How to detangle hair matted after taking out braids

How to detangle hair matted after taking out braids?

How to detangle hair matted after taking out braids? Many women believe that detangling wet or matted hair is time consuming and painful to do at home, so they need to go into the salon.

Some people think that the best way to detangle your matted hair is to run it under a hairdryer. But, there are many other ways for you to make your time at home more convenient. Keep reading and see which one works for you

The best way to detangle your matted or braided hair is to use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb without putting too much strain on your curls.

If you find tangles are a common issue for you, adding conditioner or applying oil to damp hair can help loosen the knots and make your hair manageable again.

Use these steps to make sure the removal process goes quick and smooth. If you have some knots or tangles, try this trick to get rid of them before they grow any bigger.

How To Prep Your Hair Before Removing Your Braids

If you decide to go without braids, it’s important to be persistent and careful when taking them out or else risk hair breakage.

Keep Your Braids Clean

There are a few things you can do to make sure that your braids look their best while they’re still in too. Try to keep them as clean as possible by using a professional brand of oil, such as tea tree or peppermint.

After showering, brushing your hair with a fine-tooth comb is recommended to remove any dandruff buildup, flakes or product development.

A rat tail comb is useful when removing any type of buildup and can be used in between the thinner strands of hair that are very hard to remove with a toothbrush.

When washing your hair with water, try using loose pressure to remove build-up. This will hydrate your hair and make it easier to shampoo & condition.

Then grab a wide tooth comb and gently work your hair to get rid of coarse, dead ends and product buildup. You can pay attention to the scalp and do any needed whole-head trips while you’re at it.

Washing your hair with a wide-tooth comb is a quick and easy way to remove any excess residue and product development without hurting your natural tresses.

Using too much pressure will gradually eliminate whatever dirt, flakes, and grime that is in your hair. You need to take care of dandruff before you wash your hair, so that you don’t have any detangling issues.

Use your hands, fingers, or a wide-tooth comb to pluck dead hairs and pull out any knots. If it is still tough, use some conditioner and water mixture on the knots so they slip loose.

Don’t be surprised if you notice oily flakes in the shampoo and product development. Try not to saturate your hair or soak it.

Products that help you detangle your matted hair after braids

Using A Hair Conditioner

You can either put a drop of conditioner directly on the knots and tangles or you can opt for the less messy option of creating a mixture of conditioner and water in a spritz bottle and spritz your hair with the mixture to add slip whilst you detangle.

Find a hair conditioner that is specifically made for tangles and knots. Work it in by rubbing it with your fingers, being mindful of not pulling on the hair. This may cause tightness in the knot which can be problematic in later stages of the process.

Once you have detangled the bottom of the knot, then use a wide-tooth comb or pick and brush your hair strands free from the tangled mess. Don’t move up higher in the knot until it is tangle free.

Patience is key when attempting to untangle a knot, but it will be worth the effort. The conditioner will moisturize and hydrate your hair so making the tangle easier to untangle becomes more likely than if you hadn’t added any conditioner.

Repeat this process with a brush that has finer teeth to ensure the knot or tangle is totally gone

Using Household Items

Sometimes knots and tangled hair will occur for reasons unknown. They may result from buildup as mentioned, or from something getting in the your hair during the days or from plucking out strands of hair.

If you unfortunately have a knack for knots, there are ways to get them free. First, take a couple of ice cubes and get the knot as cold as possible to freeze it.

After the ice has been removed, you can use your fingers to break up the substance and then use a hair conditioner to get rid of any remaining lumps. Next, you need a wide-tooth comb for that final step.

Mayonnaise, peanut butter and vinegar can help you to break up grease or dirt that get into your hair or keep it in knots.

All you need to do is get a little mayonnaise, egg, or oil and work through your hair. Rub it on and brush out any knots to allow the oils to slip into your strands. Do this while wearing a shower cap!

My favorite way of detoxing my hair after having it in braids for weeks is to do an apple cider vinegar rinse.

Here’s how:

Step 01: Remove your braids

Step 02: In a bucket or basin, pour 2 cups of water and 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. This should be enough to fill the bucket or basin. If it is not, adjust accordingly so that your final amount comes up to exactly 4 cups.

Step 03: Add 5 drops of tea tree oil or rosemary oil to a bucket or basin and then mix the mixture together.

Step 04: You should submerge your hair into the bucket or basin so that it is completely filled with water. Ensure that no air bubbles are trapped underneath the water. If you need additional help, then ask one of your colleagues to help you out in this step.

Step 05: It is important to soften hard build-up that has matted hair. For this purpose, you can use water for up to 3 minutes.

Pro Tip: You can leave your hair to soak for longer if you have stubborn knots and tangles, but ensure that you do not exceed 8 minutes.

Please also rinse out your hair with cool water after getting the apple cider vinegar out to get rid of any build-up or residue. Then try rinsing twice, if necessary.


In this article i have explained How to detangle hair matted after taking out braids?

The process of detangling hair after braiding is not an easy one. It’s not just about the braids, it’s about the hair as well.

This is because some people have curly or kinky hair and it’s more difficult to manage when you take out the braids. For these people, a wide-tooth comb is a must-have tool in their kit.


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