I accidentally washed my hair before bleaching

I accidentally washed my hair before bleaching

If you had an appointment to bleach your hair, cancelling it because you accidentally washed your hair before bleaching could be worrisome. You will also feel embarrassed if people know the reason why you cancelled

Currently, Salon spaces are in high demand and it might be difficult to find one that is open.

Not washing your hair before bleaching prevents the scalp from drying out. This protects the roots and skin from damage or irritation. You may skip this step if your scalp is very oily or if you plan to use a shampoo

Apparently, it’s best to apply the bleach without washing your hair for two days, but it can’t be just any type of bleach.

If you accidentally washed your hair before bleaching, you’ll need to either bleach it anyway or wait two days to do the bleaching.

The use of an ammonia-free shampoo before bleaching is just one measure of protection you can take. It doesn’t impact the process during the initial washing phase.

If you washed your hair the same day you want to bleach it, apply coconut oil two hours in advance and don’t rinse it out before bleaching.

If you’re going to the salon, ask them to include Olaplex when applying cholorine & hydrogen peroxide.

If you forgot you were going to bleach your hair and accidentally washed it, here are two options:

I don’t think it would change your routine. 

If you can’t wait to bleach your hair, here’s a little trick I use to protect my hair when doing it myself.

That’s good news! You can use different products to protect your hair.

So stop worrying and put your desperation aside. You may not always be perfect with your hair and beauty routine, but that’s okay.

So, relax

You can bleach your hair even if you’ve washed it – Do this to protect your hair during bleaching

Bleaching is the harshest process for hair, but it’s what millennials are demanding

Have you heard that using shampoo won’t change the outcome when you bleach your hair? This has been a question in the beauty industry for a while and it turns out, there is no reason to worry. Washing doesn’t impact how well your hair will bleach.

It’s just a matter of protection!

You can begin bleaching your hair in less than a few hours.

I don’t like seeing people with rosy cheeks either – but as long as you wait for 2 hours before washing the bleach out, the redness should fade. What products do you use?

By applying coconut oil to the length & ends of your hair, it will protect any strands you accidentally washed before bleaching.

  • Apply a few drops of coconut oil to your hair, then use a comb to mix it in thoroughly.
  • Now the waiting begins. Wrap your hair in a towel to protect from static, bring out your phone and watch two episodes of your favorite series in Disney+ or Netflix, and wait.
  • After two hours, do NOT rinse your hair.
  • Apply the bleach mixture to the coconut oil. Do this calmly, as the oil will not disrupt the bleaching process

Are you happy now?

If you have the intention to apply the coconut oil sooner rather than later, then get moving and do it.

If you forgot about your hair bleaching appointment at the salon and washed your hair by mistake, you can still bleach your hair

All you have to do is ask your stylist if she works with professional products, such as Wellaplex, Olaplex, or similar ones.

Maybe she will use some of these products during the process. They may help with bleaching, such as Lemon Juice and Hydrogen Peroxide

They strengthen the molecular bonds of your hair during the process, preventing it from becoming dry or brittle. They need to be mixed into the bleaching mixture.

Remember to NEVER bleach a hair first thing in the morning. It’ll be a disaster. If your salon uses any of these products- don’t even bother going because it could really mess up your hair.

Even though it costs more for bleaching your hair, the results are worth the investment. Just remember to tell your stylist that you just washed your hair this morning without realizing it was also scheduled for bleaching.

A professional stylist will also walk you through how they plan to treat your hair. Usually, most people need help fixing their hair and the professional will take a look at how it looks with a strand test.

This test consists of using a little bleach mixture on a small section of hair at the back of your head to see two of the most important things about it.

  • How the hair will react to the bleaching process.
  • What shade it’ll reach after the process.

If you’ve accidentally washed your hair, don’t worry- now there’s no need to wait it out. You can go ahead with your bleaching plan.


Ideally, you shouldn’t wash your hair for two days before bleaching.

In that time, your scalp produces sebum that protects your hair from the aggression of the bleaching mixture

If you happen to wash your hair for some reason and it’s looking dry, try using coconut oil or a product such as Olaplex. This will help maintain the moisture and look of your hair during coloring.

None of these methods will interfere with the bleaching process.

You can never underestimate the severity of an accident. And it’s not worth wasting anymore of your time, so get going!


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