Growing out a pixie cut without trims

Growing out a pixie cut without trims: 5 Pixie grow out stages

In order to growing out a pixie cut without trims, you’ll need patience AND creativity.

Your pixie cut will change over time. Within 9 months to 1 year it’ll transform into an incredible head of short hair or even a bob.

If you don’t want to trim your hair, you’ll need to use styling products like gels and mousses (and accessories). Styling your Pixie Cut will be less tedious as time goes on because they’ll help you create variations.

You might be interested in this 5-stage plan to grow out your pixie cut. If you want to avoid trimming your hair, check it out.

Your Pixie cut has been around for a while and you might want to grow your hair out?

You are dealing with a challenge that can only be met with patience.

If you’re growing your Pixie Cut out and you get frustrated, don’t trim it. If you do, the cut will end up too short to grow out.

A pixie cut doesn’t cause hair to grow overnight. You knew that when you got a pixie cut, but it does eventually grow out.

There are many ways to optimize Pixie cuts once they grow out. Hair products and accessories can help shape the cut, as it may lose some of its original charm or become a bit messy.

Today I want to advice you on how best to go through this process without having to get your hair trimmed like you might be led to believe.


The Pixie will allow you to add texture, which means you can find the form that suits your style.

There are many hair accessories that can help you remain confident throughout the day. For instance, wearing a hat, bandana, buckle or headband can cover up your bad hair days. You could also wear extensions if you wish.

I know, as you read this you’ll be thinking “How long will it take my Pixie cut to grow out?”


The time it takes for your Pixie haircut to grow out can depend on various factors, including the type of pixie, the cuts you’ve chosen, and genetics.

According to stylist guidelines and my personal knowledge, you should be able to say goodbye to your pixie cut after 9-12 months.

Does that seem like a long time?

I can assure you that time will fly.

When you transition from a Pixie cut to growing out your hair, you’ll learn how to style it in new and fun ways that could never have been imagined beforehand.

To grow your hair out without trimming it, you’ll need patience and learn to deal with those moments of despair when your hair seems untameable.

When you’re feeling desperate, what do you do to prevent yourself from cutting your hair?

Plan ahead as I’ll detail below.


Clearly, this will be a challenging time when you grow it after a Pixie cut. All the same, I’ve been upfront about it so that you can be prepared

It’s like when you quit smoking. The first few months of not smoking can be tough and may even seem unbearable, but then the withdrawal symptoms go away and the addiction lessens.

Why is this one of the hardest stages?

Because your hair will likely have grown since the last time you cut it and then you’ll notice that neat shape will no longer be there.

Don’t worry! You’re still in charge of your hair and you’ll be able to control it. Furthermore, you can use wet and dry gels and texturizers to help keep your locks in shape.

You can play around with different shapes and use those elements to create some of the short hairstyles. The results will make you look super sexy.

Shorthaired hairstyles?

Of course they exist! In the styling world, there are no limits to creativity and with a slightly grown-up pixie cut, you can get many different styles.

For example:

  • You can put on gel on the sides and give volume to the front or back, as you prefer.
  • If you have curls, play around with your natural volume!
  • For those of you with straight hair, consider giving it volume and movement with a flat iron or curling iron. Pixie cuts often make this possible.


It’s a completely playful stage to continue experimenting with the hairstyles and different textures of the grown out Pixie Cut for example,

This is a crucial time when you should not give up and trim your hair. Your dogged persistence has taken you so far, there’s no reason to give up now.

You might be tired of styling products and gels by now. When you don’t use them, your hair’s original shape is a constant reminder of that tiredness.

But you can’t give up. If you’ll let despair win, all the effort you’ve put in so far will be useless. Please don’t change your strategy too soon and lose all that hard work.


By alternating your styling products with accessories. Want some ideas?

If you’re shy and prefer to make a subtle first impression, you can curl your locks with pins and gel to create a rebellious look.

A tip?

Some people find it easier to combine their clothing choices when the colors are not too strong. Opt for designs in neutral tones to complement your clothes.

If you already successfully completed all “I believe in myself” tests, please get some bandanas to wear with your finally grown down Pixie cut. They will bring more color and fresh reflections to your flowing locks.

Hats can be a great way to accessorize and there are lots of different styles you can choose from. They also come in all different sizes, textures, and colors.

Finally, remember the latest fashion: wet hair. You’ll need a substantial amount of styling gel and bringing the hair back in order to achieve this effect.


Here you are! It’s been well over 6 months now so you’ve made it this far. Great job on the hair so far, keep up the good work. Just remember to stay creative with your hairstyles so they aren’t boring or uncomfortable!

However, this is still not the victory. There’s still a bit to go until it is finished. Your nape and sideburns will be full of short hair in very different stages, so you won’t be able to recognize the kind of cut you have

Believe me, I understand. It’s definitely not a Pixie cut and it’s not a Bob cut either. But you have to be kind to yourself – you still have to wait patiently.

Don’t give up! You’ll soon be at the limit which will allow you to progress and reach your goal: wearing your hair long, so it’s no longer a Pixie and is categorised as a Bob cut: short hair where the sides are longer than the nape of the neck.

How can you style your grown out Pixie haircut when it’s past the buzz cut stage?

  • Comb the front strand, then tuck it behind your ears. Take the rest of the hair and put it over your ears, or use elastic ties or styling gel to keep it in place. You could also wear a headband or ribbon to complete the look.
  • For an evening look, use gel to lift the hair at the back of your neck then style it like you would a high bun or simple waves that make your hair look shaggier.


You’re so close to achieving your goal – it’s been 9 months now, just like the time it takes for a human pregnancy.

And the way that you managed to do that means that you’re really good at sticking to things and can carry on with tasks. You also discovered that setting goals personally is important since you found out what sort of person you really are.

At this point, do you think the Pixie cut is just a memory? You now have a shaggy Bob with too much hair. This is where the hardest part of our journey to leave behind the Pixie cut begins.

Now, styling your hair couldn’t be easier: all you’ll have to do is style the nape of your neck and it will instantly turn into a trendy Bob.


You’ve done it! Your hair will probably be either below your jaw or below your shoulders

You’ve been through many stages in your hair journey, and there were good days and bad days in each of them. There were moments when you didn’t want to look in the mirror because of your short hair, but there are other moments when you have fun trying on different hats to help you hide it.

The Bob is for when you want to show off your hair. As opposed to when it’s cut very short, this haircut allows you to make the most of your longer hair on the sides.

All that’s left is for me to congratulate you on your hard work throughout this journey.


You have learned how to Growing out a pixie cut without trims within 1 year

The Pixie cut is elegant, sensual, and fun. It can be difficult to transition to the grow-out version though. You may experience things like weight gain & split ends.

To avoid the temptation to trim it, set a goal to reach a Bob cut in within 9-12 months.


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