Black and Grey Box Braids

Black and Grey Box Braids

Black and Grey Box Braids are a chic and stylish choice for African American women if you can style it the proper way.

These silvery strands look beautiful on women because they seem unusual and mysterious. Grey colored braids can also be used to temper darker hair colors to give them a subtle dusky look.

Did you know that darker shades of grey braids tend to look more subtle and could be a good fit if you are more conservative about color.

Lighter shades of grey braids tend to create a more dramatic, vibrant, and eye-popping look. When it comes to braided extensions, consider how the length and thickness of the braids will affect the weight.

Thinner braids will weigh less individually, which could put less tension on your roots. On the other hand, thicker braids use larger sections of hair, which may be able to withstand more weight from the added hair.

Let’s take a look at the many different ways you can rock Black and Grey Box Braids!

What are Black and Grey Box Braids

Black and Grey Box Braids are the perfect look for African American women who want to try something different.

Braiding is a great way to keep the hair looking neat and tidy, whilst also expressing a lot of personalities. Grey Box Braids is a wonderful color to choose if you want something that is a little bit different.

10 Best Black and Grey Box Braids Hairstyles

1: Dark-Grey Box Braids

Grey looks really special when it is mixed with a hint of green. This dusky shade looks good on women who like to wear yellow, brown or orange shades of clothing.

2: Grey Space Buns Braids

Give your hair a cool futuristic look with grey box braid space buns. Separate your hair into two sections and create knots on each side of your head. Let the rest of your hair hang loose.

3: Run Around Grey Braids

Cover your forehead up with a tight section of box braids. Bring the braids around from the opposite side of your head so that they sit across your forehead like a band.

4: Half Shaven Grey Braids

For a cool punky look, keep half of your hair to a short length. Do not add any braid extensions to this section when you are styling your new look.

5: High Top Knot Black Grey Braids

A high top knot is a really cool hairstyle for a woman with amazing box braids. For a fierce look, wrap some of your braids upwards and around into a knotted style at the front of your heads.

6: Side Swept Grey Box Braids

Long hair looks amazing when it has been swept over from one side to the other. Changing your parting can really change the appearance of your whole hairstyle. If you love bangs, you can try side swept bangs too.

7: Grey Ombre Box Braids

An Ombre style is one that changes gradually from one color to another. Ombre styles that fade from black to grey looks really effective in braided hairstyles.

8: Grey Hues Box Braids

Grey shades of braids are a really nice choice for women who are looking for a more relaxed shade. Add a few Black strands to enhance the color even more.

9: Sweep-over Grey Braids

Sweep your grey braids all the ways over from one side to another. Doing this helps to change the weight and length of your hairstyle.

10: Subtle Midnight Grey Braids

Midnight grey box braids is a wonderful subtle shade which almost looks black. This is a perfect color for those who want their color to appear less obvious.


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