Low Maintenance Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair

6 Low Maintenance Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair

If you search for a look that doesn’t take too much effort, this is the place to go! The salon uses a low maintenance layered haircuts for thick hair that will be the perfect addition to your everyday style.

Some of the best low maintenance layered haircuts for thick hair include:

  • Shoulder-length layered cut
  • Chin-length layered cut
  • Invisible layered cut
  • Shoulder-length blunt layered cut
  • Mid-back length layered cut
  • Layered cut with extensions effect

A layered cut can lighten the weight of thick hair, lower its volume, and help you forget about looking in the mirror all day long.

They are efficient and they last a long time. Neither do they lose their shape as quickly. Also, you don’t have to go to the hairdresser for upto 4 months.

You can always go to the salon for special occasions, but for most everyday looks, you can just make your hair look great on its own.”

Some hairstyles can be done in a very short amount of time, like the layered haircut. This is perfect for women who are always busy, unless it’s just not that easy for them to get out the door every day.

They are the famous “wash-and-go” cuts.

When you’re done washing up, it’s time to actually dry off. Then, you can use a styling cream like this one and tousle it for a better look!

A layered cut is a great option for hairstyles that require a lot of styling. It will take some time to create the perfect look, but you’re investing in long term wearability.

This article will teach you about a few interesting and low-maintenance haircuts for your thick hair. It will also provide you with useful styling tips to keep your cut looking great.


Yes! I’ll tell you that it’s the best option for your thick hair.

When we cut hair, we’re not just doing it for a more clean look; we’re also making the strands thinner and less heavy. This helps to make hair easier to work with and it looks better when done in the right style.

It’s less difficult to maintain healthy hair if you have a layered haircut. Also, with the freedom to decide whether or not to style your hair, you can create your desired look in the most efficient way.

A lot of the types of layered haircuts you see at the salon are easy to maintain. You only need to visit a salon every 2-3 months.

Generally speaking, you can get a haircut done in between appointments at the salon like any other appointment. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule.

For example, if you choose a hairstyle with bangs then it might need to be trimmed every three weeks or a month – but just for a few minutes at the salon.

You don’t want to go too far in the other direction either and choose a cut that doesn’t suit your face shape.

Some examples of cuts are a cheekbone-contoured slash, an inverted pear shaped, or high and rounded.

Nowadays, considering that women like to wear hairstyles that are more comfortable instead of having to follow a certain standard.

Here is a list of the layered cuts for thick hair that I get the most requests for at my salon. They’re also the most low-maintenance ones


For thick hair, you may want to consider going for a shoulder-length style. Often times, people will fade or comb their hair in a certain direction or dangle pieces out of the style. You should also pay attention to whether the hairstyle serves your face well

It admits a thousand variations and more!

The layered haircut can be parted on the side. The last layer touches at the shoulder

However, keep in mind that if you have a lot of hair, you will want to stay away from this method. It’s important to know that the process will cause sweat to be binding onto your hair. This can result in a lot of frizz and damage.


As long as we are only adding a few layers to your hair and are making it shorter all over, you will look fantastic

Some bob haircuts are now combined with layers, providing a sense of movement that is separate from being straight.

This haircut looks youthful and dynamic without styling. Those with shorter hair would benefit from this trend.

It’s a casual piece perfect for people who have thick hair. It creates an effortless style that is different, stylish and chic!


The inner layers create a lot of hair movement despite not being visible.

Cutting the inner layers of your hair will diminish its volume, but the outer layer will be more wavy.

These are some of the benefits and uses of cutting off lots of your hair. You can use it when you want to reduce hair volume or for a more subtle effect. People will then be able to see the shorter layers almost unnoticeable


For a low-maintenance style, go for the shoulder-length blunt layered cut. This style looks great with blow-drying and flat ironing.

A hair style like this can give you a lot of movement while also showcasing your beautiful locks.

This cut is ideal for thick wavy hair. It has a waterfall effect that matches the shape of this type of hair much better than other cuts.


If you have medium-length hair, you have a lot more options to choose from when it comes to layered cuts.

This can be achieved by cutting the layers from the top to form a thinning effect.

This will give a very full, voluminous movement to your hair.

Layers can also start at the shoulder or just at the end of your hair for subtle movement.


The layers in this case are so defined and thinned to the end that the last layer only has some long strands. They look like hair extensions.

Our new haircut is a classy and easy-to-wear style that looks great with a tousled look.

This hairstyle provides a perfect amount of length and works well on many different hair types. It’s a great option for those who are ready to let their hair down


The layered haircut is one of the best haircuts for thick hair because it doesn’t need much styling. It looks perfect as soon as you get it done by your hairdresser.

Layer cuts can change the look of your hair in seconds, perfect for a quick dinner date or a night out with friends. Follow just a few tips to have salon-fresh style you can quickly and easily recreate.

  • Apply styling cream to your hair after washing and towel drying, or else you may end up with greasy strands. Comb your hair in order to avoid tangles, let it fully dry, and comb again.

This tip helps to eliminate frizz. When your hair is dry, detangle it using your fingers to remove the wet effect of a product before applying another one!

  • If you have bangs, straighten them and place styling cream around the hairline in order to give them slight volume. You can also apply powders like or mattifying powders to your roots. Apply flexible barrel hair brushes and hairspray, then use a blow-dryer on medium heat with cold air blast or sea salt spray.
  • If you don’t want to use styling cream and only have frizzy hair, you can choose from treatments like Botox, Keratin, Biotin, or straightening. They will leave your hair silky & hydrated and free of any frizz.


The duration of these treatments depends on your hair’s condition and whether or not you are a returning visitor.


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