Low maintenance short pixie cuts for fine thin hair

Low maintenance short pixie cuts for fine thin hair

There are three short pixie cuts for fine thin hair that go very well for round faces and require low maintenance.

  • Mega Short Pixie for fine thin hair
  • Medium Pixie with bangs
  • Long Pixie for fine thin hair

You can rock any one of these three cuts and they’ll hold up just fine. Even if you have a narrower face, these cuts will be perfect for drawing attention to your greatest features.

To avoid your round-shaped face to look even longer, it is crucial that you keep some length on top and incorporate a fringe as well as texture and volume for added interest.

Is your chin slightly smaller than your forehead? Is your face about one and a half times as wide?

Having a round face is great as it can be easier to find some good looking clothes as opposed to those with other face shapes.

These three Pixie styles are known to help avoid making the face look too long or narrow. They also allow for periods of time between needing to visit the salon again.

Pixie cuts are easy to maintain because their style doesn’t require you to go into the salon often. Plus, they’re bold enough for daring fashionistas who enjoy personalizing their look while not breaking the bank.

If you have a round face, you might want to take some things into consideration if you’re thinking about getting a pixie cut

For example, bangs are an important feature in shorter haircuts, particularly pixie-cuts. That’s because they make the cut stand out. For example, when you’ve got a bob hairstyle or a fringe cut, their presence can be not just decorative but structuring to your look.

Because the fringe will be in charge of shortening your face

A feline or cat-like look might be desired if you want to emphasize your eyes. If this is the case, try wearing styles like long fringe styles that frame your eyes for an intense gaze.

If your jaw is pronounced, you can wear a side fringe to draw attention away from the area. One other benefit of a fringe is being able to swap it out to match your mood!

If you want to avoid lengthening your face, make sure the texture of your head is light & airy. For example, soft waves will produce a voluminous effect which will counteract this.

Pixie cuts are quite short, which makes them last much longer than other haircuts.

In addition, when you’re combing your hair you can use gel, wax or serum to help make your hairstyle last for longer and be more durable.

Why do you use them? They’ll not only flatten your hair when it feels too long, but they can also be used to polish out any imperfections.

Are you determined?

Finally, let’s look at these three pixie cuts, which will provide your face with a different dimension and won’t cost you too much time or money in the long term.


Do you spend too much time on your hair in the morning and as a result, are late for work or university?

This pixie cut is the solution to your problem.

First, you will not need to worry about your hair because it is cut in such a short style. Second, you’ll be one of the most punctual people on the planet.

Plus, your new haircut will not be bothersome as soon as the length of your hair grows – this is because it is a very short haircut and can last for a longer period of time.

Short hair cuts help you to avoid your face looking too long. You can also play with different textures by applying specific products for short hair.

Have you been thinking about how to look more rocking for your weekend party?

Put a good amount of gel on your hands and comb the top to make peaks. Then, get ready to sing in the best Gun N’Roses style

Hair grows out over time. If you want to hide your hair’s length, you can apply hair gel to the sides to disguise the length. This way, you’ll avoid having to get a trim for a while.

However. If you’re worried about your femininity, always use earrings and accessories to balance the manly look of the cut.


Who said that romanticism is out of fashion?

They probably think you don’t like them or they can’t relate to you because they don’t know you.

They probably don’t know about your love of all things poetry, folk dresses and headbands in every style.

The medium pixie cut with bangs is your best option. It works well for people with an oval face, and has a relaxed vibe.

A fringe will always make your round face look less elongated. In addition, the cut is a short style. For this reason, you won’t need to live with a fringe that is too long from time to time to maintain the length

Want to know the secret of this cut?

Your stylist should leave you with four finger’s worth of hair at the top of your head and cut your bangs so that they’re taller than the rest. From the side, this creates a small peak which balances out your face!

To add a feminine touch or create a more youthful look, try playing with different length of bangs. Short bangs like the one Cleopatra sported will give you a romantic style while leaving long bangs to frame your face will keep you looking girly and sweet.


This haircut has very short sides and is longer at the top. Katy Perry made this style popular a few years ago.

If you want more volume on top, try a mousse to create the texture. On the side, use a hair gel to add more angles to your face

Pixie cuts are easier to maintain since they don’t get in the way. They’re more versatile, too, since you can usually style them with the same tools that you would for other hair lengths.

There are a lot of ways to change your hairstyle quickly, without having to allow time for color or chemical processing. You can use hair accessories, headbands or clips that will give you the desired effect.


You can now use a pixie cut to mask your elongated oval shaped face and make the most of the shape you’re facial features.

This means you won’t need to get a haircut for some time. You can schedule your next visit whenever you see fit.

Which of these options will you choose?


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