Can you cut hair with regular scissors

Can you cut hair with regular scissors?

Is it possible for any scissors to cut hair? In other words, can you cut your hair with regular scissors that are not professional or high-end?

The answer is almost obvious:

In an ideal world, if you use regular scissors for cutting hair, it will not only be safe but you won’t need to worry about the person who uses your scissors following directions.

We’re here to answer a question that many people have shared with us. If you use the same pair of scissors for other jobs around the house, like opening packages or cutting paper on your kids’ projects, they will do their job adequately. However, if you are going to use these scissors for cutting hair, it might not yield the desired result.

Unfortunately, the blade will be too blunt to cut with. This makes cutting by hand more difficult and using a style you trust goes out the window.

Longer cuts will be impossible. With a split-end haircut, any short time between haircuts will require multiple visits to have it done properly again.

I’ll give you an example, so it’s more clear.

Have you ever gone to a cloth or fabric store?

Do you need a piece of fabric for your new shirt? If you’ve already seen an employee cutting fabric for someone.

Did you notice that the scissors slid along the fabric without any problems?

Afterward, you get back to your house and make some cuts in the fabric and sew materials. What happens?

There is a lot of fraying on the fabric. The cut is not clean and looks like it’s been done by an amateur.

Not only can this fabric get ruined, you could end up spending more money unnecessarily. This could happen to any type of garment, though so watch out!

Some fabrics are made to be cut with sharp scissors, which otherwise would ruin them or cause them to fray. There is also a level of consistency with the way they are made.

For a good haircut, the blades of your scissors need to be sharp and in good condition.

If you wanted to cut your hair with the scissors that you have at home and use for many other purposes, then go ahead, but know that even doing it incorrectly could damage your hair.

People come into the salon on a daily basis who are desperate to get their hair ends cut. In order to do so, they come in having already gotten the disappointing news that their hair has “bad ends”

Yesterday Paula came in to get her hair trimmed and wanted it cut in a different style. Unfortunately, when I got near her hair she told me that the ends had split out wildly, as if they wanted to grow in different directions.

What had happened?

She last used them a week ago and decided now was the time to trim her ends.

It seemed like everything was going well for a few days, but after a few days, you could tell that her hair had changed and and her hair ends were a reflection of the bad haircut.

“They looked completely split.” do you want to know why that happened to her hair?.

There was a problem with the scissors she used, and it split her hair.

When I asked her how it felt to be cutting her hair herself, she said that the experience of being self-administered made it seem like as if she was cutting through rubber instead of hair.

Of course! The scissors hadn’t been sharp enough!

The result?

Three centimeters less of hair than before, but this time trimmed with scissors that can only be used for cutting hair

Do you still have doubts?

If so, keep reading, because I’ll tell you:

  • Why it’s better to use a specific type of scissors for home haircuts and one of them is that scissors only used for cutting are more effective at cutting hair.
  • How the scissors you use to cut your hair should be
  • The best scissors for cutting hair that also aren’t expensive


Not all scissors are alike, and the same is true about knives.

You have many different types of knives that you use for food preparation. Some of them are specialized for cutting fish, or meat, but most should be used to cut blocks & vegetables as well.

Cutting hair with scissors is not just about sharpness. It’s also important to remember the cutting height, angle, and the speed to ensure a decent haircut

Let’s take a deeper look at this topic and start with some basics. Scissors come in many shapes and sizes but what really makes them uniquely useful is the way they’re shaped.

The design of the scissors may vary; they are shaped in various ways based on their intended purpose, such as with cutting paper or fabric to name just two common functions.

Most, if not all, stylists use scissors that measure up to 13 cm when cutting hair. This ensures the stylist’s performance is smooth and they’re able to manage their hands without putting too much pressure on them.

Did you know that scissors the hairstylist used are self-sharpening?

Scissors for haircutting are thin and easy to handle, and the handles also come with a really sharp end. The other features of these scissors (pointed/pointy) are so that you can make precise cuts.

If you use scissors that haven’t been made for cutting hair, the cuticle layer can be damaged in the places where you are cutting.

This damages the hair and can make it grow unevenly and stick out oddly. Cutting your hair with the wrong type of scissors can cause them to end up shorter or damaged.

The ends of your hair easily come off or split. That means you’ll have to cut your hair more often.

Scissors are used to cut hair. To ensure getting a clean and smooth cut, you need to have sharp blades that give your scissors a smooth cutting surface.

If your scissors aren’t sharp, they can damage hair as they cut through it. The frays that result from a dull tool can cause split-ends, even up to 2 weeks after your haircut.

Each time you cut hair with this tool, the edge gets sharper, which means the next time you can use it to shave off a line of easy tear-out hair in seconds.

The blades also have a slant that allows for more precise cuts than regular scissors do.


Although many scissors can be used for different purposes, specifically cutting hair, it is more beneficial when you solely use this set of scissors to cut your hair.

If you plan on chopping your hair, make sure the scissors you select are only for this use since you could easily cut yourself with these things.:

  • Do not use scissors with large blades
  • Sharpen the scissors before you start cutting again.
  • Oil the pin of your scissors before you make a cut so that the pivot point does not get stuck and the scissors are easy to maneuver..
  • Always clean your scissors after every use to maintain safe sanitation.
  • Make sure that the scissors are cleaned well and don’t get hairs stuck in them.

If you’re one of the girls who likes to do various things by yourself, from cutting hair to coloring and styling, I recommend that you invest in professional scissors.

Professional scissors are perfect for anyone. Some of the most popular types are on sale, and you can find them at a budget-friendly price, depending on which design works best for your needs.


Some of my clients prefer to trim the ends of their hair themselves because they want to save money. I always make sure they use good scissors and recommend to them that they get a hairdresser or barber if they still are not satisfied with the result.

Specifically, I recommend these two brands:


These scissors are only 17 centimeters long, making them perfect for cutting your hair. They’re made from stainless steel, so they won’t rust and can be easily cleaned.

All hairstylist’s scissors have metallic handles that ensure you get the best cut without worry. The blades are also really sharp for a precise result.


This brand has quality materials and precise measurements that allow you to easily make layered cuts.

The LePINKO Hair Cutting Kit is designed with two pairs of scissors. They are 16.5cm long, which is the optimal length for cutting hair and also will provide sharper cutting results while providing you with a better look when doing layers in your hair.


In order to avoid any hair damage-related incidents and ensure appropriate hair care, make sure you’re using a pair of scissors that are specifically made for cutting your hair. This is because, in the long run, your hair depends on it!

Are you the type of person that cuts their own hair? If so, which scissors do they use?


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