Playboi Carti Hair Tutorial

Playboi Carti Hair Tutorial

Playboi Carti hair tutorial he started with a twist sponge and shaved the sides. Might have to wait a while before they’ll hang like that though depending on where you’re at now in length.

Please understand all dreads are unique and are very hard to make them look like someone else’s set of dreads. And if you are even able to pull it off, chances are they might not even look right on you. It depends on head shape, hair type, what you do to it etc.

It’s not possible to get the same dreads as someone else, but if you wanted to go for a similar look I would youtube “playboi carti dreads” and see how he started his and just use the same method.

Youtube videos will probably just tell you that his dreads are easily replicated freeform or twist sponge dreads but I assure you his hair is professionally done.

How Do I Get My Hair Like Playboi Carti?

How do I get my hair like Playboi Carti

if your hair is nappy, it should dread easy. Playboi Carti probably towel rubbed his hair, at least for the initial sections, and then semi-free formed after.

Get a microfiber towel, and just rub it clockwise after you shower for a while. You’ll get some natural sections, and separate when they start to congo.

Note you may not be the most experienced with towel rubbing just follow these steps and you will get the results.

2nd, get yourself a residue free shampoo. Head and shoulders will leave a ton of residue in your hair that you will never be able to get out. use knotty boy shampoos, and then retwist with Jamaican lime and mango gel.

You can do a ACV wash, do that every 2 weeks or so to help with dandruff and any build up. Every few months I do a baking soda/acv wash for a deep clean.

Finally, make sure to moisturize your scalp. Get a spray bottle and fill it with oils. I use tea tree oil, agave oil, and peppermint oil. Spray your scalp and roots and rub it in. Feel free to rub some in your dreads, but don’t over do it.

Also, dreads are a process. Don’t comb your dreads. It takes time to see any results. Even crochet dreads take a while before they look truly mature. Be prepared to deal with the ugly phase.

Free Form Dreads Like Playboi Carti Hair Tutorial

Playboi Carti uses the Freeform locs style. It is locs that have naturally formed without any manipulation with the new growth.

This means natural products to assist the twist and growth. It’s as easy as it sounds, but of course there is a little more to it than that.

The first and foremost allure of freeform locs is of course, the freedom. The freedom of free form locs has a high and wide range, literally.

The first step to freedom locs, naturally, is embracing your natural hair. This may be the first and best, but sit tight, because there are more advantages to follow.

Another perk of freeform twists, besides for all the free time you’ll gain, is the money you can save. Freeform twists easily reduces the amount of time you may need to visit a loctician or salon, since you don’t need any re-twisting appointments.

It’s certainly a good idea to head over to your loctician every now and then, for new styles, hair care treatment, salon gossip and other self-love therapy, but instead of going once or twice a month you can go every other month or even less frequently, it all depends on your inclinations.

Free form locs come in many different shapes and styles. If you are considering to go for the free form look, it’s a good idea to do some research and explore different style possibilities.

There are a whole bunch of options out there, all you need to do is pick which form suits you best. In order to grow freeform locs you simply allow your hair to grow in naturally and directly. You’ll have to separate the small locs as they grow into your desirable size and sections. 

It’s essential with free form locs to do proper washing. Considering you want have to worry about re-twisting or detangling, this should be a no sweat commitment.

Freeform locs should be washed once or twice a week depending on your hair texture and then air or hood dry. A pre-cleanser is a great tool for making sure you do a legitimate build up removal hair-care.

Another important tip, here it comes, don’t forget to look after your scalp. It’s important to keep your scalp well nourished in order to stimulate new, healthy, and strong hair growth. Now, if you’re into the freeform style, go for it!

How would I go about getting dreads like Playboi Carti?

Watch this Hair Tutorial on how to get dreads like Playboi Carti


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