How Long Do Micro Braids Last

How long do micro braids last?

Micro braids can take 12 hours to install, at a varying cost across the board. People tend to keep them in for as long as possible because they provide a decent return on investment. Though, how long do your micro braids last?

Micro braids can last for a 3 months if hair care routine is done properly, by prepping the hair beforehand and cleansing the hair and scalp with micro braids.

However, hairstylists don’t recommend keeping your hair braided for no longer than 2 months at a time as your hair and scalp need time to breathe in between protective styling.

Are you interested in knowing how to care for your hair and micro braids so that they last longer? Here are detailed step-by-step methods on how to achieve this.

How To Make Your Micro Braids Last Longer

Maintaining your micro braids is important for the health of your hair – so wash them clean and moisturize them regularly.

You should wash your micro braids once a week with a clarifying shampoo only the first four weeks you have them in.To moisturize, use a diluted leave-in conditioner three times a week to your scalp.

Follow these suggestions to make your micro braids last longer & avoid some of the damaging effects that come with using heat.

01. Chat with your hairstylist first.

If you have naturally dry or fragile hair, micro braiding your hair could actually cause some damage. The effects could be substantial if the braider does not take care of the individual strands and continuous to tug on them..

If you have micro braids in your hair, I recommend that you keep them for a few weeks and not more than a month. You should also apply non-alcoholic treatments to help protect your natural hair.

It’s very important for people with textured hair to find a hairdresser who understands their hair type and can help them maintain braids with it. If you have textured hair, find someone who can keep up with the best ways of caring for it.

02. Try a hot oil treatment a few days before you braid your hair.

Use a hot oil treatment to make hair more hydrated & more resilient to braids and other styles that can be difficult on it. The use of moisturisers can improve the quality of your hair by strengthening its cuticles and locking in moisture.

Pro Tip: It is important to use a moisturizing and nourishing hair conditioner with either vitamins, natural oils, or both. It will help keep your hair hydrated and healthy!

03. Deep condition your hair several times before getting your hair done.

You should be deep conditioning your hair at least once a week. If you’re getting your hair braided into micro braids, let’s give your hair a break with an overnight rest! Apply a deep conditioner that also works as a leave-in conditioner at least 3 times a week.

Applying a deep-conditioner on your hair three times a week before you install micro braids it into your braids will help with many different aspects. It will keep the natural hair healthy and give it some slip so they’re easier to braid.

You can deep-condition your hair in either of two ways, either by purchasing a separate product or by creating one at home with everyday household ingredients such as bananas, avocados, coconut milk, eggs, and honey.

04. Trim off dead or split-ends.

Dead ends & split ends can cause hair loss, leaving you with bare patches Read more about how to prevent them from happening. Healthy hair should be a top priority for all people to get micro braids.

You can make braiding your hair for micro braids last longer and easier to maintain by trying to get your split ends trimmed a week or two before braiding them in.

This will ensure that one’s hair remains less tangled during the braid process & cuts down on the time spent on product management

Newly trimmed ends can make your braids more difficult to blend, which can cause them to look messy and old. In order for your braids to look fresh, you may want to refrain from trimming them again!

05. Wash and clarify your hair and scalp.

Micro braids are intended to be worn for up to 3 months, so it is important that during that period of time you have the necessary care.

The night before you get your micro braids, it is important to cleanse and clarify your hair. Cleansing removes buildup that can ruin the end result of braiding and clarifying makes sure your hair is ready for the braid.

Apple cider vinegar is a versatile & affordable alternative to common shampoos that can be used for both gentle and clarifying uses. And you can also make your own cleanser at home with warm water and apple cider vinegar.

Pour the mixture into your hair and wait 5-10 minutes. Wash it out with cold water

If you have an oily scalp and need to cleanse it, this is a great method. Combine baking soda and Castile soap to clean your hair & scalp.

We recommend that you gently massage the blend into your scalp, wait for two to five minutes, and then thoroughly wash it out with warm water. Follow up with a cold water rinse

06. Wash And Condition Your Hair With Micro Braids

Step 01: Please don’t wash your hair for a few weeks after getting those micro braids. Most stylists suggest you wait at least a month after getting them done.

Step 02: Make sure that you shampoo your micro braids carefully after the first four weeks. If they get too dry, it can cause breakage.

To wash your braids properly:

  • Thoroughly wet your hair
  • Apply shampoo to your hair. Make sure you add enough shampoo for a lather then massage in circles until you feel like there’s enough suds on your scalp
  • Don’t scrub your hair too roughly! It’ll make it frizz and lose its bounce.
  • Rinse the shampoo out with water before applying a moisturizer to the hair

Step 03: If you’re struggling with frizzy hair that is causing itchiness, a natural option to try out is diluted conditioner. Too much product can lead to excess buildup which creates irritation for the scalp–which leads to more trouble for your micro braids.

Here are some simple tips for diluting your conditioner with water in a spray bottle. It may seem like this would be hard to do, but it can actually be pretty easy! Just put the shampoo at the bottom of a small-ish container and fill it with water.

Lastly, you should use the sprayer to mix your items & then use the conditioner with a pump bottle. Your conditioner will be just enough for you to pour on easily from the tip of a spray bottle

This method can also be used when applying your shampoo if it’s very tough to rinse off.


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