Flattering Big Chop Hairstyles For Oval Face

Flattering Big Chop Hairstyles For Oval Face

Flattering Big Chop Hairstyles For Oval Face shape is one where the forehead is wider than the chin, and the face length is about one and a half times the width.

It’s a versatile shape that allows you to wear a variety of styles and cuts that suit your personality, lifestyle and curl pattern.

It can be hard to figure out the best hairstyles for oval faces. Why? Everyone knows that an oval face is the most attractive face shape for a woman. Well, that’s why if you have an oval face, you can’t just look average, you’ve got to look fabulous!

There is so much you can do, and sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get started. As you’ll see from these hairstyles for oval faces, the oval lends well to versatility, so you’ve got plenty of options to play with!

When looking for the perfect hairstyle if you are not considering your Oval Face you are doing you and your hair a big disservice.

If you ever left a hair salon thinking, “why do the same hairstyle that looked amazing on her look so bad on me!?,” I can tell you why–Not every hairstyle is made for everybody.

 Some styles just look better and the main reason has to do with face shape. Do you even know your own face shape and how it factors into your hair styling options?

Short natural hairstyles are one of the biggest searches on google for new naturals. Many are ready for the big chop and while it can be liberating, rocking short hair can also be scary.

Natural hair blogs discuss what to do with your hair but often only cover hairstyles that are mid to longer lengths. Unfortunately, not all natural hairstyles are created equal and when you have shorter hair, you can feel left out!

Hairstyles for Oval Faces Face Shape

Hairstyles for Oval Faces Face Shape

A round face shape should be styled to make them appear more elongated and oval. You can achieve this by leaving a bit of hair untucked and leave it resting on the side of your face.

This makes your face look narrower by tricking the way the eye perceives the width of your face. You can create more angles by trying a deep side part, or you can elongate your face by pulling your hair up and styling it with a high pony.

If you feel daring, you can try a short pixie cut with some volume on top. This adds angles and texture without looking harsh.

Round-shaped faces have no prominent corners or angles. They are mostly the same width and length throughout. Round faces are great for youthful styles. They tend to be “baby-faces,” so embrace your youth!

Determining Your Face Shape For Big Chop Oval Face Hairstyles

oval face shape chart

Oval face shapes have no prominent points. The length of the face is longer than the width, and the jawline is only a bit more narrow than the hairline. 

If you have an oval shape, feel lucky! The oval shape is highly desirable because it’s considered the most versatile for hairstyles.

This is due to oval faces being usually well-balanced and evenly proportioned. Oval shapes look great with all kinds of hairstyles, so don’t hesitate to experiment!

You can explore many styles, such as a RiRi pixie cut, layer your hair, be stylish and rock out with a middle part, or take a risk with some bangs.

Some of the best styles are ones that keep hair away from your face to highlight your best features. Styles like side-swept bangs, or high-fashion slick-back looks frame your face perfectly. Simple styles like updos work well too.

They are great because there is no need to over compensate on a certain side and there is no need to focus much on softening certain features. If you have an oval face shape, the top looks for you include the following:

Big Chop Hairstyles for Oval Face

If you are blessed with the ideal face shape, you don’t need any visual correction with a hairstyle. No need to hide behind your tresses, soften any angles or add length to your face.

Just don’t ruin the beauty! So simple but not always evident for girls with oval faces. Let us suggest some ideas of flattering haircuts and hairstyles that will help you shine even brighter!

1: Choppy Long Bob

Choppy Long Bo

If you prefer to wear medium length hair, we guess the lob is a great choice. This mid length cut is good for thin hair because the choppy layers give your strands some much needed extra body. Style a sexy side sweep and think of a soft ombre if you want an extra dose of femininity for your stylish look.

2: Sleek Long Bob

Sleek Long Bob

A sleek bob is classic and feminine, same as an oval face shape. Want to upgrade the classic look you have worn for a while? A silver hue and asymmetry will work without detracting from the perfection of the shape and texture.

3: Layered Pixie-Bob

Layered Pixie-Bob

While we know you may be hesitant to add more length to your face with a vertical hairstyle, this voluminous pixie is too perfect to pass by. The height added is a great style that still allows your face to speak for itself meaning you can play around with makeup too!

4: Asymmetrical Choppy Bob

Asymmetrical Choppy Bob

The delicate side-parted crop looks 100% modern and flattering. The messy styling with disconnected choppy ends is optimal for casual wear. And for a special occasion you can try on the trendy wet hair look.

5: Wavy Flattering Big Chop Hairstyles For Oval Face

Wavy Flattering Big Chop Hairstyles For Oval Face

If a straight bob looks sharp and bold, its wavy counterpart plays up to your softness and femininity. Let those waves be loose and shaggy at the ends. Too much sweetness and perfection aren’t the best things in modern hairstyles.

6: Modern Pageboy

Modern Pageboy

The modern take on the pageboy haircut frames the oval face beautifully. It is a great way to tame thick hair and wear a chic cut that doesn’t work as good with any other face shape as it does with the oval.


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