Hair dye that targets only grey hair

Hair dye that targets only grey hair

Today, I’m going to recommend three of the best brands I know out there. If you’re looking for a hair dye that targets only grey hair, then you should use one that specializes in that.

Gray hair can be corrected, but it can also be washed out when using shampoo. You should apply the corrector again after washing your hair if you are worried about gray hair showing up on your head again.

The good news is that they cause less damage to your hair than permanent dyes since they don’t contain either peroxide or ammonia.

The hair-care industry never stops to surprise us with the innovations they come up with. These inventions tackle problems like baldness and grey hairs, among others.

It is only recently that correctors have become a thing. For now, it is temporary (meaning it lasts for some amount of time).

The reason?

Your hair dye will rinse quickly when mixed with shampoo. Your grey hairs will reappear after washing.

Many women have been able to escape a difficult situation when they’ve found themselves in a “rock and a hard place”, thanks to the help of a corrector.

My mother is a genius in many areas, but she’s a bit of a noob when it comes to doing my hair. I’ll be the first to admit, she knows best in many cases, but not all. A month ago, she showed up at the salon, looking for someone to help her out.

She had an upcoming important party with friends quickly and wanted to dye her hair, but didn’t have time to do it herself. She was making a big effort though because some of her grey hair was still showing.

The next day she showed up at the salon with the idea of getting a hair updo that hides her gray hair.

It’s impossible to do an updo that hides all the gray. I’m a hairstylist, so I’ll leave the magic tricks to magicians or illusionists like Houdini and David Copperfield.

One of my mother’s friends had a party coming up, but she wasn’t about to let my mom go to the event with gray hair.

I found a solution by falling back on one of my favorite tricks: using a blonde color spray corrector, which would conceal her grays and make her look “natural.”

My mom was amazed that her grey hair vanished, and she was visibly more confident.

What did she decide to do that day?

She decided to stop using dye and start using a hair color corrector that targets only grey hair

If you’re serious about not having to use outdated and harmful dyes, but also want a color that won’t wash out with your natural hair color over time, don’t give up hope. I have some ideas for you here!

  • How color correctors work to hide your grays.
  • The three best corrector for covering those grey hair

How color correctors work to hide your gray hairs?

Color correctors work to cover gray hairs, regardless of the number you have.

  • There are a few details you should keep in mind when we talk about this type of product. Since it is a spray or powder form, these dyes will disappear after the first wash with shampoo.

These types of correctors don’t work on the internal structure of your hair. They don’t even affect the external structure as semi-permanent dyes do.

  • With the corrector, you’re just putting color on top of the grey hairs, kind of like makeup that you’d put on your eyelids or cheeks.

These types of dyes are like make-up.

Contouring with hair dyes not only gives you the effect of slightly coloring your gray hairs, but it helps conceal roots. You can choose to dye your hair a color that matches your outfit or create a fun look for special events.

  • If you decide to use these types of dyes on your gray hairs, then you should know that after each time you shampoo your hair, the process for applying these types of dyes can be long and can sometimes even bring frustration. Before you reapply them, make sure that you do it correctly the first time.

So, if you wash your hair every two days, then you’ll need to reapply the dye, so your grey hair isn’t visible.

And that could take you a lot of time.

  • One negative side to these products is that you’ll need to spend some time applying them, But on the positive side, they’re safe for your hair because they don’t contain any peroxide or ammonia.

If you’re thinking about using this method, you’ll need at least 20-30 minutes to apply the spray or powder.

Best correctors for covering grey hair

The dyes can come in spray or powder form and both are extremely beneficial.

  • This shampoo is free of any toxic elements and won’t cause damage to your hair.
  • You can change the color of each a common application. For example, if you want to darken your roots, choose a darker color and apply it.
  • You can swim without any inconveniences or worries if unexpected rain pops up. The only thing that will get rid of the dye is shampoo, so you don’t have to worry about swimming with the dye in your hair.
  • You don’t have to do anything special with the dyes aside from applying them. Because they don’t require you to rinse or dry your hair, you can use them anywhere, whether it’s at home or on a road trip.
  • After you apply the dye, it dries in five minutes and does not leave your hair greasy. It doesn’t stain or leave residue on your scalp. And lastly, most brands have 10 shades to choose from, so you can pick one best adapted to your base tone.

I recommend various types of corrector- this includes L’oreal magic root, Color wow and Clairol temporary powder.

Each of them comes in lots of different shades from black to platinum beauties, so you can finally find your ideal shade!

L’oreal magic root cover up

This is a spray corrector for hair with seven different shades to choose from. It does not include peroxide or ammonia and has a pleasant smell.

This brand’s products are excellent and great for any woman. It only takes five minutes to dry, and your hair will be soft and bright as always.

Color wow root cover up

The product comes in powder form and is applied with a brush. It’s made of a formula that resists water, so it will continue to cover your hair until the next time you use shampoo.

Yes, it was very easy to use, it had a silky-soft texture, and applied very well. Yes, it comes with one wide brush and one skinny one.

To apply a powder, all you need to do is use the brush applicator to firmly brush it onto your scalp, and then blend in with the wide end

This option is perfect for thin & grey hair. It really helps to combat the fading & color loss that can occur over time. The product has a pretty good success rate, so you’ll likely use it for a long time!

Clairol temporary powder

Clairol makes powders that are gentle and easy on your hairThey’re a great option for individuals who need color correction at home and in their hair. Another plus is that they’re also vegan friendly and made with ingredients you can feel confident in.


  • Grey hair color correctors are best for people with very small grey hair areas. They don’t necessarily use chemicals, but instead, just cover up the grey areas with cream or powder that is applied to your scalp.
  • They’re also convenient for people who want to space out how many times they need to dye their hair if they have lots of grey
  • It’s true that the application can be time-consuming, but it is definitely possible by following the directions. For easier application, the dye also offers two different modes – a solid spray or powder.

This person is asking about different types of dye that are only useful for coloring grey hair, which dye would you choose? They’re wondering whether to go with a spray or powdered dye.


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