Why is my hair thicker in the back than in the front

Why is my hair thicker in the back than in the front?

It is a common misconception that hair is thicker at the back of the head than in the front. In reality, hair becomes thinner as it gets closer to the scalp.

In some cases, people with thick hair might have more hair at their forehead and temples which causes them to think that they have more hair on the back of their heads.

Hair starts to thin as it approaches the scalp because hairs grow from a small area of skin called a follicle. The follicles on top of your head are smaller than those on your neck and face, so they produce less hair.

Why is my hair strand thick and thin

Our hair is made up of strands. A strand is basically a bundle of two to three hairs. The thickness of the hair strand varies depending on the number of hairs it contains.

For example, if there are only two hairs in the bundle, it will be much finer or thinner than if there were three in it.

What are the different hair thickness onhead

The hair on the head is not all the same thickness. People usually have two types of hair: coarse and fine. Coarse hair is usually about 2-6 mm long, whereas fine hair is less than 1 mm long. The texture of your hair can also affect how thick it feels when you run your fingers through it.

Why is my hair uneven in thickness?

It is not uncommon for a person to be concerned with the reason behind their hair’s uneven thickness. There are many factors that can contribute to this.

Some of these include:

-Hair growth patterns


-Chemicals like relaxers and dyes

-Physical stress such as wearing a ponytail too tight or using extensions that pull on your hair

Howtofixuneven hair strands

There are many products that can solve this problem, but one of the most common ones is dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is applied to the hair after it has been washed. This product absorbs the excess oils in your hair and leaves it feeling clean and fresh without any greasy residue.

This product can be found at most drug stores or supermarkets for about $5 for a decent-sized bottle with plenty of product inside. It is typically applied before bed, left on overnight, and then washed out in the morning with shampoo.

Is it normal for hair to be thinner at the front?

Yes, it is normal for hair to be thinner at the front.

Hair grows in the back first and the hair on the front of your head may start to thin first. This can be due to age or other factors like stress, illness, medication or genetics.

If you are concerned about thinning hair, talk to your doctor who can recommend treatments.

The front of my hair is not growing what should i do

There could be many reasons for this, but one of the most common is stress.  Changes in diet, vitamins, and meditation may help promote hair growth again.  It may also be necessary to consult with a doctor if none of these options work or you are experiencing other symptoms that are concerning for health reasons.


There are many reasons that your hair may be thicker in the back than in the front. The main thing to remember is that your hair grows out of your head, so it is normal for the edges of your hairline to be thinner than the top of your scalp. You can also have more thickness on one side than another because of where you usually brush or pick at your fringe.

The thickness of the hair will change over time, and this could be due to hormone changes, pregnancy, menopause, or other medical conditions like thyroid disease. Your hairstyle can also contribute to this; if you are parting it on one side or brushing it forward then this will give more weight to the back part of your head.


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