My hair parting is getting wider

My hair parting is getting wider?

It’s hard to tell if your hair is parting in the way it usually does. Otherwise, your wavy or curly hair parting may be getting wider than usual.

You can use a mirror to check this out or ask a friend to take a look at your scalp to determine is your parting is getting wider

If your hair parting is indeed getting wider, you should consider having it checked by a dermatologist and follow treatment instructions.

If you are undergoing a regular dermatological treatment for your hair parting, one thing that you have to consider is that the wide part on your scalp will become visible.

You can reduce this visibility by looking for ways to disguise the parting. I understand that you’re worried because your hair parting is getting wider.

What I’m asking you is: are you sure it’s getting wider?

Many of my female clients have asked me about this issue. Many of them are worried that they’ll go bald, but it’s not true!

 Sometimes, the separation between your parting isn’t a medical emergency. However, if you notice a change or notice it is wider, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist.

Several reasons could be generating this situation, and the solution can be simple when you look at them.

Let’s take a look at what habits you can change to prevent your parting from widening in the future.

In the second part of this article, I’ll tell you how to disguise your wide parting. Are you ready?


Let’s get started! I’ll tell you everything you can do to stop your parting from getting wider.


In many haircuts, the hair part looks like it’ll stay that way forever, motionless.

As a result, the whole area around the hair part is down and loses volume.

If you don’t change your hair part occasionally, you might get patches in your strands from time to time.

Changing the hair part is difficult. Especially, when there are a lot of swirls.

I think the parting should change from time to time- but please feel free to ask for advice on where it might be better situated.

So, how can you change your hair part?

When your hair is dry, use a brush or comb to pass it through your entire length. Be sure to do this several times and flip the hair from one side to the other.

Using this trick, you’ll add volume and activate the blood supply to your scalp

For the best outcome, you should follow my advice on this for at least two weeks. You’ll notice the difference after that.

Let’s see what else you can do to prevent your parting from widening.


Perhaps your parting is getting wider, but it could also mean that your hair is too heavy. You might try to tie up your hair for couple of days and see if that resolves the issue.

You might notice that your hair is oily, and it may be hard to get it uniformly clean. This can happen because of how often you shampoo your hair or if you are using the wrong shampoo & conditioner. Those could be the reasons why your hair parting looks wide. 

If you were to test your hair beforehand and found that it was not getting greasy, this strategy could work well for you.

Otherwise, it might be wise to avoid saturating the area with products or overstimulating it by washing your hair every day

To prevent that happening, you need to wash it regularly so that you can get rid of the excess oils and create a dry scalp. To avoid this situation, I suggest the following:

  • Choose shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for your hair type. If you do not know which dry neutral product to use, air dry your hair and pick whichever one seems to have the least damaging ingredients.
  • Don’t wash your hair too oftena minimum of 2 days weekly is recommended. Sometimes the goal isn’t washing, but rather giving your scalp time to calm down after a splash of water.
  • Completely avoid conditioners on your scalp, only use them from the ears down.

You may find it difficult at first, but as the days go by, your gland that produces the oiliness of your scalp will normalize. Then, you won’t have that wide parting hair anymore.


Your parting may be widening due to hair loss. However, let’s look at what we call hair loss.

We have hair on our scalp in different stages. Some are still growing, some are falling out, and some are just there.

Per baldness research, we tend to lose 100 hairs each day. There’s nothing to worry about and this is normal for us.

There is no need for you to worry about spending time counting the hairs you loose everyday.

But if you worry that there is an excess of hair loss because you see them on the pillow, on the floor, or on your shoulders, you should visit a dermatologist.

Many reasons may cause hair loss, such as stress, a strict diet, or menopause.

What I recommend is that you ask your dermatologist. They will be able to determine the causes and provide you with the most appropriate treatment

Professional hairstylists are becoming more popular in the workforce as well. While dermatologists can manage hair health, a professional stylist can help blend them in and disguise your wide parting.


Dermatologists offer a variety of treatments for hair loss, as well as allowing you to relax and enjoy other aspects of your life while you wait for your dermatologist visit.

Your trusted hairstylist can help you in the meantime to hide your wide hair parting.

If you want to find a good hairstylist, talk to a friend or search online. Don’t just go anywhere; there are so many platforms out there to find a very good stylist.

When it comes to anything related to your hair, contact your stylist – remember we’re professionals who can help you fix any problems

She might recommend a hairstyle which will accentuate your natural features and make your parting less noticeable.

However, this is not a real solution. Instead, it could be just a way to hide the parting getting wider.

The objective isn’t to hide your problem. The idea is to make you feel more comfortable with your look while you solve it.

A textured mid-length haircut is a great option. A pixie cut may also be a good style for you – it’s up to you!

Adding volume to short hair is a lot easier than long hair because the shorter strands have less weight.

Luckily, you can resort to other hairstyles if you aren’t looking for a change. You can also try accessories such as hair clips or barrettes to jazz up your look.

Styles like wet and messy hairstyles are often trending, but you can also find more conventional styles that might suit your needs.

These include going for a classic curly look or classic straight look. They’re great for day-to-day and business events alike no matter how conservative or wild your style is!

So, go for it!

Remember it’s only temporary. You’ll love this haircut once you’ve finished your treatment.

Another option is to use specific products. I’ll talk about them below.


You might be surprised to learn that there are products on the market which can help you disguise your wide parting.

For example, the dry shampoo with color from Batiste. It’s a fantastic product to space out washes and add volume. It comes with color!

You will be able to wear your hair both long and in a part without needing to keep up with the length, as you’ll hide the parting with a colored part.

You may see that they come in different shades and are usually dark, medium or light.


Now you know everything you can do to hide your hair parting while undergoing the appropriate treatment to prevent it from getting even wider. What do you think?


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