Why is the top layer of my hair frizzy

Why is the top layer of my hair frizzy?

Hair in the top layer is more likely to be frizzy because it is the most exposed hair part to pollution, sunlight, & humidity.

Note that this issue also occurs when we sleep with our head against a pillow that doesn’t fit too tightly against our head.

Switching to an acid shampoo can help prevent frizz & increase hair health.

You may also want to try oils that help reduce frizz such as argan and coconut. They are very effective.

Everyone has heard that “the human body is a perfect machine.” It turns out this quote from Leonardo da Vinci is actually true, and helps us to understand the complexity of the human body and how it works.

Every part of it, from the smallest one to the largest is like a clockwork. It is an efficient machine and allows for everything to function as intended.

However, sometimes external elements, such as an illness, can cause a machine to break down.

The same thing happens with hair.

External elements such as pollution, radiation, heat, and moisture can weaken the pH levels in hair making it lose its shine, nutrition, and strength. It can break down over time and eventually frizz becomes present.

There are a few different hypotheses on why frizzy hair would naturally appear at the top layer of the scalp.

One idea is that it’s more soft and becomes more exposed since it’s farther away from the skull and often covers less of the scalp when compared to other hairs.

While your hair might not be able to block toxins, it’s capabilities do make it a very good defense mechanism against environmental agents such as chemicals, straighteners and hair dryers.

It is important to see the potential of something and not just focus on what isn’t working as well.

What do I mean by that?

There are two methods of removing frizz from your hair; you can use a hairdryer or buy a new shampoo.

Or you can:

  • Sitting around mourning your bad luck and hiding your hair from other people’s eyes
  • Drawing your best weapons to defeat the frizz.

Which way are you going to go?

I knew it! I knew there was a little warrior in you, The general wants everyone to join me and help defeat the enemy. Do you want to be the brave soldiers so we can win this battle.

  • Why frizz appears in the top layer of hair
  • How to combat frizzy hair

Beware, frizz! Because we’re coming for you!


Hair is able to withstand the stress and strain of these environment, and even treatments and a straightener, which is why it is light and bouncy.

However, When hair is damaged, the damage can weaken the shaft too much and cause hairs to break off. Hairs are replaced by skin in the follicle, meaning that scalp hair has more strength than scalp skin.

  • To understand why hair gets frizzy in the top layer, we must learn about hair shaft structure. The 2 layers are the cuticle and cortex of the shaft.
  • The cuticle is the outer layer of your hair and is made of layers that overlap each other like each individual tile on a roof. This creates a strong, but flexible structure for the hair shaft.
  • The function of the cuticle is to protect the inner, more delicate cortex. The outer layer of hair, the cuticle, is resistant to damage but can’t handle strong environmental factors, such as humidity, wind, cold, or excessive damage caused by hairdryers, hair straighteners, coloring, bleaching, and other hair treatments.

Cuticles are tough and can resist wear, but they are not aligned together & they can’t hold the cortex in place. This may lead to damage over time, which is why we recommend seeking proper salon help. 

Depending on the effect and how it happens, excessive aggression might cause damage to hair cuticle and hair cortex. Frizz might be a result of both instances.

Is there a solution to frizz?

Yes, in fact. After all, frizzy hair is similar to a symptom of something being wrong with your hair. It would be like if you had a fever and knew it was because you were sick.

When you are sick you take an antiviral or antipyretic medicine if you have a fever.

What do you do when you have frizz? You use some specific products to treat it. Would you like to know what they are?

Then keep reading.


Frizzy hair often occurs when a person doesn’t wash their hair very often. It decreases the level of hydration and essential oils in the hair which can make it difficult to “curl” properly.

Hydrating & nourishing your hair is an important step to prevent frizzy hair and reduce dryness.

Replace your conditioner with a mask.

A hair mask is made of oils and waxes, ingredients that create the perfect balance of moisture and condition for your hair, giving you a healthy shine.

This nutrient-rich formula also happens to be heavier, creating volume where it’s needed most.

Therefore, you will prevent the hair on the top layer from lifting as if it were electrified.

Use coconut or argan oil.

Oils are used to reduce frizz and make hair lighter by preventing color from fading. They also nourish the hair, leaving it soft & shiny in the process.

You can use oils to improve your hair. It will work as a protector against frizz and heat damage by lubricating the strands and providing shine.

Wash your hair less.

Should you be washing your hair every day? That’s another question! The answer is no, as it can lead to breakage and frizz. For this reason, we recommend that hair should not be washed more than twice a week.

By washing your hair every day, you can lose natural oils that are responsible for good scalp health. Instead, your scalp has to work harder to restore itself. 

You should wash your hair every few days to get rid of excess oils. If you have oily hair, consider alternating a dry shampoo with one of your washings.

If you have curly hair, avoid the hairdryer.

By adding diffuser drying to your hair care routine, you will eventually find a way to reduce the amount of frizz, but it won’t be possible overnight.

Use acid shampoo.

The acid shampoo will prevent frizz from getting into your hair. Do you know why?

pH measures the levels of acidity or alkalinity, with a pH less than 7 being acidic, and a pH greater than 7 being alkaline

Always use shampoos with a pH that is lower than 5.5. If you don’t, it can lead to buildup of static on your hair and cause breakage & frizzy hair.

Use a silk handkerchief to sleep.

This is totally up to you. I understand that not everyone wants to sleep next to their partner so sometimes wearing a headscarf may seem unsexy.

If you’re wondering about your partner’s feelings on this, it would be best for you to ask them.

Be sure to wrap your hair in a silk handkerchief before you go to sleep. Your hair will be more presentable the next day with no frizz and you’ll feel like your hair is in good hands


The top layer of your hair can suffer a lot of damage, which leads to frizzy ends. Make sure to protect it as much as you can.

If your hair is dry and looking frizzy, these products can help you by eliminating frizz. Avoid over-washing your hair with hair products such as conditioner or acid shampoo and increase the oils that you apply to it.


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