Can you put mousse in wet or dry hair

Can you put mousse in wet or dry hair?

This is a question that people often ask. The answer is, it depends on the type of mousse you are using. You can put some mousse in wet or dry hair, but others cannot.

A few types of mousse are water-based and can be used on wet or dry hair, while others are oil-based and should only be applied to dry hair.

Applying mousse to dry hair helps to define hair waves or curls naturally

You should use a level 1 or 2 mousse, because the results of each type are different. Let me explain more about that in a few seconds.

When applying mousse to your hair, use just a small amount, otherwise you run the risk that it hardens your curls

The only time you should apply mousse to wet hair is when you want to keep a style for a long time, or your hair is very fine and you want to see defined curls.

Some of my clients are surprised when I tell them that not all mousses are the same. And I’m not just talking about the quality, price, or brands. I’m referring to the different levels of mousses have according to the style you want.

And that will determine if your hair is dry or wet when you apply the mousse

Let’s look at two examples from my salon.

Maria’s hair is naturally curly and has a bit of softness to it. That’s exactly what I want for her hair length and for the front of her head to be defined.

So, I use level one mousse on Maria’s hair when she visits me in the salon so that the purpose of “moving” it is to be more natural looking.

Now, things are different in Julieta’s case.

She works as a salesperson at events and fairs, and she’s always smiling, offering free samples or giving out flyers. They’re her go-to tools to help her do her job.

The last event she participated in was the presentation of a new brand of mousse. Of course, she styled her hair with marked and well-defined curls.

I used a level 3 mousse, but I applied it to her wet hair with my hairdryer to form her curls.

I used a high level of mousse to get her curls to stay firm & defined for all day because she needed them to last.

Wet hair usually doesn’t need mousse; it has the moisture that provides volume. But if you have dry hair, using mousse can help define waves or curls in a natural way.

Hair mousse has two basic objectives:

  • Create volume and structure in fine hair.
  • Define waves or curls

Do you want to style your hair the latest fashion styles without having to go to a salon? I want to mention that if you have fine hair with a few waves or curls, I can help make it look professional.

Then stay with me, because I’ll tell you:


Mousses are ranked on a scale of 1 to 4 according to their intensity. Number 1 sets your hair naturally and softly for light waves

The levels go up from 2 to 4, and each is used to achieve defined and structured styles, such as bridal updos.

Using a hair mousse to define curls or waves naturally is important. For this, you’ll usually use level 1 and 2.

Be sure to apply just the right amount. Not too little, not too much, but in the middle of that’s just enough.

If you want a style that looks clean & done vs. hair that is still messy and wet, try applying a mousse with lower hold. This way, you don’t have to ape hard on your hair & maintain your natural strand style.

Structured updos and styles require a certain level of firmness that is best suited to silk mousses.

Remember that in dry hair, you should use a level 1 or 2 mousse to hold and a small amount.

Aren’t sure how to apply it? In a few seconds, I’ll show you how.


As is, applying mousse is simple. But I need you to remember it isn’t meant to be applied on directly with your hand – use a comb instead.

Don’t put your mousse in your hair with your hands as it won’t spread out and you’ll end up with uneven spikes.

You need a comb with medium-sized teeth to do all the work and not one with either pointed or thick teeth. This ensures efficient work for your hair & scalp, not just taking more time than needed.

How to apply:

  • With well-brushed, dry hair, apply a hold mousse with a level of 1 or 2 onto your hands.
  • You should use a small amount of mousse that is the size of a walnut or a small apple, whichever you have more.
  • Use the comb to scrape the mousse from your hand, then use your fingers to comb through it.
  • Apply it throughout your head.
  • Once all your hair has been finished with a mousse it will quickly take on the desired style. To achieve this styling, use your hands to shape waves and curls

Mousse dries quickly and leaves your hair shiny, leaving it feeling a lot lighter than it actually is.

What happens if you apply mousse to wet hair? Well, the world will continue to turn, but in reality, you should only use it in wet hair for specific cases.


Mousse is used in wet hair in certain cases:

  • For structured styles, such as bridal hairstyles or updos for parties
  • To define curls in fine hair

Most people choose a mousse if they want to style their hair, since it lasts for a serious amount of time. It also helps to make your hair look healthy & glowing.

One thing to remember is that you should always use mousse which has a higher hold like 3 or 4. This will make sure the style lasts longer so you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of place throughout the day.

Do you have very fine hair and you don’t have a way to define your curls?

It’s a normal problem for those of us with fine hair.

Even if you curl your hair as much as possible, it loses its shape in no time. But if you use a mousse with a high level of hold in your wet hair, you’ll be able to have defined curls that last for longer.

But there’s something you need to be careful of: after you finish using it, make sure your hair is completely dry before applying other products

  • You should start by applying mousse. Then, use your hairdryer on a medium heat setting.
  • The mousse will affect your fine hair, but it won’t be obedient or volatile. It will feel heavier.
  • You’ll achieve more volume, which is exactly what your curls need to maintain perfect definition and more texture.

Now you know. If we’re talking about wet hair, you should apply mousse all over with a medium to high level of hold (depending on your own personal preference) and for special occasions like when you need a style with maximum duration, above all if you have fine hair


Mousse is an excellent tool to set and define curls. It can be applied to dry or wet hair and won’t leave any residue, damage your hair, or remove dye.

Depending on how you’re styling your hair, it will also depend on which kind of mousse you’ll need to use.

The difference between one brand and the other is that some mousse will cling tight onto your hair while others provide a light feel for styling touch up.

Uses for level 3 mousse:

  • To define curls, you should use mousse in dry hair and with a low level of hold.
  • If you want a lasting style, use mousse on your wet hair, with a focus on hold level 3 or

How will you use mousse the next time you style your hair? In wet or dry hair?


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