How to stop box braids from unraveling

How to stop box braids from unraveling? (Explained)

Box braids are very popular hairstyles and are usually seen on celebrities. They are very easy to do and require minimal effort. However, many clients in my salon always ask me how to stop box braids from unraveling?

They can unravel easily if you don’t take care of them properly let me explain.

Box braids can unravel easily if you don’t take care of them properly. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your hair is moisturized and that the braids are not too tight or too loose.

Braiding involves weaving strands of hair into a long, thick plait. It is common among African American women, who often wear braids in their natural hair or with extensions.

However, this can cause the braid to unravel over time as the individual braids loosen and lose their hold on each other.

Box braids should be touch up at least once a week in order to keep them looking fresh and clean.

There are some things you can do to stop your box braids from unraveling:

How do you stop box braids from unraveling at night?

Braids are a hairstyle that is popular among women of all ages. They can be a hassle to maintain though because they tend to unravel at night.

Some people use hair ties or rubber bands to keep their braids together while they sleep. Others choose to sleep in buns, which can also prevent the braids from unraveling.

There are some other ways that you can use as well, like using a satin pillowcase or sleeping on your side with your head on top of the pillow case, so that it doesn’t move around and cause you to wake up with loose braids in the morning.

How do you secure the ends of braids?

Braids are usually secured with bobby pins. However, it is not always easy to find the end of a braid. Some people use hair ties, but that can cause hair damage and breakage.

The best way to secure braids is sealing them in hot water. This way you can avoid damaging your hair, which makes it easier for you to style your braids in the future.

Some people also use clips or pins for securing braids because they are more affordable than bobby pins or hair ties

Why do you dip box braids in hot water?

One of the most common questions that people ask is why do you dip braids in hot water. One reason may be because it makes your hair softer and more manageable. The other reason is because it makes your hair look more natural and less processed.

This is a question that many women ask themselves when they want to seal the ends of their braids for it to look natural.

How do you dip the ends of box braids in hot water?

To use hot water setting on synthetic braids, heat up the ends with a dryer for about 10 minutes and then seal them up with some sealant.

This process only works with some products; it’s not recommended for natural hair or brights because they don’t soften like synthetic braids do when there exposed to heat.

To do this, To heat some water, first start with boiling hot water. Once the temperature of the pot is up to 90⁰C, pour it into a jug.

However, you should be careful when handling boiling-hot water or touching it with bare skin. It can cause serious injury!

Dip one section of braids into the hot water for at least two inches to three inches. Hold them there for about 15 seconds, and then pull them out and into a dry towel.

When your hair is soaked in warm water, don’t keep it there too long because they will unravel.

After removing, dab them with a towel until dry and then hold them for a few more seconds to cool down

Carefully remove all the tangles with a pair of scissors.

How to stop natural box braids from unraveling?

Natural braids are a popular hairstyle among women. However, the problem with natural hair is that it can unravel easily.

There are several ways to keep them in place throughout the day without having to take them down and re-braid them.

1. Use a bobby pin to secure the ends of your braids before you go out

2. Spray your hair with water and then use a bobby pin to hold all of your braids in place

3. Secure all of your braids at night using an elastic band

4. Secure all of your braids with a satin headband that has been rolled up in one end

How do you seal the ends of natural braids?

Natural braids are a type of hair style that is created by wrapping hair around the head. It can be done by using a single braid, or multiple braids.

The most popular way to seal the end of natural braids is with an elastic band. However, there are other ways to do it as well.

One method is to use a scrunchie or hair tie that has been twisted into a loop and then wrapped around the braid, securing it from any unraveling.

Another method is to use pins that have been pushed through each individual braid and all around the head, securing them in place at their ends as well

How to seal the ends of box braids without water?

Twist hairstyles are one of the most popular styles out there. From Senegalese, Havana, and Marley twists, twists can be curled or let dry natural. They can also be styled short or long to create a variety of looks.

To get the best results braiding your own hair, you should make sure that the strands are twisted with two or three counterparts. This will allow them to hold their shape while they stay flexible and pretty. You should also seal the style in well after to preserve it for as long as possible without making it heavy or bogging down.

One of the most common methods to seal twist ends without water is by using nail glue. However, this method can result in some spilling if not taken care of properly and you may leave a white spot on your hair.

Twist your hair down close to the ends, and apply it evenly. Nail glue is more preferable because it’s clear and doesn’t leave stains behind when applied.

Once you’ve mixed together the glue and hair strands, twist them over each other to solidly lock them together.

Make sure the part you have initially glued (for braids) does not lock in, as it will come with some hair loss when unweaving.

How to seal the ends of box braids with flat iron

If you’re braiding box braids, this is one of the best ways to seal off the ends and keep them from unraveling. You’ll want to use a flat iron on heat-sealable synthetic braids like Kanekalon.

This particular method is safer than other methods but still requires some attention. It’s a significant advantage for anyone considering the process; it’ll save you time & effort.

To seal your braids using a flat iron, you will need to separate the strands of hair on one side of each braid.

While holding the hair firmly in place, tie the strands around the section you want to seal off. After looping it around a few times, take your heated flatiron and pinch over the looped section

Wiggle the strands of hair gently, until they are cut off. Then lightly pinch them with your fingers to secure the braids.

To seal a braid section, you can either use the flat iron to press over it or use your fingers to make the initial cut. When it is heated, wrap it around tightly and snip off any excess with scissors.

How to seal the ends of box braids with fire

It is also possible to seal off the ends of your braids to prevent them from unraveling by heating them over an open flame.

You perform this method by plaiting the braids until they reach their end and then using your hands to burn them with a candle or lighter. Once the braid melts at a little bit, you can apply force onto the melted braid to spread it around and create a seal.. 

This method provides a lot of versatility and is also effective. Since they seal the ends, they hold up well in humid environments. One risk with this style is setting your hair on fire when you use a synthetic braider–one that’s made out flammable materials.

Women who use hair products while braiding might want to think twice before using them around any candles or hazardously lit areas. Not only do they risk the danger of a fire, but they also could be at risk for serious injury.

When you press down the hot braid with your fingers, it’s possible that you could accidentally burn yourself. For this reason, when working with flammable flax, you should always wear gloves.

If you are going to use this 100% Kanekalon style braiding, please use Kanekalon hair that has been proven flame retardant.

Kanekalon is an artificial fibre made with superior technology including hot water set technology; it is flame-retardant and self-extinguishing. This means that once it is taken out of an open source of fire, it immediately stops burning.

Kanekalon is a synthetic fiber that resists melting and braiding easily. This aspect of the product means that you can continue doing other tasks at work, knowing your hair cannot catch on fire.


Throughout this article i have explained How to stop box braids from unraveling?

The best way to avoid this from happening is to use a satin scarf or braid instead of the box clip. These materials will prevent the hair from unraveling and keep it in place all day long.

Box braids have been around for centuries but have been gaining popularity recently due to celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Solange Knowles wearing them on red carpets and other fashion events.


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