When braids get loose is hair growing

When braids get loose is hair growing? (Explained)

Braids are a popular style of hair among African Americans. When the braids get loose, it is not uncommon for people to wonder whether their hair is growing.

Many people are now also familiar with terms such as box braids, crochet braids, and micro braid hairstyles. They offer an effective form of protection against breakage & promote hair growth.

If you’re reading this, you probably want to know your hair will grow as long as possible. And now, you’ve decided to try some different remedies and treatments. But, unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for all hair loss conditions.

One of the many myths about braids is that they don’t promote hair growth. When you take down your braids, it can be hard to tell if your hair has actually grown or not when you do a length check. And this raises the question, when braids get loose is hair growing?

When you’re braiding your hair, it’s important to follow the care instructions. This includes brushing, conditioning and regularly maintaining your hair so that it doesn’t get damaged. When your braids start coming loose after two weeks or more, this is a clear indication that hair is growing again on your scalp

I explain why, read below for more clarity on this matter.

What do we mean by “When Braids Get Loose?

When your braids are installed on the first day, they are tight and close to the skin on your scalp. After a week or so, you will notice a distance between where the hair was added, which is what we mean by loosening.

If you are experiencing pain when installing a braid, then you should loosen the braid. Loose braids should not cause you pain, but instead allow the hair to grow more naturally & last longer.

Loose braiding your hair is good for your hair because, when done incorrectly, tighter braids can cause breakage. That’s not the case with loose braids though!

If your hair has a weak spot, braids (or any type of hair extension) might work better for you. They can help to fill in those gaps and prevent breakage.

You can loosen your braids by applying leave-in conditioner on the roots or you can apply braid spray, or if your hair is damp, you can use moist heat.

Do Braids make Your Hair Grow Faster?

We know that hair will grow no matter what, so we opt for protective hairstyles to help prevent breakage and promote healthy hair growth.

When you braid your hair, there is less manipulation, which can actually be good for your hair.

If your hair is not braided, you’ll probably end up doing multiple destructive changes to your current style throughout the day.

Some of the ways your hair can get damaged include yanking on your hair too hard, pulling out strands without a comb, or over-shampooing and over-conditioning. These all make sure that your strands weren’t given enough time to recover between doses of styling

Unset hair means that daily styling will cause increased tension & tangling. It’s considered dry, irritating and can be more difficult to manage than braided hair. This is not good for healthy hair growth.

Other sources that can threaten your hair’s growth include heat treatments, chemicals in pools, or frequently tying it back into buns. This can limit the health of the hair and even make it unsightly as it continues to grow.

Most people aren’t convinced by braids; they don’t make your hair grow faster.

Braids in and of themselves do not cause your hair to grow. They just give it a break from manipulation, and give it a rest in a protective state.

When Braids Get Loose, Is Hair Growing?

A braid is a hairstyle created by intertwining 3 strands of hair to create different patterns Without braids, there is no way to quickly and easily maneuver your hair through the back of your head.

Many people opt for hair extensions, but others just opt for to wear their own natural hair in braid form. Whether it is a layered, winged style or just your hair that is braided, you can be sure that no one will notice if they start to loosen.

But if you notice your braid extensions becoming looser, that there’s no need to panic! It just signifies that the hair has grown and become stronger.

So how do you know if your hair is growing in braids?

You should first consider how strong your hair is, the number of weeks you have had the braids on, and exactly how heavy they are. Also keep in mind that the way you hold your hair when it’s down can affect the way it looks going up.

If your braids are too heavy, or you have used extensions, the hair will often loosen. Loosening may be noted by a weighed down feel to the hair or by a gradual unravelling of a braid.

What should you do when heavy braids bring your scalp to the point that it is spilling out of your braids? Make sure that you refrain from overdoing them if you understand the consequences.

If you notice this loosening of your braids about a few days after leaving the salon, that is not hair growth. Hair doesn’t grow at a super fast pace, and it takes around an inch per month.

It is unlikely that this would be the case because hair growth takes months and even years.

If you wash your braids every day or if you are styling it too much, there is a high chance that some hair will fall out. The end result is that your braids may appear to be looser than they actually are.

It is important to note that braids have an added bit of weight on them, which can potentially cause the braid to loosen & become unkempt. To avoid this, you should do a good job of taking care of your hair.

When you experience some braid loosening, the only way to check if your hair is genuinely growing is by checking for new hairs.

Many people choose to incorporate braids into their hair for several reasons. Roots are often thick, curly, and healthy-looking than older hairs. There is also less chance for the loosening that occurs with hair growth due to braided hair being slow-growing.

What to do to Make Sure any Braid loosening is Hair Growth.

When getting braids, start with a small patch of hair and make sure you have plenty of time to put them in. Pulling on just hair props could lead to breakage, which could potentially cause the braids you put in to loosen over time.

Also, make sure that your hair isn’t immediately permed before braiding, this will make sure it’s not too soft. Natural hair is stronger than chemically treated hair and can hold up braids without breaking or slipping.

Try not to overdo your hairstyles, and avoid those that require too much pulling and tugging.

Please do not over-wash, conditioning, or moisturize your hair. This will cause your hair to be more prone to breakage, and you may notice that it is breaking easily even when it has been conditioned regularly.

Why does Hair Come out of Your Braids

Taking down your braids will often result in some hair falling out. It should be noted, however, that this is natural.

You haven’t washed your hair in a while, so when it comes time to take down your braids, you might notice that the amount of shed hair over the course of these weeks was quite significant.

How Can You Promote Hair Growth with Braids

When you braid your hair, it protects the areas of your scalp from harsh conditions and damage. You can also use oils to help enhance the growth of your hair by promoting healthy and long-lasting follicles.

A lot of people spice up their hair with braided styles because it makes it easier to access the scalp. The downside is your scalp’s natural oil production will be less expansive, so you might need a hair growth pomade.

You should also moisturize and massage your scalp 2-3 times a week to improve hair growth. This is an important step that has many positive benefits.


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