how to bleach hair with household bleach

How to bleach hair with household bleach?

How to bleach hair with household bleach? It can be tricky to try and not always give you the results you want. Ideally, it’s best to use help from a hairdresser who has experience working with hair dyes & regular color corrections.

However, if your hair is already in the desired shade and you’re confident that you know what you’re doing, skip over your salon & Using bleach to lighten, darken, or otherwise alter your hair is a risky process unless you know what you’re doing.

Using regular household bleach and not the recommended dyes or chemicals can damage your hair in the long-term.

A few days before you use the bleach, take 0.25 tablespoon (3.69 ml) of the bleach and combine it with about 0.25 cup (about 59 ml) of shampoo.

Stir this mixture together with a spoon. Plastic spoons are generally recommended because the bleach may cause oxidization to occur in metal spoons.

Using household bleach to bleach your hair is considered a risky process.

Before you begin bleaching hair, you should strip all previous color treatments out of your hair. Then apply a small amount of the bleach mixture to an unnoticeable strand.

This will help you determine how your hair will react to the bleach and what color hair you will have after the treatment.

Rinse your hair thoroughly for a minute or two and then dry it to see the color. Darker shades of hair may turn orange instead of blonde with the addition of bleach.

When bleaching hair, it is necessary to wear gloves to protect the hands.

It is a good idea to place some mixture on your elbow or behind your ear, however you should make sure that you are comfortable with it. If the skin around your area is red, this may be an indication that the mixture was not effective.

Bleach is extremely caustic. It can cause itching or even burning and is not safe to use without gloves/goggles. Contact a poison control center if you observe an allergic reaction that may be more serious than what the label mentions.

Lightening your hair should be done by a salon professional.

When you begin to bleach hair with bleach, use a comb to apply the bleach to your hair. Make sure the clothes you are wearing and the towels you are using can be thrown away, because the bleach will discolor them.

Wear goggles and protect your eyes from bleach. Bleach can cause blindness if it gets in your eyes After applying the mixture to your hair, leave the bleach in for just a few minutes, watching it change the color of your hair as you do. Do not leave it in for too long because it can cause serious damage to your hair.

If a woman has naturally dark hair, she will need higher strength bleach to lighten her hair.

Rinse the Bleach out by Pouring it into Either your Bathtub or Sink. Do not get into the Shower, you do not want the bleach mixture to get all over your body.

Continue rinsing your hair thoroughly for 10 or 15 minutes, and then apply regular shampoo and wash your hair a few times.

It’s been noted that mixing a little vinegar in your shampoo can make the bleaching process more effective by stopping further degradation of the hair to an unpalatable shade.

Condition your hair for the next couple of weeks to limit the amount of harm the bleach causes. If your hair turns orange instead of blonde, do not immediately begin to bleach hair with bleach again. Consult a professional on the next steps to take.

Pros and Cons of bleaching hair with household bleach


  • Bleach is a chemical-based cleaning agent and can be found in your house or you can probably get it from your local store.
  • Using bleach will save money on the amount you would have spent at a salon. You might also find that you’ll save time too, as it’s typically not as long-lasting.
  • Wigs can be bleached if you are in an emergency situation.


  • There is a high chance that your hair will get damaged and the scalp might burn.
  • Also, you can burn your clothes and other body part.
  • You might have to go bald if your hair gets severely damaged.
  • The small saving you get by using bleach is not worth the damage.
  • The hair processing produces a strong smell that may cause breathing difficulties.


Bleach is not a better option for bleaching hair. Its chemical composition is what makes all the difference. But despite this, Clorox can bleach hair. Bleach needs a precise method and extreme caution.

It’s not a wise decision to bleach yourself & should be done only by professionals. And, experienced people should always know the situation they are putting their body through. Therefore, it is much better for them to consult a professional so that nobody gets into any trouble


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