Best Anti humidity hair products for natural black hair
Best Anti humidity hair products for natural black hair

Best Anti humidity hair products for natural black hair

Want to know the best Anti humidity hair products for natural black hair? While we love summer in all its glory, we could do without the muggy weather.

Our hair often gets the worst of the humidity (think unwanted frizz and limp curls), which can really put a wrench in all the warm-weather fun.

High Humidity can cause your hair to swell in a matter of minutes. The best way to beat the poof and frizz that comes with humidity is to invest in great styling products that keep your hair hydrated, yet shield it from the moisture in the air.

moisturizer that contains one or more humectants can also be a source of frizzy hair if you are in an area that has very humid temperatures.

Some of those humectants, such as glycerin, will absorb a-lot of the moisture from the air and cause your hair to become frizzy.

There are various products on the market that are free of humectants or is made to use humectants more efficiently while reducing frizz in the hair.

Here are my top three picks for the Best Anti humidity hair products for natural black hair

  1. OUIDAD Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel
  2. Living proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream
  3. MIZANI Thermasmooth Smooth Guard Anti-Frizz Serum

Anti humidity hair products for natural black hair

The products that i recommend in this review will help you with finding the best products to reduce frizz in your hair, and give you the frizz free lifestyle you deserve when managing your hair in humid climates.

They are anti-humidity products on the market that give your hair a good hold and tame all the flyaways.

OUIDAD Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

The Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel Stronger Hold features “anti-frizz nano technology” to seal the hair cuticle and protect it from humidity.

It also features a “dedicated UV filter,” because yes, UV rays can damage your hair, too. If you usually take more of a pro-technology than an all-natural approach to your hair routine, this gel is right up your alley.

The gel is clear in color, and it has a slippery-smooth feel. It’s silky and easy to spread in your hands. I’m definitely a fan of the consistency and texture.

Testing It Out

To test this gel, I washed and conditioned my hair and then applied a leave-in conditioner (Mielle Organics Avocado Moisturizing Hair Milk, my new favorite!). Then I raked the Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat

and Humidity Gel – Stronger Hold through my curls section by section, focusing on my ends, crown, and front curls. Those are the parts of my hair that tend to get the most frizzy.

I used to use the LOC method, which involved using twice as many products on my hair as I do now. But a hair stylist told me that, with all the humidity here, it’s silly to add oil and cream to my curls rather than products that focus on definition and frizz-fighting.

So here I am, discovering the magic of hair gel. This new Ouidad gel was easy to work through my curls, and it instantly made them feel soft, smooth, and ultra-defined.


  1. effective in eliminating frizz
  2. leaves hair super soft and bouncy
  3. a little goes a long way with this product
  4. helps me with wash and go
  5. works great with air-drying or blow-drying
  6. doesn’t weigh hair down
  7. doesn’t dry out hair
  8. makes your hair have more volume


  1. can be a bit crunchy

Living proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

I was initially a little concerned from the name nourishing as some of the styling products that were actually nourishing seemed to weigh my hair down and made it look quite greasy.

However, as I loved their shampoo and conditioner, I gave it a try. Surprisingly, it’s in a light cream gel type of texture, which also felt very light in my hair.

This lightweight cream helps unruly hair relax, even in 99 percent humidity; it smooths, seals, and conditions without any grease or gunk.

It almost disappeared into my towel dried hair, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out once my hair was air dried. Regardless, I love the lightness and I really loved the fact that it didn’t give my skin any irritation around my neck area :).

It doesn’t feel that repairing, but it does seem to tame my frizzy hair quite well. Due to its light consistency, it’s very easy to layer so I like to use it right after towel drying and once my hair’s fully air dried.

What It Is

A frizz-fighting conditioning cream

What It Does

Blocks humidity, battles frizz, and smooths flyaways without weighing hair down


PolyFleuroEster (frizz tamer)


This white cream absorbs instantly and has a powdery citrus scent.



  • it made hair softer
  • loved the scent and texture
  • it was easy to apply
  • Imparted shine to hair
  • it tamed frizz immediately


  • Anti-frizz effects weren’t significantly long-lasting
  • Product did not keep hair from frizzing or expanding under humid conditions

MIZANI Thermasmooth Smooth Guard Anti-Frizz Serum

This lightweight, leave-in thermal protecting serum buffers against heat styling damage and facilitates the use of heat tools by providing extra glide for easier manageability.

A must-have for fragile, brittle hair, Smooth Guard protects against split ends and hair breakage with professional hair strengthening ingredients.

Designed to shield and polish all hair types and lengths for reduced frizz and increased smoothness and shine.

This heat protectant hair primer contains smoothing coconut oil for no-frizz hair despite high humidity together with the Thermal-smooth shampoo and conditioner, it composes a complete blowout system for salon-perfect and smooth results.


Towel dry hair and evenly distribute 2-3  pumps Smooth Guard throughout hair. Section hair into 4 parts and secure hair with clips for control.

Blow-dry each section applying 1-2 additional pumps as needed. Continue the process until the desired level of smoothness is achieved.


  1. Leaves hair silky and shine
  2. Eliminate frizz
  3. it is a great heat protectant, especially for type 4 hair
  4. a little goes a long way
  5. it’s easy to use
  6. smells great
  7. recommended for ladies who are transitioning


  1. its slightly sticky

Living proof No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner

Living Proof’s No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner is powered by their patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA), which is the biggest breakthrough in anti-frizz technology in over 30 years.  

Healthy Hair Molecule weightlessly blocks humidity 70% better than silicones and oils.  Nourishes and provides optimum moisture levels.  For all hair types. Oil-free. Silicone-free. Safe for color and chemically treated hair.

This comes in a grey plastic bottle with a flip cap and you have to press the bottle to get the conditioner out. It comes in a slightly liquid-ish cream form (absolutely not a runny texture.)

I take about a dollop and rub it between my palms and massage it all over my hair from the mid hair to the ends. Don’t use it much on the scalp though or it would make the hair look flat.

I use this every day irrespective of having a shower or not and more specially when I have to go out or have some function to attend.

It really tames my hair and all the frizzy fly-aways are smoothed out. I sometimes massage my hair with this as I would with oil and sleep on with it, and the next day, I have soft and tangle-free hair.

It does make the hair look full bodied as opposed to hollow and brittle. I would say, this product is something like a moisturizer for hair.  

You don’t really know what it is doing at once, you gradually come to know the difference. It doesn’t hurt that it makes the hair smell nice.

For people who get ready in a hurry or just air dry their hair, apply a dollop of this on the go and the hair will look decent enough as opposed to untidy.  

I avoid it on the scalp as it does make the scalp look greasy if applied more. This is perfect for people like me who have color treated, frizzy, unmanageable hair.


  • Absorbs easily in the hair.
  • Great product with a soft mousse texture.
  • Makes hair softer and tangle free.
  • No harmful chemicals or silicones/sulfates.
  • It won’t make your hair static like Livon (do you guys remember Livon?)


  • It might make hair greasy if applied generously.
  • I won’t call it travel friendly.
  • For ladies already having soft, silky, shiny hair, this is not for you (neither is my friendship :P)

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Original

After just one use, I was hooked. My loose curls are so much better off. If you’re thinking about trying this frizz-fighting, curl-centric styling product, read on to find out why it’s my new favorite hair care wizard.


1. It actually cures my frizz problems. So many products promise to tame frizz. You get them home, try them out, and…nope. They don’t work.

I was skeptical when I tried Curl Keeper Original, but guess what: It works! There was absolutely no frizz once my hair was dry. My curls looked impressive.

2. It’s easy to use. No complicated directions required. You just comb it through your wet hair and let it air dry (or you could blow dry the underside, if you’d like.)

Easy peasy! Just remember to use a stiff wide-toothed comb, detangling from the tips towards the roots, so you don’t pull out any of those precious curls.

3. It smells delicious. If you’re going to be coating your hair in something, you want it to smell good. Luckily, Curl Keeper Original smells lovely. It has a fresh, fruity scent that isn’t cloyingly sweet. I even got compliments on how my hair smelled!

4. I got tons of compliments. My improved curls weren’t just noticeable to me. On the very first day I used Curl Keeper Original, I got some lovely compliments.

“Your hair looks amazing! No frizz!” That was from someone who also had naturally curly hair. Did I recommend Curl Keeper Original? Yes, I did.

5. It works by itself or with other products. In addition to Curl Keeper Original, I also got to try other cool products from Curly Hair Solutions Loose Curl Kit.

While Curl Keeper Original was my favorite, it works great with the other products in the kit as well. Another one of my favorites? The Treatment Shampoo! It smelled like Pina Colada so my head smelled like a tropical vacation.

Final Thoughts

Having so much experience with hair care products, I was pleasantly surprised when Curl Keeper Original actually lived up to its promises.

As other curly-hair girls know, that can be pretty darn rare. Now that I’ve started using it, I don’t want to stop. If I could get a big vat of the stuff, I would!

Below is a video tutorial on how to use the Curl keeper

Best Anti humidity hair products for natural black hair

Kevin Murphy Easy Rider Anti Frizz Flexible Hold Cream

Take it easy, and treat your hair as you style with EASY.RIDER, our defining anti-frizz crème designed to de-frizz and activate curl.

Full of antioxidants and minerals, it provides the nourishment of a treatment as it delivers smoother, sleeker styles with flexible hold.

An essential part of our CURL regimen, EASY.RIDER helps you create a truly modern look with soft, separated curls, and is also great for getting a lot of volume into the hair while leaving it looking really soft and lush.


Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Green Tea) has been revered for centuries for its powerful antioxidant properties.

Helps to increase the feel of hair’s elasticity, and aids in moisture retention. Pelargonium Graveolons (Geranium) Flower Oil provides shine and manageability.


  • Controls frizz and activates curl
  • Provides flexible hold
  • Helps thicken fine hair, and soften thick hair
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free

How to use

  • Apply EASY.RIDER to damp or dry hair.

Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime Complete Anti-Frizz Care

Not only does Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime Complete Anti-Frizz Care combats frizz, it also helps soften and adds shine to strands. All you have to do is spritz it on damp hair!

This earned the highest score for leaving hair soft (not crunchy or tacky) in our Beauty Lab’s recent anti-frizz test — and it’s a GH Beauty Lab Award winner!

I loved the texture of my hair right after applying it, and how manageable, soft, and shiny my hair was after blow-drying


  1. Leaves your hair looking smooth and shiny
  2. it doesn’t leave any residue after use
  3. great at controlling frizz
  4. a little goes a long way
  5. can be used as a heat protectant
  6. great for use on damaged hair
  7. it helps when detangling hair
  8. gives the hair some volume


it can weigh down fine hair if a-lot of products is used

GIOVANNI L.A. Hold Styling Gel

Today, Giovanni is one of the most recognized hair care lines for natural hair. Their products contain natural and organic products, which are gentle on the skin yet effective.

Giovanni hair products usually have an indicator at the back that mentions how strong the product is, which I really like.

In this case, the L.A. Natural Styling Gel is marketed as a strong hold gel. the natural styling gel takes hold to the extreme so you can stand firm in the spotlight. Secures shape with extreme hold.

How to use

If you’re not familiar with the max hydration method, you can learn about it here. I went through all the required steps.

When it was time for the gel step, I squeezed some Giovanni LA Natural Styling Gel into an applicator bottle like this one and diluted it with rose water.

I applied it to my hair in sections. The consistency of the gel was smooth and had a mild scent. After application, I scrunched my curls and shook out then air dried.


  • My hair dried very fast and curls were quite defined.
  • Giovanni LA Natural Styling Gel contains certified organic ingredients which include vitamin E, aloe vera leaf juice, rosemary oil, nettle and lavender, all excellent ingredients for natural hair care.
  • Pocket-friendly cost at less than $8.


  • My hair dried extremely hard and dry like straw, which freaked me out a little but I suppose that means it lived up to its promise of extreme hold.
  • When I wet my hair with diluted Kinky Curly Knot Today the next morning, my curls became soft again and refreshed. However, I still didn’t like the way my hair felt after the gel dried.
  • It also caused slight build up. With my own natural hair gel, I can use it every day for a week without any build up but my hair felt icky by the third day with Giovanni LA Natural Styling Gel, and I was itching to wash it out.
  • My hair is almost APL and even with diluting it, I still used quite a bit for my hair

Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade

This satiny pomade with castor and rice bran oil repels moisture from your hair, helping to prevent frizziness and flyaways. Tames curls to give hair a polished look. Excellent in humid weather. Work through hair before or after styling.

What It Is:

A styling product for control and texture

What It Does:

Prevents frizz and flyaways

How to use

  • Apply a small amount to palms and rub together to emulsify. Apply evenly through dry hair to define and add a satin finish. Glide finger tips over areas where you want to create piece-y definition and eliminate flyaways.
  • In extremely humid regions, mix a small amount with your favorite Aveda gel to lock out humidity while blow-drying. Follow with small amounts as needed to finish your style once it’s dry.
  • If you have highly textured hair and want to slick it back into a ponytail, braid or updo—apply anti-humectant pomade to damp or dry hair and secure tightly with a ponytail holder. This keeps humidity in check and frizz from reforming.


Castor oil (moisturizes); rice bran oil (adds shine and prevents UV damage)


The white pomade is stiff and slightly slippery to the touch; it has a powdery scent.


A dab makes waves look piecey, not weighed down—with no sign of frizz.

DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam

The brand markets the Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam as a product that primarily provides volume and frizz-protection, while being lightweight.

It’s supposed to offer volume to curls, along with touchable definition and shine, whilst eliminating frizz. It offers maybe a light hold on its own in my experience (but my hair is heavy and higher porosity so I tend to

experience little hold in products) and does help add volume and a bit of extra bounce to my curls in a weightless way.

I definitely still experienced some frizz with this product and used on its own, I definitely would experience frizz. This foam is so weightless, though, that I think baby-fine wavies and curlies would love it.

I can’t imagine it adding weight to anyone’s hair. I will concede it does add definition and a lighter hold and would be an option for those with hair that gets heavy from most products.

For reference, I have 2c-ish hair that’s incredibly long, have high density fine strands and are higher porosity.

The foam is much lighterweight than a gel or even a mousse and functions as a curl enhancer for me, used before gel in my routine.

It does add some extra definition, a touch of hold and some extra lift and bounce. It’s featherlight without being drying.

I might actually prefer the product for refreshing, though, because the light hold helps combat frizz and my curls tendency to droop in areas, while helping to enhance them.

The scent of the product is light and fruity. Ingredient-wise, it relies on the polyamide-1 to enhance curls, add volume and protect against humidity via acting as a film former.

The next ingredient is primarily a holding agent, matodextrin/vp copolymer. The remaining ingredients are your usual botanical extracts mainly.

It doesn’t seem to contain any protein and the humectant, glycerin, only appears at the very end of the ingredient list.

Formulated without silicones, drying alcohols or sulfates. As a sidenote, it’s also cruelty-free and formulated without parabens, if that is of interest to you, as well.

Polyquaternium-68 is also found very low on the ingredient list; I only mention this because I know that some find they cause build up.


  1. Adds volume to hair
  2. easy to use
  3. provides a strong hold
  4. doesn’t weigh hair down
  5. it doesn’t cause flakiness or crunchiness
  6. keeps your curls defined
  7. a little goes a long way
  8. its really light


  1. can dry out your hair
  2. strong oder

Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar All-Veggie Pomade

The Burnt Sugar Pomade smells amazingggggg, like sugar biscuits. It’s a strong scent, but I love it and I am confident that you probably would too!

Similar in texture to an old school ‘hair grease,’ This blend of oils, butters, and veggie waxes acts as a humectant and protectant for hair, increasing shine to a high glossy sheen and locking in moisture.

It’s packed with essential fatty acids to nourish scalp, and actually sinks into your hair and skin for a long lasting, non-greasy feeling.

It’s great for braids, imparts shine and moisture to loose hair, brushes nicely into the hairline for a glossy finish, and adds luster to locks! 


Castor oil, Hydrogenated soybean oil, Organic virgin coconut oil, Mango seed oil, Olive oil, Unrefined hempseed oil, Candelilla wax, Cocoa butter, Broccoli seed oil, Fragrance… and love!

Directions for use

Rub between your fingers or palms to soften/liquefy. Use to moisturize scalp, to twist locs, to seal the ends of twists or braids, to polish a pulled-back style or an updo, to add weight to the canopy of your hair, to weigh down flyaways or control frizz, or to create waves on super short cuts. 

My Experience

When I first opened it, it was kind of gritty with granules. I think cosmetics people call this “beads”. The makers anticipated this, because on the label they said to microwave for like a minute. I did this, let it cool and that was that. It solidified, perfectly smooth with no beads. 


  1. absorbs easily and blends in with strands
  2. aids in moisturizing hair by locking moisture
  3. good for laying edges
  4. its made from natural ingredients
  5. tame flyaways
  6. adds sheen to locs
  7. keeps your hair supple
  8. leaves hair soft, shiny and manageable


feels a little heavy on fine hair


Thank you for reading my post about the Best Anti humidity hair products for natural black hair. Too much moister can harm your hair and bring out the dreaded F word: Frizz, You’ll be prepared to welcome humid weather like a boss with anti-frizz stylers on your side.

They’re the key to ensuring every day is a good hair day. Please checkout my other post about the Best gel for slicking back natural hair, spark a conversation in the comment section below we would love to her from you


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