Should I wash my hair highlights

Should i wash my hair before highlights?

You should always wash your hair before getting highlights. You can also use shampoo to help the bleach mixture work better.

If your hair is clean, it will be easier to handle and you’ll be able to style it in a pate that suits your style. Highlights also come in two different techniques: foil or plastic cap.

The important thing is that you wash it without using conditioner, and that the hair is completely dry when starting the highlights.

Before bleaching hair

If you’re thinking of getting highlights, make sure to shampoo your hair beforehand. It doesn’t need to be done for reasons only relating to hygiene, it’s important for the dye to adhere well enough.

I know what you’re thinking, with a little sarcastic smile.

“Isn’t it that you’re not supposed to wash your hair when you dye it?”

For a better highlights, try not washing your hair for two days to let those natural oils settle in and make your hair more oily.

It’s easier for our stylists to place foils in your hair and colors actually hold better on dirty hair because the hair is not as slippery.

Clean hair will prevent the color from seeping in to the cuticle. Also, natural oils can help protect your scalp from possible irritation.

However, now, we are talking about highlights. Unlike traditional hair dyeing methods, the bleach mixture is applied to the hair without coming into contact with it. For this reason, it’s practical to use the highlights with clean hair.

In addition to this, there are other important reasons for you to wash your hair before getting some highlights. Here are a few:

Then stay with me, because I’ll tell you:

  • It’s important to note that you should, in fact, wash your hair before getting highlights. This will help the color process a whole lot better and it will ensure a better overall result.
  • 4 things you should know before getting highlights:

Are you looking for the best highlights? Keep reading.

Why it’s important to wash your hair before getting highlights

There are some exceptions to the “no shampoo rule”. For example, if you swim in a pool with chlorine – it must be washed out before your color appointment because otherwise, the chemical reaction will cause problems.

If you work out before having your hair dyed, make sure to wash your hair first. Excessively oily hair doesn’t process well and can result in unpredictable results like dull looking colors or slow processing.

Before your next salon appointment, make sure you clean out any dry shampoo or cover-up product you used to disguise your roots.

Color won’t go through well if there are ingredients which are oil based or have an excessive amount of product in them. These can be brushed out before the service, but most non-oily products are okay.

If you’re going to be shampooing before your visit to our salon, come with dry hair as this is much more comfortable when highlighting or coloring your hair.

Wet or damp hair can also be a pain for those who have to section their own strands and it’s harder to see what you’re doing because the dye will run down the strands.

How to wash your hair before highlights if it is very oily or dry?

You should take care to evaluate the health of your hair before getting highlights done on it, for example you shouldn’t bleach all of it. Some patches may be bleached so keep that in mind while deciding on how much of your hair to be dyed.

 If you have very dry hair?

It is recommended that you moisturize thoroughly a month ahead of time before having highlights done.

However, never do a moisturizing treatment the day before or the same day you get highlights.

When you get your highlights, wash your hair with shampoo and, if your hair tends to be very dry, use a few drops of conditioner.

But remember, you must remove all traces so that they do not interfere with the effects of the bleaching mixture.

What about oily hair?

You should wash your hair the same day you get it highlighted. Not once or two days before.

You must wash your hair the same day, preferably twice, to remove all the oil.

In this case, if too much oil remains it can interfere with the effects of the bleaching mixture. When possible, avoid the use of conditioner.

If you have very tangled hair, remember to start with untangling it from the bottom up. This way you don’t break the hair too much when brushing it.

I always recommend stopping any type of treatment three days before the event. If you are doing treatments, make sure to stop at least a month before.

While highlighting your hair, you should not be putting it on your scalp, but only on the strands of hair from mid-length to the tips.


If you want bright, vibrant highlights then it is crucial to do a general wash beforehand. You should be shampooing your hair when doing this before cutting the roots with scissors.

  • If your hair is regular or dry, scrub with shampoo and no conditioner the day before you plan to get highlights.
  • If you have very oily hair, it might be best to bleach it the same day you are getting highlights. Leaving the natural oils in your hair & not washing it could prevent the effects of bleaching.

Make sure to get your hair wet before applying bleach, because it can cause bleaching to act unevenly.

You would wash your hair before getting highlights, but when does matter. Is this the day you’re getting your highlights or are these for another occasion?


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