Best shampoo for breakage and hair loss
.Best shampoo for breakage and hair loss

Best shampoo for breakage and hair loss

What is the best shampoo for breakage and hair loss? well the bottom line, regardless of texture or type, is that hair is extremely delicate.

Even if you make your best efforts to stay away (or let’s be real, cut back), from using heat tools, chemical treatments, or color, there are so many ways we put our hair through the wringer that aren’t as obvious;

from brushing too harshly or friction from a scratchy towel, to the literal air pollution outside and flat-out neglect from an unavoidably busy schedule.

When it comes to undoing damage, look for products that contain antioxidants, protein, ceramides, lipids, and healing oils to incorporate into your wash routine.

It may take some trial and error to figure out what works for you, but here, with the help of Nunzio Saviano, salon owner and NYC-based stylist, we’ve rounded up the very best shampoo for breakage and hair loss for all types of damaged hair.

Scroll down for the winner’s list of the best shampoo for breakage and hair loss.

And to make your life easier, we’ve pulled together some of the best, top-rated shampoos on the market today — from drugstore gems to cult-favorite professional picks — that promise to restore your hair to its former glory for a whole lot cheaper than visiting a salon.

How do I know if my hair is damaged?

Damaged hair is more than just a few split ends. If you’ve been playing with colour, straightening every day, and sitting out in the sun, your hair is likely damaged.

If you’re not sure just how bad the damage is, take a closer look. You’ll want to know exactly what’s the best shampoo for breakage and hair loss.

Run your fingers through your hair to see if it feels rough. If it feels like there’s a lack of moisture and you can spot the split ends a mile off, it’s time to put a new haircare routine in place. It’ll be worth seeking out the best shampoo for breakage and hair loss.

Why is my hair damaged?

It’s a good question! There are a number of reasons why hair can get damaged. And it’s not just because you’ve been overdoing it with the hair dye! A big contributor is a bad diet. Make sure you’re getting enough zinc, folic acid, and iron in your diet, because the nutrients will help your hair stay shiny.

Stress can also be a big factor in the health of your hair. Too much stress causes the follicles to go dormant, which can cause hair to fall out and break mid-growth cycle. Of course, too much heat and over-processing the hair will have a negative effect too.

Also, try not to wash your hair every day (we know, it’s hard). It strips hair of its natural oils, dries it out, and can leave it looking a bit … blah.

How To Repair Damaged Hair?

Whether you’ve put your hair through a bit of abuse, or you’ve got a healthy head of hair and you’re trying to avoid damage altogether, it’s important to have an arsenal of products to make sure that hair stays in tip-top shape.

But before you start exploring the oceans worth of jams and jellies available, we’ve got a few tips (and some products to go with them) on how to fight the good fight against hair damage.

All you need are theright tools. Here’s a short list of our absolute favorite products that will transform your damaged hair in a jiffy (and for months to come).

Soften Up

Who likes the rough feeling of damaged hair? Pretty much no one. Argan oil, found in OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, makes dry, coarse hair feel softer and silkier because it’s rich in fatty acids.

Ultralight sunflower-seed oil, found in Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, does the same for fine hair without weighing it down.

Thicken Up

You hair’s natural oils keep it looking shiny, but many traditional shampoos strip them away. No bueno. Look for a shampoo described as “anti-breakage,” “strengthening,” “restorative,” or “repairing,” since that means the shampoo uses ingredients that help to thicken the hair and temporarily seal split ends.

We like Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo, which works with the keratin in your hair to help fix the damaged protein structures.

Be Gentle

You know that squeaky-clean feeling you get from a fresh shampoo? Yeah, you should avoid that. Super foamy suds can actually strip your hair and rough up the cuticle, leaving it frizzy and parched.

Instead, use a cleansing conditioner every few washes (you ultimately still need to shampoo sometimes) to make your hair feel clean without that stripped feeling.

Try Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado and Quinoa Co-Wash. It will leave your hair feeling cleansed and crazy soft.

Fix Those Split Ends

The only splits we want to see are on the Rupaul’s Drag Race main stage. Virtue’s Perfect Ending Split End Serum combines hydrolyzed quinoa, baobab seed oil, pea protein, and their signature Alpha Keratin 60ku to help repair those frayed ends and protect against further damage.

Dry with a Super Absorbent Towel

Ditch the terrycloth towel, which can rub on your hair as it dries and make it look frizzy. A microfiber hair towel soaks up water quickly and won’t disturb your strands, which is especially amazing when you have curly and/or kinky hair.

The Aquis Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel is one of our favorites. The fibers it’s made of are super fine, meaning they won’t catch on to your hair, plus, it helps speed up your drying time while keeping your strands intact.

Use a Gentler Brush

Using a brush with rough, wiry bristles can cause breakage. And if you’re using a brush while you blow out your hair, a metal one can heat up fast and actually burn the cuticle.

Instead, go for a rubber paddle brush with smooth synthetic bristles — ones with little balls on the ends, such as the Wet Brush. It’s also great for extensions and wigs.

Blow-Dry Without Damage

Air-drying is cool and all, but sometimes you want a sleek blowout, or you simply don’t have the time to wait for mother nature to dry your hair. That’s where a hair tool like the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer comes in.

Besides the fact that this baby will dry your hair in record time, it also won’t go above 302 degrees, meaning you won’t have to worry about damaged strands as you’re using it.

Use a Heat Protectant

Since flatirons can hit a scorching 410 degrees, it’s important to make sure your hair doesn’t feel the burn. A dollop of DryBar Hot Toddy Heat & UV Protectant protects hair with artichoke leaf extract to prevent dehydration and preserve the hair cuticle.

10 Best shampoo for breakage and hair loss

1. Wella Sp Repair Shampoo for Damaged Hair

Start a healthy hair routine right with Wella SP Repair Shampoo. It’ll prep the hair perfectly for further treatments and help smooth things out. Even though they’re delivered in a shampoo, Hydrolysed Keratin Proteins can still deeply penetrate the hair for a conditioning effect, making your mane more manageable.

2. AVEDA Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo

If you’ve been chemically processing your hair, Aveda Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo will help you get things back on track. It’s the best shampoo for dry damaged color treated hair. This gentle formula is part of a 3-step programme and helps repair damage with Coconut, Quinoa Protein, and Babassu. This Aveda shampoo for damaged hair is perfect for daily use if you can’t resist the urge to wash!

3. Redken Nature + Science Extreme Fortifying Shampoo | For Distressed Hair

When your dry, damaged hair is in need of serious rescuing, there’s no better product than Redken Extreme – Hair Strengthening Shampoo. It’s a great shampoo for extremely damaged hair.

Nourishing all layers of the hair strand, the Soy Protein seals in moisture and helps give the hair some serious body. Expect to see up to 75% less breakage after use.

4. Kerastase Resistance Bain Therapiste Balm-In -Shampoo (For Very Damaged, Over-Porcessed Hair)

Supremely thick and balmy, Kérastase Bain Thérapiste Balm-in-Shampoo is the perfect remedy for extremely dry, damaged, thirsty hair.

Repairing the hair while it cleanses, it’s perfect for fine, thick, and curly hair types. It’s a great shampoo for heat damaged hair.

The unique jellified formula helps keep the hair safe from further damage, and it’s a good shampoo for damaged colour hair too.

5. Kevin.Murphy, Repair Me wash Reconstructing strengthening shampoo

This unique formula is quickly finding an army of fans. Cruelty-free and sulphate-free, KEVIN.MURPHY Repair-Me.

Wash is enriched with Bamboo and Silk Amino Acids to strengthen hair while removing impurities. Powerful yet kind, this is the perfect shampoo for those with visibly damaged hair.

6. Virtue Recovery Shampoo

How good will this bottle look in your bathroom! With Alpha-Keratin 60ku, VIRTUE Recovery Shampoo treats dry, damaged hair and leaves it so fresh and clean. Sulphate-free, it’s gentle enough to keep hair protected but fierce enough to remove daily grime.

7. Shu Uemura Ultimate Reset Shampoo

Shu Uemura Ultimate Reset Shampoo will help your hair back to a healthy state in no time. Paradoxically, this power formula gently cleanses the hair of impurities and helps restore its natural beauty without weighing it down. It’s a good shampoo for dry damaged hair. Simply apply a small amount, scrub, and then rinse thoroughly. Easy!

8. Sachajuan Intensive Repair Shampoo

If your hair is particularly porous, or you’ve been spending way too much time in the sun, Sachajuan Intensive Repair Shampoo could be the shampoo for you. It’s the best shampoo for damaged hair and split ends.

Intensive Repair deeply cleanses the hair and scalp while penetrating the follicles for intensive effect. It also includes UV protectants to help ward off future sun damage!

9. Sachajuan Hair Repair

Sachajuan Hair Repair cares for hair by promoting cell regeneration. This vegan formula will reduce frizz and leave your hair looking silky-soft and supermanageable. After shampooing, leave the formula on for up to 10 minutes to see some lush results.

10. Iles Formula Haute Performance Shampoo

Iles Formula Haute Performance Shampoo is just what dry, damaged hair needs to come back to life. Suitable for daily use, this luxe, softening formula will help restore shine and bring back some bounce. Because there are no sulphates, silicones, or parabens, your coloured hair is in safe hand when you use this shampoo. And the Silk Proteins make hair supersoft to the touch.


Shampoos have become really specific over time since manufacturers have recognized that different hair needs different formulas. There are shampoos for dry, damaged, curly, frizzy, straight, color-treated, and many other types of hair.

They strive to make sure that whatever hair problem you are facing is addressed. Many shampoos have come forth to solve the issue of hair loss and breakage.

Everyone loves shiny, supple, voluminous hair but it can be very hard to achieve it without the right hair products.

There are some prime products that can help you make sure that your hair looks perfect and healthy. This will definitely sort out any hair loss problems you may be experiencing due to excessive breakage.


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