Low Maintenance Bobs For Round Faces And Fine Hair

Low Maintenance Bobs For Round Faces And Fine Hair

Low maintenance bobs that work for round faces and fine hair are super short bobs, a box cut, a classic bob, a long bob (a lob) and an asymmetrical one.

With these 5 short haircuts, you’ll be able to achieve an oval-shaped face. This will lengthen your neck and create more movement in your hair. Since it will draw attention away from the roundness of your face, this style is perfect for someone who has a round face shape.

They’re also all low-maintenance cuts, so you’ll only need to go back to the salon for a trim every three or four months.

Who told you that it’s impossible for women with round faces to have bob haircuts?

That’s not true and we’re going to debunk the myth today

We know what you’re going to say: a bob is not the best haircut for a round face. But, if your neck looks longer & your round face looks longer after the cut, this might be right for you.

Different low-maintenance haircuts can make your face look more oval, or help to emphasize the features you like the most.

The people with round faces have the hard time when asked to imitate a different hairstyle, as their face shape is not the most convenient.

I’ve seen many of my round-faced clients go through the same thing. And I know what I’m talking about because of this.

This article explains the reasons behind why people might try to hide their round faces. One example is by styling your hair slicked back. Another example includes wearing a hat all day long.

Some people worry about the roundness of their face, thinking it makes them stand out because of their wider cheeks or larger chin.

  • Bobs create more volume around the crown of your head, which makes your face look longer.
  • A BOB with bangs can highlight the balance in your face by showing off your cheekbones and eyes. Thus, it can have the opposite effect on you, highlighting your jawline instead of bringing attention to it.
  • A bob haircut that adds volume to the back of your head will give your hair more life and movement. This attention to the back of your hair will distract from a round face.

Different people have different preferences when it comes to hairstyles and haircuts. However, most of these styles are low maintenance and don’t require trimming often at all, so there shouldn’t be an excuse if you decide to switch.

If you’re reading this, you might be thinking about getting a modern haircut. Apart from the fact that it’s edgy and new, there is little stopping you – the shape of your face isn’t what determines whether or not you can do it.

So, all I have left to ask you is this: Which side are you on?

  • Are you one of those people that feels angry and frustrated at not being able to change your round/oval face?
  • If you’re someone who likes to take risks and try new things, then why not experiment with some new hair styles? We bust all of the myths about hair & can offer it in any style you can imagine. Or are you more of a low-risk taker?

If you’re in that second group then just wait a few minutes and you’ll see that the universe has heard your pleas.

Face shape can influence your haircut quite a bit. That’s because many hairstyles convey a particular message to others such as “I’m rebellious” or “I’m conservative.”

The first BOB style that will make your face look more oval is to fake a really long chin.


This haircut is daring, one that might not suit round faces. Your grandmother might recommend something else for your round face.

My grandma is a great lady and I love her dearly, but when it comes to hair she can’t be considered a trendsetter. It’s been a while since she had any new style done or tried anything new so she naturally tends to give inspiration from the past.

Consider getting a haircut with layers to avoid the roundness of a bob cut. This style will give you texture and can help give your face shape.

This cut goes best with a middle part, sometimes curly hair to amplify the look. It’ll be more fun, bouncy and draw attention to your hair rather than your chin

You should go to the salon every four months for a trim with this cut.

If that’s not low maintenance, then I don’t know what is.

What else could you ask for from a haircut?


Have you always dreamed of short hair?

If you want to know how to cut your hair, stop dreaming and get started! This haircut will hide your face shape and always be shorter than your shoulders.

The ends should be textured so that you can obtain the results you want. The question is- what do you want? If you want to win the lottery, then just keep trying your luck.

To lengthen your face and hide the round shape of your face!

My top tip? Get this cut with waves and a side parting, which will suit round faces.

The Box Bob haircut is good for making your face slimmer and lengthening your neck. This can have a slimming effect on the rest of your body, so it might be worth trying if you don’t like what you see.


The classic hairstyles are not always easy to achieve. That is why it’s important to be careful with this style of hair cut

Talk to your stylist to get a style that suits your need. And if it’s necessary, keep talking until she understands what you want. All styles should have movement and ends with lots of texture.

This is an important point because if this cut doesn’t have any movement, it will make your face look even rounder.


You’ve been looking for bobs that don’t require much work. However, I couldn’t leave this option out. Do you know why?

Although the initial investment is a bit more, this shouldn’t discourage you from being committed to your new look. You now only have to visit the salon every now and then.

Depending on the length of your haircut, if you have a short bob you’ll need to go back to the salon every four months or so, but with a long bob or lob, you should go back every three months.

It doesn’t seem too bad from here. It’s not something most wallets will even notice!

The coolest thing about this bob haircut is that you can go with different hairstyles, like bangs or a middle part.

The lob is a versatile hairstyle that you can style in many different ways. It’s perfect if you prefer to wear your hair wavy or curly.


Do you want me to tell you a secret?

Asymmetric cuts are my favorite since back in high school when I didn’t know that I would be turning into a stylist.

When I was younger, the only thing that mattered to me was what clothes I wanted to wear in order to go out!

I like them because they let me have two different profiles, depending on who I’m speaking to. Maybe they remind me of those Mad Max-style dystopia films?

And in the case of an asymmetric bob, I like that it lets you play with the length of a round face. What do I mean by play? One Possibility is to create long curls at the bottom and curl back around to make a little pouf at the neck.

You can start with a pixie cut and then try out different styles as it grows to see what looks good on you.

One of your main concerns is about finding a style that’s low-maintenance and will hide your round face shape. This style is perfect and also doesn’t require too much styling work.

A bob haircut also contributes to making your hair look fuller, which lengthens your face and can match well with a middle part, curly or straight hairstyle..


We debunked the myth that bobs are only for long, oval-shaped faces. I’m especially excited because you’re someone who is willing to try new styles instead of getting disappointed when something doesn’t work out.

Your round face needs a change and you’re the only one who can give it one.

Try out one of these low-maintenance bobs for round faces and fine hair that will uniquely thin and lengthen your face!


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