how to relax edges only

How to relax hair edges only

No matter the problem at hand, this article will teach you how to relax the edges of your natural hair without having to visit a stylist.

No matter what type of hair you have, they are always areas that need your attention.. Some people have edges that are too relaxed or too tight, while others might have an uneven cut.

Almost everyone has probably tried to lay their edges as well as they could once or twice before. Although we’ve searched high and low, near and far for the perfect product to solve our problem, there is no such thing yet.

Some people have managed to find a solution while others are still looking. Nonetheless, there are some products out there that may be worth your time

I came across something interesting on Instagram the other night- I saw a person giving instructions on how to maintain your edges while still leaving your hair natural.

It seemed that this was an uncommon thing to do, so I had to watch it twice just in case I wasn’t understanding correctly.

But I thought it sounded interesting so I looked up other videos on YouTube and realized that chemical straightening while natural is a thing – a really popular thing.

She advises that product should be applied to the hairline in a similar way to gel, before rinsing it off after 2-3 minutes.

The process sounds easy enough, but this licensed cosmetologist from Amelia Salon on YouTube has some concerns.

For starters, she doesn’t think that you apply relaxer only to the hairline and then rinse it out, because that could cause burns or any other form of skin damage.

This person is also afraid that women may not know how to use the product correctly. A user claims that you shouldn’t rub or put relaxer on your skin and it can lead to traction alopecia and chemical damage.

After we researched the claim, we found out that you should only use your relaxer around your edges and not on the scalp.

Follow these steps to relax your edges only:

1) Use Shea butter- Shea butter is great for moisturizing your scalp and hair. It’s also amazing for relaxing tight or dry edges.

You can use it by applying it directly to the area by using your fingers or you can put wax in your palms and mix it with Shea butter before applying it to your scalp and edges. Either way, you’ll get great results!

2) Use castor oil to relax hair edges Castor oil is an excellent way to soften hair edges and promote healthy hair growth. It can also be used as a natural conditioner for the hair.


I think the best way to relax your edges is to use a leave in conditioner and a water based leave in conditioner. I usually use Cantu’s Coconut Curling Cream and Tresseme’s Waterfall Leave-In Conditioner.

These two products are great because they both have a light, fresh scent and they won’t make your hair greasy or sticky.

In conclusion, I would recommend experimenting with different products and methods to find one that suits your needs.


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