Hairstyles For a one Year Old Black Girl

Hairstyles for 1 year old black baby girl

Try these quick & easy hairstyles for 1 year old black baby girl. Styling a toddler’s hair can be challenging because they might have a different hair texture from you and their older siblings. And they might not be willing to sit through a hair styling session.

Therefore as moms, it’s crucial that you keep things simple when doing hairstyles for 1 year old black girl and try not to force anything at this point. You will have the opportunity to try out different hairstyles on your daughter when she gets older.

That’s why in this post, I want to share 10 cute and easy Hairstyles For 1 year old black girl you can try on your toddler’s hair. 

These hairstyles vary to accommodate your child’s temperament level, how much time you have on your hands, your daughter’s hair length and texture and most importantly, your hair styling skill level. 

10 Best hairstyles for 1 year old black baby girl

The following hairstyles are a great option for a one year old little girl, but keep in mind that the cut will have to be styled accordingly.

As you can see from the list below, there are many different hairstyles that you can choose from. We have listed them by type so it is easier for you to find what you are looking for.

1: Short hairstyle for 1 year old girl

Styles for Short Hair

Hairstyles For One Year Old Black Girl don’t always have to be long and intricate – sometimes just working in some braids and a bun can make things lovely and low maintenance. Be sure to look at pictures for ideas, like this one below that reminds us to add in some colored elastics and ribbon for a finished look.

2: 1 Year old black baby girl with a unique design

Hairstyles For a one Year Old Black Girl with a Unique Design

One of the best parts of having a black young girl at home is the diversity of styles you’re able to work into her daily hairstyles. Full of thickness and texture, black hair can be styled in so many ways that other nationalities cannot pull off.

3: Natural side-pony with a bow

Natural Side-Pony with a Bow

Hairstyles for black girls don’t need to be complex or involve a ton of twisting and braiding. Because, let’s be real, when you’ve got an energetic little girl on your hands, time is just not a luxury you have. Try out a high, side-pony with a fun bow to get a great kid-approved ‘do without any headache.

4: Half-bun hairstyles for 1 year old black baby girl

Half-Bun Hairstyles For a one Year Old Black Girl

You can’t talk about cute hairstyles for black girls and not bring up buns. Little girls with lovely, natural hair can rock the bunned hairstyles like no other. Try the trendy half-bun style on your kid and see if she isn’t the new “It Girl” on the playground.

5: Braided hairstyles for 1 year old black girl

Braided and Bunned Hairstyles For a one Year Old Black Girl

Braided hairstyles don’t need to be confined to French-braided pigtails or fishtailed ponytails. You can experiment and have some fun by creating small, weaving cornrows that run along the hairline and circle around two adorable pigtails. The look is unexpected and your child will definitely be the unique one at preschool.

6: Afro puff with a headband

Afro puff with a headband

This style can be achieved the same way as the style above. If you fancy defined edges, you can use an edge control gel like ORS edge control to define her edges. Then, adorn this cute and simple hairstyle with beautiful headband of your choice.

7: Flat twists with double puffs

Flat twists with double puffs

This style is perfect for toddlers with medium length hair. To accessorize this hairstyle, add beads or mini hair bows of your liking.

Duration: The front can last up to a week and you can re-style the back. You can even leave the back as an afro, instead of double puffs.

8: Double mega puffs

Double Mega Puffs

This is such a cute hairstyle for toddlers with a lot of hair. If you’re running out the door and don’t have the time to twist or braid her hair, just pull her hair into these cute double puffs. To accessorize this hairstyle, just add some beads, bows or headband.

Duration: One day. Although you can re-style this hairstyle every morning. To keep the hair stretched at night, you can twist each puff and take it down the following morning.

9: High puff

High Puff

This is such a beautiful hairstyle for any toddler, it’s also a perfect matching mother-daughter hairstyle. Just add a cute hair accessory like a hair flower and she’s out the door!

Duration: One day, although you can restyle daily. To keep the puff stretched at night, plait her hair or put it into chunky twists.

10: Afro puff with a side part

Afro puff with a side part

If your daughter’s hair needs a break from braiding, this hairstyle by @mizz_divaa0607 makes a perfect in-between hairstyle. Simply spritz her hair with a leave-in conditioner, add a light oil like coconut oil and fluff it out with an afro pick. Then, use an edge control gel to lay her edges. To adorn this hairstyle, add a cute hair bow on the side.

Duration: One day. 


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