best hair gel for spikes

Best hair gel for spikes?

Looking for the best hair gel for spikes hairstyle? they are based upon your hair length & styling. For spiky hair styles, you want a hair gel with strong hold.

It doesn’t need to be a very strong hold unless the hair to be spiked is over 4 inches in length, then it’s best that you use a very strong hair gel or extra hold hair gel.

From there you’d choose the best hair gels for spikes depending on the shine hair effect that you want on your spiky hairstyle.

Once your hair is longer than the picture above, you would then want to use a extra strong hair gel to keep the spikes in place.

It doesn’t matter how thick or thin the spikes are, what matters is the length of the hair. So once you start going over 4 inches of hair length, you want to use a hair gel with extra strength hold.

What is the best hair gel for a comb over?

Groom & Clean. It goes on shiny, but is water based. When it dries it leaves a matte hold (unless you really lay it on and want it shiny). Washes right out too. It’s kind of old school product, but you can buy it cheap at Amazon or even online.

Comb over hairstyles are one of the best classic styles for men, and look great with any hair texture or length. Stylish and popular, modern men’s comb over haircuts have become ubiquitous, especially in the hottest barbershops around the world.

What is the best hair gel for spikes?

Hair gel is not anymore for just keeping frizzy hair in place. Gone are the days when it was used to keep hair from getting all over the place. Today, hair gel is regarded as the most effective product for spiky hair.

Whether you want to slick back your hair or wish to try a mohawk, you can do it with ease with the right hair gel. However, there are so many brands and products that choosing the perfect one might seem like a challenge.

And since we understand and acknowledge this, we dish out here the top five hair gels for spikes and other styles.

5 Best gel for spiky hair

Joico – Ice Spiker Styling Glue

Mild or wild, whatever look you’re going for, this is simply one of the Best hair gel for spikes you can get on the market. Joico Spiker is a water resistantsuper strong styling glue that is designed to hold any look you can throw at it, especially spikes. Containing resin and vinyl for a thick “glue” like consistency; Spiker is most easily managed when applied to wet or damp hair and dries to a low shine finish. A great option for long spikes, short spikes, and pretty much any hair type. Joico Spiker is one of the strongest hold styling glues available and won’t let you, or your spikes down.

What I like about Joico Spiker Glue:

• Hair health benefits

While you don’t typically think of styling glue as being good for your hair, I really like that Joico Spiker contains hair beneficial ingredients including:

  • Sea kelp (macrocystis pyrifera) – Commonly found in shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments, sea kelp is known for strengthening and nourishing hair and scalp.
  • Glycerin – Strengthens and moisturizes hair and scalp.
  • Horseradish root – The natural antioxidants in horseradish are believed to improve blood circulation to the scalp, resulting in improved hair growth.

• Water-resistant

Nothing can put a damper on perfectly sculpted spikes quite like an unforeseen downpour. Thankfully Joico Spiker glue is formulated to resist any water that would seek to destroy your style. While it’s reasonably simple to wash out with shampoo and water, it does offer some serious resistance to unexpected moisture, rain, and even sweat. Although I never tested it out myself, some users claim that Joico Spiker is capable of maintaining it’s hold even after full head submersion in water. Powerful stuff.

• All day hold

Nobody wants to spend their morning trying to achieve the perfect hairstyle only to have it lose it’s shape midway through the day. Thankfully Joico Spiker glue provides a powerful hold that will last you from morning until you decide to wash it out at night. After all, it wouldn’t have made this list if it didn’t last all day.

• It lasts

While the price is a bit higher than your average grocery store styling glue, this stuff lasts. Available in 3 sizes, including a big 16.9 ounce pump jar, a little bit of Joico Spiker glue goes a long way. Mileage will vary based on your hair type and style, but you really don’t need much to achieve most looks.

Sexyhair – Hard Up Gel

If you’re going for a spiked hair look, you’re going to get hard for Sexyhair Hard Up gel. This extremely strong hold hair gel can handle any hairstyle you dare throw it’s way and is known to be one of the Best hair gel for spikes available. Whether your style is spiked, mohawk, slicked back, pompadour, quiff, or even the tousled messy look, Hard Up is versatile enough to handle it. Formulated with high shine and flake free ingredients, Hard Up is simply one of the best strong hold hair gels available.

Why I like Sexyhair Hard Up gel:

• It’s versatile

If spiking your hair isn’t something you intend to do everyday, no worries. Sexyhair Hard Up is versatile enough to hold a broad range of hairstyles, from mild to wild. You can apply to damp hair for spiked, sculpted, or slicked back hairstyles. Or apply to dry hair if you’re going for a tousled “just got out of bed” look.

• High shine

If a shiny finish isn’t the look you’re after, Hard Up isn’t for you. Formulated with mica and titanium dioxide; Hard Up gel offers an extremely high level of shine for that just out of the shower “wet look.” Even the blue color of the gel is intended to attract and reflect light for added shine.

• Flake free

As a teenager I remember using really cheap grocery store bought hair gels and they always seemed to dry out and cover my hair with flakes. Not only did I appear to have really bad dandruff, but it took the cool factor completely out of the look I was trying to achieve. One of the first things I noticed about Hard Up is that it doesn’t have this problem. It provides all day hold and shine, and doesn’t leave your hair in a dry, flakey mess.

• A little goes a long way

While I’m not crazy about the price of this gel, I will admit that a little bit goes a long way. It’s not like those cheap store bought hair gels you may be used to. You really only need about a quarter sized amount of this stuff to achieve a strong, all-day hold. So even though the price is a bit more than I’m used to spending on gel, a bottle of Hard Up lasts considerably longer than the cheap crap I used to buy. It works hell of a lot better too. You get what you pay for I guess.

Johnny B – Trick Styling Glue

A buddy of mine first introduced me to Johnny B, and I have to say that I was immediately impressed. Not your typical grocery store hair care products, Johnny B offers barber shop quality men’s products that cater to pretty much all hair types and styles. Trick is their strongest hold styling glue, and is perfect for spiking, mohawks, slicked back hair, or pretty much any look that you want to stay put.

Why I like Johnny B. Trick:

• Masculine scent

When you first get Johnny B. Trick into your hands and take a whiff, there is no mistaking that it was made for a man. It has a great masculine scent that’s a welcome reprieve from the flowery smelling haircare crap you may be used to. While the scent does smell stronger when it’s fresh out of the bottle, I noticed that it does dissipate a bit and become more subtle when it’s fully dried.

• Shine

Not only is Trick their strongest hold haircare product, it’s also their shiniest. While it’s not quite as shiny as products like Sexyhair Hard Up, it does offer a high level of shine that is ideal for guys looking for that “wet look” finish. For you guys who prefer a more matte finish but still want a very strong spike-able hold, I recommend checking out Johnny B. Fuddy or Clash.

• Water resistant

Don’t let rain, moisture, or sweat ruin the look you worked so hard to achieve. Trick is formulated to be water and sweat resistant, so it’ll keep your style looking it’s best in all conditions. Don’t worry, it still washes out quite easily with shampoo and water.

Mitch – Hardwired Spiking Glue

Part of the Mitch men’s line of products from Paul Mitchell Systems, Hardwired is a salon quality hair glue that is designed to hold extreme hairstyles including: spikes, mohawks, pompadours, and quiffs. Complete with a subtle masculine scent and a low-shine finish, Hardwired is a solid choice for any guy looking for a premium spiking glue at a reasonable price.

What I like about Mitch Hardwired:

• It holds all day

When it comes to the best hair gel for spikes, you need a product that isn’t going to let you down midway through the day. Hardwired is capable of handling any style you can throw at it, and maintains the hold until you’re ready to wash it out.

• It doesn’t flake

Unlike those cheap grocery store hair gels, Hardwired won’t dry out and cause flakes in your hair. It simply does it’s job, without the unappealing mess.

• It has a masculine scent

Long gone are the days where us guys have to settle on feminine smelling grooming products. Mitch has a subtle, masculine fragrance that smells great in the hair. It isn’t strong or overbearing and it won’t clash with your body spray or cologne.

• It’s easy to work with

One of the things I really like about Mitch Hardwired is how easy it is to work with. While it does provide an extremely strong hold, it isn’t as thick or gloppy as most strong hold hair gels. It has a thin consistency that easily works through wet or damp hair, and gives you ample time to get your style how you want it before it dries.

Avenue Chiett – Super Hard Spiker Wax

If you’re looking for the best hair gel for spikes with an incredibly strong hold hair wax but prefer a matte finish, Avenue Chiett Spiker Wax is definitely worth checking out. Designed to hold even the most extreme hairstyles, Spiker Wax is great for spikes, mohawks, pompadours, quiffs, and slicked back hair. The non-sticky formula applies quickly and evenly, and allows for plenty of time to get your style how you want before it dries. Unlike most other strong hold hair products, Avenue Chiett Spiker Wax dries to a very natural looking satin finish that I think looks pretty great.

What I like about Avenue Chiett Spiker Wax:

• Easy to apply/non-sticky

One of the first things you’ll notice about Avenue Chiett Spiker Wax is the non-sticky texture. While most other strong hold hair products rely on glue-like stickiness to maintain their hold, this product does things a little differently. The smooth wax doesn’t get clumpy or gunky. Instead it applies quickly and easily, allowing you to achieve your perfect style without the pain in the ass sticky mess.

• Matte finish

The wet look is great, but sometimes I prefer a more natural finish to my hair. Avenue Chiett Spiker Wax leaves your hair with a matte – almost satin like – finish that I think looks pretty badass when paired with spikes, or pompadour hairstyles.

• Washes out easily

While I wouldn’t exactly say it washes out like you have nothing in your hair, I will say for an extremely strong hold hair wax, it washes out surprisingly easy. As with all gels, waxes, and glues, I recommend full removal of the product at the end of the day to help maintain the health of your hair.

How to spike hair with gel?

1. Wash Your Hair The first step to getting your look, is to wash your hair before you begin styling. Start afresh!

2. Dry Your Hair This is the key step to get that perfect look. The extra weight of water in your hair will make it harder for your hair to stand up, so you should dry your hair before attempting to spike it. If you̢‰reusing a blow dryer to dry your hair, make sure you point it upwards, to create that base shape for the spikes. Leave your hair damp with just a little bit of moisture and make sure it̢‰s frizz-free to get those perfect spikes.”

3. Straighten It Out Since spikes have the straight shape, straightening your hair is a must! All you boys with already straight hair, have it easy, but for the ones with curly or wavy hair, straightening it out will give your hair an added texture.

4. Go For The Product Make sure that the product you choose is suitable for your hair type. Use a moderate amount of hair gel, so that it doesn̢‰t appear too wet or even dry and undone. Rub it over your fingers, and then run your fingers through your hair!

5. Style Your Own Spikes Now that you have the product evenly distributed through your hair, you just have to set your spikes the way you want. Pull your hair in the direction you want the spikes to go. If you want them to stick straight out, pull the section of gelled hair straight from your head. If you want spikes that move toward the front of your head, pull them in that direction and hold them in place. You could also pull spikes in all different directions for a messier look. So go ahead, spike it up! Don̢‰t forget to take another mirror and hold it behind you at an angle, so you can see your hair and spike it up like a complete boss!


Most hair gel for spikes works best alone. However a little pre-styler can be applied if desired.

Some of them can also be used as matte hair product for mens that looked quite neat on the guys.

Most of the products reviewed above are water soluble meaning they can be rinsed out easily at the end of the day.


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