How often should black men wash their hair
How often should black men wash their hair

How often should black men wash their hair

How long is the hair? How is it styled, braids, natural, texturized, locs, dreads, etc? Is the person’s scalp dry? What types of styling products are used? these are the question to ask when you want to know How often should black men wash their hair.

The men in my family when active and playing sports wash their hair each time they shower. However, that’s short natural hair on men mostly in the military which is not going to work for everyone regardless of ethnicity.

Less than one-half inch of hair makes haircare easy. Regular trips to a good barber and shampoo in the shower then maybe use a little conditioner.

Well, not very often. People of recent African descent (back far enough we all do) have typically dry skin and hair. I’ve been told that every few days they just use a tiny amount of shampoo mixed with water and rinse it off.

Now, the thing is, no one knows how much European blood is in the people brought over as slaves. So you may have more or less oil in your hair. The bigger question is probably how often you moisturize it. Which is something only you can tell.

One of my friends, a big tough black guy (a tech) was in the middle of ordering ‘skin so soft’ from our friend who sold Avon.

He was a little embarrassed and asked me if it was still manly. Knowing about the dry skin, I assured him it was perfectly manly to soak in ‘skin so soft’.

Importantly, as Africans are the first persons, the question is why we developed more oil as we moved north. I have not read about this, but I’ve been thinking about it.

In many culture oil or animal fat was smeared on especially the face, to prevent cold burns. So my new theory is that this is why we got oilier as we went north.

Ireland is very far North, but the warm ocean currents means its warmer then the lattitude would suggest. However at one time 1/3 of Ireland was held by the Norwegian Vikings.

Then you have to count in all the raidings. So why does this not show up in my DNA? It was over 1000 years ago. And people have then mixed.

And we are very closely related anyway, children civs of Hallstat and La Tene. So when EVERYONE has it, its no longer a marker.

So in Scandanavia, I think we can all agree it gets pretty cold. Also note, Africans have little body hair, as do Asians.

The extra body hair seems to be a product of the North. Although the reindeer people may not have it. I’ve seen some stuff, but no one took his shirt off.

So don’t wash yourself too much and cause skin damage. Now there is a special set of shampoo and conditioner for either black hair, or extensions.

I can’t remember the name!!! Its in most food stores now in its signature purple bottles. So if your scalp is peeling, I would say you are washing too much.

Two different friends of mine rinsed every 3 days. So I suggest that as a starting measure. I suspect it would be better to pat the excess conditioner off then rinse it off as well. But remember, there is a lot of variance in people’s genetics so you may need more or less.

No one can give a universal answer here with no real specifics about the hair. My suggestion is to go to a professional salon or full service barbershop and get some help.

Pick the right products to wash your hair

The problem with most of the products you’ll find at your local store is that they contain harsh chemicals and additives that do a lot of damage to your hair.

Not to mention the insane amount of grease they put into these products, which will leave your hair laying flat. If you’re trying to grow your hair out so you can rock a look with your natural curls, these products won’t suffice.

The ethnic section at your store might have more options to pick from, but even these can contain ingredients that are bad for your hair. Avoid any products that include:

  • Alcohol
  • Mineral oil
  • Petroleum
  • Formaldehyde
  • Sulfate
  • Propylene glycol

If you need something to provide a good hold, consider using pomades, balms, or styling cremes. Whichever product you use, try to find one that has water as the first ingredient. This ingredient will ensure that you will get enough moisture to keep your mane from frizzing out.  

Pomades are often oil or water-based and will help keep your mane locked down while also keeping it soft and healthy.

There are a few differences between water-based and oil-based that you might want to consider before selecting.

Oil-based pomades do contain petroleum, which is a product you want to avoid adding to your hair. The final look will be greasy or wet. 

Water-based pomade, on the other hand, will have a matte finish. And they are healthier for your hair. Oil pomades are harder to wash out, meaning you can end up with dandruff from the buildup.

Styling creams are great for naturally wavy or curly hair. This type of product will let you have the style and control you need, without weighing your hair down or leaving behind harsh buildup.

Look for one made with natural ingredients like sweet almond, safflower oils, or avocado. These additives will keep your hair soft and give it a sexy sheen without making it greasy

Watch this youtube video and learn How often should black men wash their hair

How often should black men wash their hair

How often should a black man condition his hair

Wondering whether conditioner’s an essential step every time you wash? Let’s face it: conditioner’s one more step in your haircare routine that takes time.

And, depending on your hair type, you might be worried that it’ll weigh down your hair or makes it greasy. But, beyond the immediate beauty effect your hair gets, conditioning your hair regularly – at least every time you wash – is actually key to keeping your hair healthy, strong and shiny over time.

The most important element to conditioning your hair is to make sure you find the right product for your hair type and need.

Whether you’re nodding your head in agreement or staring at your screen with a furrowed brow, the truth is that if you’re not conditioning your hair often enough and with the right product, you’re sabotaging your chances of a good hair day.

If you’re a frequent conditioner-skipper, it’s probably because you think it’s too heavy for your hair, leaving it weighed down and a bit greasy, or an that it’s an unnecessary step that takes up too much time.

If you already know the importance of conditioner, you might still be asking questions like ‘Should I condition my hair every day?’ Or wondering, how to condition hair properly, doubting that you’re doing the right thing at the moment.

Fear not, as we’ve got all the guidance you need to make sure you’re conditioning your hair as often as it needs and with the right products – regardless of whether you’re completely new to the conditioning scene or simply want to check you’re doing it right!

Let’s start by answering the big question that brought you here: ‘How often should I use conditioner?’ Keep reading for the complete guide to keeping your hair nourished, from how often to condition hair to the best conditioner for your hair type. Your hair will thank you for it!

How often should you condition your hair?

The answer to this is that you should condition your hair every time you wash it, without a doubt.

Consider conditioning hair like you would an exercise regime where you’re expecting to see change to the appearance of your body.

While you’ll see some instant benefits after just one session or, in this instance, one wash, you’ll get better results the more you practice (or condition).

After one wash your hair will be softer, easier to detangle and shinier. After multiple treatments, your hair will become more beautiful and healthier over time.

One option is to use a rinse-out conditioner or hydrating creme. These are often made with essential oil blends, which provide a ton of benefits to your scalp and hair.

By using a good conditioner once a week after washing, you are preventing damage that can occur from your hair drying too quickly.

If you have curly hair, you certainly want to be making use of a good quality conditioner. 

You could also use a leave-in conditioner, which will soften your hair and give it a nice bounce. Leave-in conditioners are products you leave in rather than washing out.

The purpose of these products is to detangle your hair. If you wear a close cut, you might not need this type of product. But if you want to grow your hair out, don’t do it without having some conditioner at the ready. 

Conclusion – How often should black men wash their hair

Although many black men complain that there’s nothing they can do with their hair, it’s not true. The fact is some men don’t want to devote the necessary time and effort. But you should always want to look your best, and that starts with your hair.

Following these helpful tips can keep you looking good with minimal effort. And when you look good, you feel good.

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