How to do Passion Twists on Natural Hair

How to do Passion Twists on Natural Hair?

In this tutorial, you will learn a simple method on how to do passion twists on your natural hair that is easy enough for anyone who’s comfortable with styling their own hair. There are many different methods, but this one is just one of many.

You can have a great new hairstyle this week! This particular style is called a ‘Passion Twist’ and is quite popular for these times. It involves pre-sectioning your hair first, then braiding it up into a top knot.

This does take slightly more time than other types of braid styles but you’ll love the way it looks when the process is

This method is perfect for all hair types and curls. With any curl pattern such as 3A – 3B or 4A- 4C you can use this method and it will keep your hair in place.

With passion twist, you will be able to use our new locking design that prevents the hair from spiraling during the braid.

This advanced design is also perfect for someone who may want to create a simple updo, or if your hair is too long and you need more length in the braid.

Here is a video tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to create a stylish passion twist on your natural hair. No rubber bands are required!


This is a picture of my installation of my new natural hair in passion twist. All the information I was giving you was true in this install, I do have 4C natural hair, and it wasn’t blowdried or straightened.

One of the great aspects to natural hair, like my own, is how easy it is to stretch and comb it. This is especially beneficial when you’re prepping for a big install, like mine yesterday with passion twist.


  • I used textured Passion Twist Hair as my hair is natural and I did not want a silky look, but feel free to use other brands of Passion Twist Hair.
  • Crochet Latch Hook (Although this is still required for this method of installation, individual twists are still welcome.)
  • Hair Mousse I used My Hair Matters Volume Boost from Sainsbury’s which I’ve found to work better than other brands. Hair Gel or Edge Control (optional)


Preparing your passion twists before you apply your styling products is essential. But remember, if the hair is too wet, it will make the process difficult.

Plus having a hairstyle worthy of a royal look can be achieved without much prep time at all! You can create volume and tousled waves effortlessly by running your fingers through natural hair.

I avoid fluffing the ends of the hair as I like the wavy pattern at the tips of my hair. By only fluffing and brushing at the middle section, you get more defined ends.


Section your hair into square boxes or triangle parting. You should start from the scalp and go down to near the end of your hairline.

Plait the section like in the video below. The reason we plait just a little of the hair is to hold the passion twist hair when we attach it.

This tool prevents slippage and allow you to easily grip your hair. It is great for those users who have not mastered a professional-level grasp of hair work yet, and it means you do not have to braid the curls in the beginning.


For this step you will need your crochet hook. You’ll insert one end of the passion twist hair through the base of the braid like below. Then pull out one of the other ends of the strand and that’s it!


Twisting the Passion Twist Hair is easy now that the hair is attached to your plait as it stays in place.

Twist the hair around your own hair to set the plaits, which will be set in place. This means you can create lots of different styles and looks with just a few twists!

(this is why I said only plait the hair a little). Once done, you split your hair into two and twist it with the passion twist hair.


Once you’ve completed your installation, be sure to set your hairstyle, and spritz on a little setting mousse for maximum impact.

Different textures give you endless options to experiment with. Although this step is optional, it’s highly suggested as your hair will look even more soft and voluminous.

You can use hair mousse to refresh your passion twist anytime you want defined twists or after washing the hair.

I love using the My Hair Matters Volume Boost from Sainsburys. It makes doing my passion twists so much easier and it adds a lot of volume to them.


Throughout this article i have explained How to do Passion Twists on Natural Hair

As I’m in the United Kingdom, I don’t feel like it is too pricey here and it works better than other name brands.

If you live in other countries such as the US, feel free to use any hair styling mousse that works for you.

The particular hair I used for this install is perfect for anything you need to add extensions to, but feel free to use other brands or silky passion twists if you want something different.

Feel free to browse my hair blog for more information about passion twist hairstyles!.


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