Pink Braids on Dark Skin

Pink Braids on Dark Skin

Feeling a little bored with your hair lately? Well there’s nothing like adding a bit of Pink Braids on Dark Skin to shake things up.

Permanently dying your hair a new color is an often taken approach, but not all of us are down for that kind of commitment.

Luckily, adding color to your hair via box braids is a non-chemical, non-permanent way to have fun with hair colors. And given that there’s no commitment, you can be a bit daring with the colors you choose.

We’ve rounded up 7 Pink Braids on Dark Skin ideas for your next set of box braids. For more box braid inspiration, check out our guide to choosing your next set of box braids.

What Are Pink Braids on Dark Skin?

As the name refers, Pink Braids on Dark Skin are basically individual plaits that are divided by small squared-off parts or boxes. 

You can choose pink braids to be of any width, length and style, but for an extra volume and length, most women like to add synthetic or natural hair extensions. 

Box braid is becoming a trending hairstyle among women of all ages all around the world.

Why Choose Pink Braids For Your Dark Skin Tones

Pink hair is a popular choice for Black women. Another option is to go with a soft, dusty rose color, blending the pink, while keeping the tones muted, which creates a seemingly natural look.

Tight curls not only blend the shades, but also add movement. Complete the look with a complementary lipstick shade.”

7 Easy Styles With Pink Braids on Dark Skin

Double Wrap Pink box Braids Hairdo

Double Wrap Pink box Braids Hairdo

In this Pink Braids on Dark Skin hairdo, the middle parted braids seem to be placed on a puff design. The black, long, and thick braids make a pretty chic impression. You can totally pull this look off!

Long Pink box Braids With Loose Ends

This is one of the simplest styles designated to the Pink box Braids. It is long and parted in the box-off divisions that is finally ended with unbraided, loose ends. It is simple and doable for an everyday look!

Pink box Braids High Up Bun

For a difference, and a saucy element you can add a high up bun to your Pink box Braids. For the same effect, take half of your hair into a high, head up wrap and leave the rest to fall down perfectly as the way it is. It is great for a summer day.

Short And Sexy Pink box Braids

Short And Sexy Pink box Braids

Who says short hairs can’t rock the Pink box Braids? Here is the stunning looking box braid hairstyle, styled on a short hair along with braid cuffs. It is cool, chic, and very gorgeous hairdo. You will not regret it.

Side Puff Pink box Braids

Next up we have, the side swept puff that creates a very flattering dimension to the look! You can add some Pink box Braids this is a look of the heart, you gals.

Pink box Braids

Just by the look of it, we can tell that this is a vacation look. The long, Pink box Braids are not only stylish but it also requires low maintenance. So, try this look to hit two birds with one stone.

How To Do Box Braids Pink Tutorial

Watch this video Tutorial on how to do pink box braids.

6 Hairstyles With Pink Box Braids Tutorial

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