White Braids on Dark Skin

White Braids on Dark Skin

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will add more drama into your whole look, then you’ll definitely want to try White Braids on Dark Skin. Use extensions to add fullness and length to your natural hair.

Dramatically White Braids on Dark Skin allow you to stand out and they’re great for creating different styles from buns to high ponytails.

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to find White Braids on Dark Skin inspiration for women. Adventurous girls who aren’t afraid of any challenge will rock this style with ease. Scroll down for 10 White Braids on Dark Skin hairstyles that will inspire you to get it.

How to Style White Braids on Dark Skin

In order to make White Braids on Dark Skin for women, you need to part the hair in individual boxes one at a time.

Then, proceed to split section of hair in the box into three equal subsections, and it’s braided down to the ends.

Like other forms of braiding, White Braids on Dark Skin are versatile and allow you to style them in different ways.

Depending on the mood, outfit, or even occasion and event you attend your braids can be casual or elegant. Yes, your box braids can be sophisticated too; it all comes down to the style you create.

To keep your braids lovely at all times try to care for your scalp properly, avoid constant up-dos, and don’t pull too tightly when styling.

10 Best White Braids on Dark Skin

1. White and Casual Braids

White and Casual Braids

One of our favorite White Braids on Dark Skin. The easiest way to style white box braids is to keep them casually glowing over your shoulders and back.

Spring and summer are just around the corner so lighter shades such as blonde can work great with your outfits. Plus, you can easily pull it up in a bun whenever necessary.

3. Colorful White Box Braids

Colorful White Box Braids

This colorful white box braids hairstyle is for someone who loves to try out some edgy hairstyle from time to time? In that case, colorful white braids can bring out all your edginess.

This white box braids is cute, vibrant, and bold at the same time. Use extensions of different colors to mix and match. You can either opt for lighter shades, darker ones or mix both kinds to achieve a unique effect.

4. White Bob Box Braids

White Bob Box Braids

There comes the time when you just want a simple hairstyle, but it also needs to be fabulous at the same time. Not a problem! White bob box braids let gently flowing down above your shoulders are simple, minimalistic, yet they give out an ooze of fabulousness.

Let’s not forget these braids shape your face perfectly. The best thing of all is that it’s super easy to get ready and go out.

5. White Braids on Dark Skin Ponytail

Here’s a cute hairstyle to try with your box braids; pull them up in a high ponytail. Not only are ponytails cute, but they’re also quite classy.

You can pair this white box braid hairstyle with a dress or even some casual outfit, and it’s your choice. For extra effect, add extensions to your hair for bigger volume. When you pull the hair up in a ponytail, it will be fierce.

6. White Box Braid Meets Cornrows

A great way to style box braids on white girl’s hair is to combine them with other braids and dos. The photo is a great example of how box braids can act in synergy with cornrows.

Just create cornrows on one side of your head behind your ear. That way, one side will be tighter while the other side (without cornrows) will be more relaxed with box braids gently framing your face.

7. Half Up Half Down White Braids on Dark Skin

Half Up Half Down White Braids on Dark Skin

Even though in most cases we see white girls with blonde box braids they also look great in darker shades. Let’s be honest, and you can opt for any color you’d like and still look fabulous.

This hairstyle involves extensions that add fullness and length to your hair. Pick up your hair in the bun but instead of using all to make a super big bun just let it flow down over your shoulder.

8. White Braided Side Swept

Feeling quirky? Then this white box braids look is perfect for you. Make side swept to show off your fun side. These cute white braids are ideal for girls who love to party and aren’t afraid to experiment with their hair.

9. Box Braids in White

White Braids are a sensual twist on luscious white hair that we know and love. Keep braids straight and long or pull them up in a bun, you decide. For this look, you can also opt for a red lipstick that will make you look super hot.

10. White Braids with Black Strand

White Braids with Black Strands are ideal for girls who want to make some tweaks in their hairstyle but don’t want to change color entirely. Add more drama to your look with a huge, rich bun.


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