How to diffuse curly hair without a diffuser

How to diffuse curly hair without a diffuser?

So you’re on a trip. You’ve forgotten your diffuser, or maybe you want to know how to diffuse curly hair without a diffuser (I think that doesn’t make any sense lol).

If you’re curly hair is always frizzy and you want to get rid of that, never fear! We’ll show you the easiest way to get your hair looking stylish and even. Without a diffuser.

What exactly does “diffusing” your hair even mean? What does it do?

A diffuser just kind of gently blows out the heat from a hair dryer or a blowdryer. It puts the warmth in a wider area so it doesn’t blow your hair around as much and can be more gentle on delicate curls and waves in your hair.

That is why a diffuser is a great attachment for curly hair. When you use a diffuser, the hair isn’t being dried while it’s hanging free.

And as you know, the most important thing for curly hair is to prevent disrupting the hair’s natural curl pattern.

To avoid using a diffuser we need to find a way to replicate its effects.

One way to achieve this is by using your hand as a makeshift diffuser for your hair. Another way is to use a strainer to cup your hair.

Do you need a diffuser for curly hair?

If you want to know whether you need a diffuser, first take a look at what it does. It can be difficult to fit into your hair and hard to maneuver around but it’s actually really good for creating smaller curls and getting the product deep into your hair. 

A hair diffuser can prevent your hair from getting damaged if it’s used consistently. A diffuser disperses the hot air evenly rather than using a focused stream, which could damage your hair.

Diffusers are great for protecting your hair both in the long & short-term. They will make your hairs healthier in the long-run, but also protect it from fizzing up when you’re wearing it curly.

As an added benefit, it gives your hair more volume and definition.

Curly hair can benefit from using a hair dryer diffuser. That’s because it’s more prone to frizz and damage than other hair types 

We recommend that you give a diffuser a try if you’re having problems with our listed problems.

How can I get curls without a diffuser?

There are a few methods you can use to achieve your hair styling goals. The first one is to simply use your hands to “cup” your hair. The other option is to use a strainer for the same result.

Whatever method you choose, it is important to not overly dry your hair or use it for too long. If you over-dry your hair without using a diffused hair dryer, your hair can easily become damaged.

The hand method

To avoid damaging our hair, it’s important that we follow these guidelines.

First is to only set your hair dryer to low. I know some of you might be in a hurry and want to dry your hair as quickly as possible so I suggest holding your hair dryer a little further and move it quickly so you won’t over-dry an area of your hair.

Moisturizing your hair regularly can help preserve its natural shine. We recommend using a leave in conditioner or heat protectant spray during your styling routine that contains silicon. This will keep your hair protected from excessive heat damage.

The strainer method

Who would have thought this little kitchen gadget could be used as a makeshift hair diffuser?

We actually prefer the strainer method over the hand method. This is because the tiny holes on a strainer scatter hot air and thus your hair will be gentler to not damage it as much

But it’s worth the risk, because if you protect your hair properly, you’re actually doing more to maintain your hair. So use some kind of hair protector and make sure your locks are as moisturized as possible

Hoping your mane is in need of a little volume? Well, it’s really easy to do the strainer method. Just get your hair comfortable inside the strainer and blow-dry away!

Here is a great video that demonstrates how to do the strainer method. We recommend that you use a much finer strainer than the one on the video because it will produce less residue (and you’ll want less holes on your strainer).


We’ve discussed my question: “How to diffuse curly hair without a diffuser?”

If you’re in a rush and need to dry your curls, there are some alternative ways to go about it that are faster than using a diffuser tool. It is still recommended that you do use one but when you’re in like, this is the only way.

Just make sure that you use some kind of heat protectant products and make sure that you moisturize your hair as much as you can.


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