Hair Sticking Out of Braids

Hair sticking out of braids? (Here’s the fix)

One of the most common problems that people face is hair sticking out of braids. This can be a problem for some people, but it is not a problem for everyone.

This article will discuss how to prevent hair from sticking out of braids and what you can do if it does happen.

Hair sticking out of braids is a common problem for many people, especially those who wear their hair in braids or cornrows. However, this problem does not affect everyone and there are ways to prevent it from happening or fix it if it has already happened.

Got braids? You might want to take a close look at what you’re doing. Keep in mind that braiding your hair is a way of reducing breakage by using processes like twisting and plait work. And it also helps increase the longevity of your hairstyle, essentially giving you more bang for your buck.

It is often difficult for people to maintain a specific hairstyle. Despite your efforts, one of the issues that can arise is hair sticking out of braids.

Check out some quick fixes here to avoid this in the future. The first & most important step would be to decide on a braid style from the beginning if you want it to look great over time!

If you have this problem that needs to be solved, don’t worry. Let’s take care of it one step at a time.

How to fix natural hair sticking out of braids?

Braids are a great hairstyle for many people, but the downside is that they can cause hair to stick out of them. Here are some quick fixes for fixing your braids and making sure your hair stays in place.

1 Get a Good Braider

It is important that you find a professional who knows how to braid weaves and attach them to your natural hair. It’s easy for someone without the proper skills to put snarls into your weave and even mess up your hair in other ways.

Consider visiting a salon if you want to do this hairstyle, or ask a friend or family member who can do it well near your location. Ask for their work that they have previously done and Instagram account if they can verify.

2 Prime Your Hair First

To prevent hair problems, make sure you moisturize your scalp regularly. This will help your hair grow quicker and become stronger.

The best way to moisturize your scalp is using natural oils such as coconut oil, grape seed extract, or avocado oil.

It is better to blow dry your hair before braiding so it is easier for the braider and creates less tangles. Synthetic hair creates weight in braids, which for some women can be heavy. For best results, use a dupe of your specific brand’s braid spray or make a homemade oil mist.

If a braider pulls on your hair too much, they can cause damage to the real hair– making it difficult to remove your braidings. If they struggle getting the ‘one pick’ technique, it is best to go with a different hairstylist who can figure out the best way for that particular job.

3 Dampen Your Braid Before Braiding

I would dampen my hair before braiding, ensuring the layers stay in place. I’d braid my hair tightly to create a style similar to Alice Burdick’s.

If the hair is sticking out after that, I’ll use some gel and smooth down your hairs. Flat ironing your braids likewise helps a bit.

You can braid the hair before curling or straightening it. It’s best to hold the ends of your hair with a flat iron and put a headband on top of them after.

If you don’t like using heat on your hair, we offer a movable solution. Separate the hair into two small sections with a rubber band, cover them with another band and then cover the whole thing with another to have control of the heat. Leave that in overnight & it will be dry in no time!

This method is actually based on a cosmetic procedure that has shown to be popular in African nations. It makes the hair look thicker and longer, without needing to use any heat.

The correct way to smooth down hair while braiding is by using a light coating of gel, including oil if needed. Pomade, hair spray and hair paste are also good for smoothing down the hair in many different ways.

4 Maintain Your Braid Regularly

For some people, braiding their hair can actually hurt their scalp. I would recommend braiding your hair for no more than 4-8 weeks or less depending on how often you braid. After three weeks, I recommend checking the front border of the braids to prevent clumping and damage. If your scalp starts to itch a lot, use some diluted witch hazel

I listened to my hair anxiously this morning since I just got the braids done. This is important if you don’t want your hair sticking out from the braids

Your hair is going to tangle and you might need to add a stronger more moisturizing conditioner to keep your hair looking soft and shiny. If after 3 weeks, your hairs feels like it has too much pull on it or is showing signs of breakage, you might want to switch up your style.

There are various ways in which to deal with frizzy hair, including some that we may not have even thought of! What I recommend is to use some hair sprays and oil on your scalp so that the oil can hold down the hairs when you style them. Or simply wrap your towel or bandana around it before styling.

You could use a little bit of water, gel and a scarf to tie down the braids. You could also opt for hairspray to get rid of flyaways too!

It is best to sleep with satin a scarf, a bonnet, or a silk pillowcase because the styling creams & gels you use may ruin your bedding.

If your braids are hanging loosely over your clothes, consider cutting shorter hairs and braiding back so that it doesn’t get mussed up like this. I’ve found that the best way to keep a cool braid is either to bun it or pin it up

5 Living With the Sticking-Out Hair

If you cannot be a hundred percent fizz-free because of your type of hair, you might likewise conceal a bobby pin under the braid catching those layered pieces.

Another way is to let the layers pop out any place they want. Messy braids are trendy these days and can make a fashion statement just for you!


Braids and hair sticking out are two things that can be a pain when braiding. When braiding, you want someone who is meticulous and does the best job for how long it takes to achieve their desired look. They should also only be recommended from reputable sources.

Having the foundation of your hair braided and learning to do it yourself from there will save you a lot more time and cost by cutting back on more frequent maintenance visits.


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