cut is something you’re not sure about, it might be worth waiting and letting your hairstyle grow to see what style you like best even if it means putting your hair up in different ways or wearing accessories.

Now tell me, why don’t you like your pixie?


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