What Happens if You Cut your Hair in a Ponytail

What Happens if You Cut your Hair in a Ponytail?

What happens if you cut your hair in a ponytail? Cutting your hair into a ponytail is a bad idea as it’ll leave you with a really messy cut devoid of any shape from an aesthetic standpoint.

You’ll just have a really bad badly-layered cut that won’t style nicely.

There are only a few types of haircuts you should be wearing yourself, such as trimming your ends or middle-part bangs. You should always be getting professional haircuts for anything else.

When you cut your hair the wrong way, or use a bad product, it can break. This is a normal thing that happens to everyone’s hair at some point.

If there’s one thing that will never cease to amaze me, Creativity and ingenuity are the most defining qualities of humanity.

I’ve just seen a lot of videos on YouTube where people claim and reaffirm that cutting hair in a ponytail gives impressive results.

Cutting your hair in a ponytail is not productive. Come up with more creative ways to utilize your skills and intelligence.

If you don’t, the shape of your haircut will change and your hair will break.

The items that hairstylists routinely use, such as scissors and razors, are solely used to cut hair. You should NEVER think about using a pair of all-purpose scissors to cut your hair; this would be a bad idea.

The scissors you use should be sharp enough to cut the hair without snagging and pulling at it and damaging it.

If you cut your hair into a ponytail, this would most likely not be the desired result. It is hard to determine exactly how high to cut it in order to get a neat look.

Do you like playing with fire?

Go ahead, cut your hair into a ponytail. You’ll have to resign yourself to not being able to look at yourself in the mirror for at least three months.

If you’re feeling adventurous, a shoulder-length bob is a safe change. You can also explore more dramatic styles by changing your hair color or trimming your bangs.

Does that little voice inside tell you to cut your hair in a ponytail?

Read on, and draw your own conclusions.

  • Why you shouldn’t cut your hair in a ponytail.
  • What haircuts you can safely make yourself

Let the voice of conscience speak for you today.


I’ll say it clearly and loudly once more.

Don’t cut your hair in a ponytail.

There are many videos on YouTube that claim to be helpful tutorials, but they just aren’t true and will give you unrealistic expectations for your own hair.

If everyone could cut their own hair with a simple ponytail, what would happen to the hairstylists? What would be the point of studying shapes and contours of the face, symmetries, different tones or undertones?

If our work were as straightforward as some people find it, hairdressers would not be here. But since it is not, here we are.

Professional hair stylists often encounter a variety of difficult styling sessions with each client. With these cases, they need to find ways to fix it – sometimes this means cutting more hair than they would like.

Recently, I had a client who came to my salon asking for her home haircut to be fixed. She told me she wasn’t happy with the length of it and wanted it trimmed & styled.

I know this sounds like a regular fix up, but what made Maria’s experience quite remarkable is that she actually was following a hair tutorial on Youtube.

She followed the instructions from the YouTube video tutorial: “First, make a tall ponytail. Then take the scissors and cut”.


Her long, thick hair now looked as if it were a giant staircase made from layered up strands of wireshe was really looking for a messy, layered type of haircut.

During the haircut, we had to shorten the layers and polish ’em too: this led to a lot of hair loss. We’re happy we were able to retain her desired hair length and neaten up her hair via a shoulder-length bob

Imagine Mary’s tears of disappointment after she had to settle for a shoulder bob when all she wanted was a long shaggy cut.

Do you want to know which are the safe haircuts to do at home?


The easiest way to cut your hair at home is to trim the ends, but you’ll want a friend to help you in order to stay safe. The following step-by-step guide will show you how:


  • Washing your hair is not enough to remove dirt and excess oils. After washing it, untangle your strands so that they are completely separated for applying products.
  • To create a part in the middle, pull all your hair back so that the rest of it rests on your back.
  • Get your friend to brush & style your hair so that it is well spread out and smooth
  • In order to use a friend as your hairdresser, they need to learn the proper way to do it. Keep your head down and position it at a downward angle before they start trimming your ends.

Looking down is important as it helps lock in waves and curls. Once your hair is dry, the ends won’t go outwards on their own.


This style is very easy to achieve, as they are significantly longer than the other fringe styles.

  • Separate your hair into two sections that are on either side of the dividing line at the middle of the head. This will be where your bangs will sit.
  • Place the tail of the comb on your forehead, two fingers away from your eyes. Make a line across your forehead, from one side to the line to the other.
  • You will notice that a hair triangle has formed – this will be your future bangs.
  • Watch out for your hair. If you have pronounced forehead waves, try wearing grown-out bangs to dampen their effect, so that you get a more even length throughout.
  • To cut hair of a certain length, gather all the hair you have separated and place it close to your nose. Cut it at that height.
  • You can dry your hair by pulling all the bangs to one side and the other side.


Throughout this article, I’ve explained What Happens if You Cut your Hair in a Ponytail?

Cutting hair in a ponytail is not a good idea because you risk ending up with uneven and untidy cut. Besides, if you don’t use the specific tools like clippers and scissors, you can damage the strands.

There are only two safe haircuts you can give yourself at home. For example, you can just cut the ends off or give your bangs a middle part.

Now, tell me, do you still think it’s a good idea to cut your hair in a ponytail?


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