Thinning shears ruined my hair

Thinning shears ruined my hair, will it grow back as thick as before?

If thinning shears have ruined your hair and left it in a poor condition, you don’t need to worry because it will grow back in time.

Thinning shears can also be called texturizing shears. The blades that the thinning shears have cut the hair with leave some strands of your hair longer than others. Regardless of your natural hair thickness, it will not change.

The thinning shears can be an issue for many, but I’ll show you how to manage the situation with my detailed plan.

You’ll see a variety of styling ideas/products to help control the volume in the hair. There are also asymmetrical cuts that you could try out.

Although it might not seem like it right now, there are many ways to find relief.

But just know that this storm will eventually come to an end. The best way for you to go through it would be as patient as possible.

The worst thing that could happen would be to lock yourself in the bathroom. Also, forbid everyone else from entering and start buying all of the hats on Amazon in different colors.

If you’re up for it, you could even skip school and go invisible by confining yourself to the cells for about a year.

Yes, it isn’t encouraging.

There’s a good way to grow your hair back after thinning shearsmessed up your hair. Do you know what it is?

You can apply emotional intelligence to a design and find a plan that works even if you have a bad hair day.

The way your hair looks isn’t important because you can disguise a bad haircut and be free from confinement.

Remember, hair grows.

What happened to the thinning shears doesn’t matter.

After watching someone on social media do your hair or reading tutorials on how to use it, you may have thought you could give it a go.

At first, all went well because thinning shears was a noble instrument with a blade of teeth and a blade without.

The teeth are designed in a way that helps cut your hair in different sizes quickly.

You were achieving a balance between short and long lengths. After all, you were looking for that.

But after a while of going ok, the peace turned into a storm. One of your sides was long and the other side is shorter.

What had happened?

Most likely, your friend had run the thinning shears twice through the same place. This cut the existing hair in half, noticeably reducing its length.

Past is past.

First, you need to calm down because everything has a solution.

Now let’s break down your hair type. Thinning shears will not perform the same action on frizzy hair, as compared to straight hair.

  • If your hair is thin or straight, you don’t have to worry about this too much. It won’t get out of control if it is an even cut.
  • You are unlikely to have undesired volume in your new hairstyle. If this is the case, then you can always visit your stylist to fix any loose ends.
  • If you have thick, frizzy hair that is abundant in volume then it may be tricky to manage sometimes. That’s why I’ll guide you on how to style this type of hair in the best way possible.

Do you have a strong personality?

Let me show you something amazing! For this one time, put the scissors away.

What can you do today and for the next three months with your hair ruined by thinning shears?

  • A common mistake with the thinning scissors is getting too close to the roots, which will make styling difficult.

In this case I advise you to go to a hair salon for a hair stylist to give you short haircuts ideas as your hair grows.

  • However, you can always ask your stylist for asymmetrical haircuts that can help “disguise” the short strands.

You don’t need to worry, we come up with a plan to make your hair look awesome. Firstly, we’ll grow your hair back and give it the time it needs.

When your hair comes back you can use different products depending on what you want to do with your style. We have some great advice for what to do in the process too!

  • All the styling products are hard, so they’ll help control your hair, which is shortened like this.

So far, we’ve made it to three months. Who knew, right?

You have to fight in what is known as the second battle for up to five months before you can succeed.

From three to five months: continue to use styling products and even use frizz-control treatments.

It can be tough to get through the hard times, but you’re not alone in this. The fact you’re still here means that you’re brave enough to forge ahead and face even more challenges along the way.

Why is this the most critical moment?

The product works by guiding the hair strands to grow in a unique way. This makes your hair thicker and fuller. Results are visible after using it for around 3 months.


You can solve most styling problems by using the products you’ve been using for the first 3 months. This is helpful because you know how they work.

You can play any way you want!

  • Did you know that if you’re going for the wet look, gels work best?
  • The type of hair styling product you use can determine the frizziness of your hair – if you want shinier, more controlled curls then a wax or a paste would suit that purpose.You can do anything you want with this, oh the fun things you can create!

You might be a little tired from styling products, but there’s an easy solution.

I mean more nourishing treatments, less firming. They’ll help you tame that volume you’re worried about.

If you want to remove any visible hair, there are a few different methods you can resort to. These include surgical treatments such as hair botox, keratin treatments and lifts or other chemical processes that focus on decreasing the volume and controlling frizz.

Although your hair will have grown by a few centimeters, it’s unlikely that shorter hairs weigh enough and won’t always stay fixed in position.

Six to nine months after your hair was ruined by using thinning shears, you should have a loose cut that allows you to play with different hairstyles.

Your hair will be at its thickest during this time, so it may be necessary for you to visit the salon again for plucking and trimming.

You can opt for a very relaxed mane to play with controlled volumes while it grows.

  • The perfect time to use a straightener is right now. You can try playing with different hairstyles or going for an unstructured style. It’s a great way to change your hair and give it a better look!

For your hair, you can also use hair concealers, which will also eliminate the remaining traces of bad haircuts.

You can use various products in order to style your hair, for example when you are not wearing it up. Examples are mousses, some light hairspray, and styling creams.

  • After nine months, the thinning & the damage on your hair will be reduced.

You did it! Keep smiling because from now on that bad experience will be a distant memory.

  • The short strands have already grown. The weight of these will be enough to tame the volume. You’ll also have a good amount of length and low density from the shortest hairs to the ends

What’s the last step?

Another trip to the salon might be a good idea. You could get a few loose ends trimmed and have the cut completely nailed down. Once you do this, you’ll be able to choose a new shape for your hair


Haircuts do not permanently damage your hair, even if you use thinning shears.

I would recommend consulting with your hairdresser about the pros and cons of using thinning shears.

That tool might not be suitable for you given your hair type and desired haircut


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