How Long Does it Take to Grow Out a Pixie to a Short Bob

How long does it take to grow out a pixie to a short bob?

A pixie cut shouldn’t take more than 3 months to grow out into a short bob

If you want to have a medium bob, you’ll need to wait until your hair has grown out for 3 months.

You can choose from a range of haircuts for your pixie cut that grow into long bobs after a year.

Yes, it takes a while for your hair to grow. But here are some tips for how to make it look like you only went from a pixie cut to a bob.

Pixie is a hairstyle that can grow out fairly easily: if you’re happy with the way your hair looks and takes care of it, you can let it go for up to 3 days.

In court dramas, people often end up with a tense feeling because it is important for witnesses to testify the truth.

I don’t have a Bible to hand right now, but if you want to know about how I grew out my Pixie cut into a Bob, just ask.

I know it can be frustrating to wait for your hair to grow, but it’s essential to be realistic. Your Pixie will not grow out overnight and you should expect some breakage on the way too.

So, what I mean is that you’ll have to be patient.

Patience and intelligence are a must.

Today, I’ll give you some tricks to grow out your Pixie cut to a Bob cut without failing in the attempt, even if it takes a little more than a year.

Stage 1 – Pixie to short bob – Growth process: Three months

How long ago did you get your pixie cut? A day?

You need more patience if you want to try a new hairstyle. You should at least make an effort to see the possibilities your new style has to offer..

Great! You can now go out and feel confident with your new haircut. It should be easier to make a style statement now without worrying about how you look like to others.

Unfortunately, when your newfound joy starts to fade it’s natural to get more discouraged. This usually happens because your pixie cut simply can’t grow out overnight.

For your hair to grow into a shorter bob, it will need around three months to do so.

I’ve got proof & reasons that are indisputable. There are, on average, 0.4-0.5 millimeters of growth per day in hair length

It sounds as though you calculated the weekly growth rate. In order to calculate the monthly growth rate, we have to take into account how many days there are in a week.

If we multiply this number by the weekday growth rate, it would be somewhere between 1 and 1.5 centimeters a month.

After three months, your hair will be closer to a short bob cut because its layers will be longer than that of a Pixie but not as straight as Bob-style hair.

If your face is round, you’ll love these haircuts. They’re likely to help with narrowing your features.

You need patience and thriftiness. You can get tempted to cut of your hair if it gets tough, but don’t give up!

However, don’t get too overjoyed! The long bob awaits you as the end of your tunnel

Here, you can wear your Pixie with bangs on the side or experiment with different styles to create different optical effects.

One of the benefits to short cut hairs is that it can make long hair appear shorter. Basically, someone could wear a Pixie with slightly side swept fringe and this will make the hair seem like it has more volume.

You can also create new hairstyles for yourself, e.g. side partings at 2.5-5 cm from the centre or deep side partings at 5-10 cm

At this point, headbands, tiaras, and barrettes are your best allies. If you have curly or wavy hair, you can straighten your bangs on the sides with a flat iron to shape them

All these recommendations are related to styling. They’ll make you feel more comfortable while your short Pixie cut grows into a bob

You should also take care of your hair at all stages so that it grows out strong and healthy.

You may want to adjust your hair maintenance routine as you grow out your short hairstyle.

  • Always use conditioner when you wash your hair to make your hair healthier. Hair is made of lipids and proteins which, when healthy, grows faster.
  • Apply conditioner from root to tip, leave it on for 2-5 minutes, and rinse thoroughly with water.
  • The conditioner seals the cuticle to prevent it from dehydrating and to make hair shinier and stronger.

You have reached that medium length bob after your Pixie cut is now slightly longer

Cheer up! You’re halfway there.

Stage 2 – Short bob to medium bob – Approximate growth process: Three months

You asked for your Pixie cut to grow out into a medium bob, but it’s taken six months so far. Is this time & effort worth it?

Here’s a tip: always resist the temptation to cut your hair! To make sure you make it past any tempting situations, avoid cutting your hair by taking alternate routes and turning down paths that would cause you to lock in.

You can do a lot of different styles at this point so you should give some thought to what you want.

  • For a wet look, use gel and comb hair close to the scalp.
  • To get excited about how long your hair is, you may want to consider extensions.
  • Play with updos to surprise your co-worker.
  • Release your hair and relax

Anything goes to give this medium a light look

Stage 3 – Medium to long bob – Estimated growth process: SIX months

Your Pixie cut has grown out and is now in a Bob shape; it’s enviable to see how long it’s grown in the last year.

You can play with your hair however you like.

For example, on a long bob, you might want to try an edgier fringe.

You can also choose an ultra-short fringe or a long fringe up to your eyes. Curtain bangs also look great with shoulder-length bobs.

The long bob is a “one size fits all” style. It looks great on every woman from all parts of the world, be it African American, European, Asian etc.


The amount of time it takes to grow out a Pixie cut to a long Bob is about 12-14 months. You need patience and willpower but can do so if you have creativity & humor.

Keep your hair well moisturized and cut off any split ends regularly. You can also add different vitamins to promote hair growth.

Can you tell me how your transition from a Pixie cut to a long bob could be going?


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