I have highlights and my roots are showing

I have highlights and my roots are showing

If you have highlights and your roots are showing, there are two options to choose from: one provides longer-lasting effects, while the other will only last for a short period.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution to cover up your dry, damaged hair roots and keep it looking healthy & shiny, the best way is to touch-up your roots with some product.

Today, I am going to show you how easy it is to do your own hair care at home. You don’t need special skills or products in order to pamper yourself – just a little discipline and patience.

If you don’t have time or budget for a trip to the salon, you can use a temporary hair color spray bottle & dye your hair yourself. It will last from 2-6 weeks!

Today Christina came to the salon. She’s one of my regular clients and always comes in for a haircut.

The day was extra exciting because she asked me if I could do some highlights on her hair instead of just cutting off the ends. To tell you the truth, I had been recommending highlights to Christina for months.

“The first gray hairs would be highlighted,” I’d say to her, trying to convince her that highlights were low-maintenance. “But don’t worry, they’re not too noticeable.”

However, to prevent the risks that come with such a harsh treatment, she only schedules them every 3 months.

Bleaching new hair sections from the roots is a process that can help you achieve a more natural look with highlights.

Christina was hesitant about the difference in color between highlights and roots showing after two months.

Finally, something convinced her. I suggested a solution to disguise the roots while waiting to renew her highlights

Temporary hair dye can be applied to the root of your hair to give it a more refreshed look. It’s a fast solution that only requires a few minutes each day.

How do you fix your roots when you have highlights?

It’s simple to use temporary hair dye on your roots for a new look. It can last about one to two days depending on how often you wash your hair.

It’s easy to use and has no preparation or color knowledge requirements.

Just a brief note: Spray the product 15cm away from your dry, freshly washed hair. Wait three minutes to ensure your hair dye is dried completely.

Some brands that you can get this product from are L’Oreal and Clairol

L’oreal magic root cover-up

With the Spray Hair Dye you can create a head of hair with resistant pigments and 6 different shades of beiges, browns, taupes and coppers to cover your roots.

Clairol root touch-up

You can choose from over 5 shades with the new shampoo. The company promises that they won’t fade until your next shampooing!!

There are a few more that may be more popular but these two are the most popular ones. You can find them online or at a beauty store.

How can I touch up my roots without ruining highlights?

You’ll also need a tail comb in order to comb through your hair dye. so that it can be spread more evenly.

Comb hair dye with a tail comb to smooth over and blend roots with highlights. This will help your natural colour come together easier and more uniformly.

This technique is similar to what colorists do when they want to color the shadows for hair styles like ombre or balayage.

These are natural shadows, which can be found by adding a range of colors from root to tip in one fashion.

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be difficult to lighten up your hair! With a little coordination and the right tools, you can get the lighter look you want without having to go through many steps.

  • Comb your hair properly, start by separating it into four different sections, from the forehead to nape of your neck and from ear to ear. Hold the clumps with clips.
  • Mix the colors based on the item that is included in your coloring kit
  • The ideal way is to loosen some of the sections of hair. You can repeat the procedure on each section with or without the use of the tail comb. With a greater success rate, you can use it in order to have your hair dyed properly.
  • Don’t leave any section of your hair uncovered
  • Leave the dye on for 40 minutes to achieve a deep and lasting color. Rinse thoroughly with warm water until it runs clean and free of foam.

How do you blend highlights to roots?

When it comes to choosing your hair color, you have two options.

1. To choose the same color as your highlights.

You should choose a color that is lighter than your natural hair color.

2. To choose the same color as the rest of your hair.

For this kind of situation, you want to look for highlights that are not bleached. Then, choose the same color to dye the roots.

Can you get roots done with highlights?

Yes, this can be done easily with the right tools and knowledge. It’s important to know that not all colors are compatible with each other as some may cause damage to your hair. So it’s important to consult an expert before deciding on a color that will suit you best.

How close to roots should highlights be?

The answer is not so easy to answer.

Hair highlights are the most popular hair color trend in the last decade, but there are a lot of questions that come up when it comes to this trend. One of these questions is how close should highlights be?

The range of distance between your hair roots and your highlighted strands varies depending on your hair type and desired look.

For example, if you want a bright pop of color, then you can go as close as one inch from the scalp. If you want more natural looking highlights, then you can go as far as three inches away from the scalp.


Christina is very happy with her highlighted hair. She has already had a touch-up of the roots from time to time, and when those roots start to show she makes an appointment with my Salon.

She makes sure she never goes without a can of hairspray, even if it does take up space in her purse.

A can of hairspray is a great tool for not only protecting your hair during intense moments such as parties, but also for always being prepared at work.

If you color your roots at home, make sure to avoid touching the root area of your hair while you are doing so.

This could ruin the highlighting technique. Choose lighter hair colors if you want your highlights to show more!

Highlights were recently found to be an effective way of hiding grey hair. It is a request that is highly requested in the beauty space, and one that leaves behind complexities like Christina’s case.


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