What volume developer should I use to cover gray

What volume developer should I use to cover gray?

What volume developer should I use to cover gray? You should use 20 volume developer mixed with dye for coverage of gray hair.

When dyeing gray hair, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for the first time or you’ve been doing it for a long time.

It’s important to always use a 20 volume developer when you’re dyeing your hair in order to protect the rest of your hair.

All hair color kits in beauty stores and specialized hair care stores come with 20 volume developer, except the extra light blonde kits which come with 30 volume developer.

There are different level developers, for example 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 volume traders.

We recommend using the 20 volume one if your hair is more on the lighter side.

For two reasons:

  • Previously, the tone and texture of gray hair was less dense, which meant that you could use a stronger developer without compromising your hair. This is no longer the case.
  • And second, because you don’t need a high volume of developers

A developer’s job is to break the hair cuticle. Gray hairs do not contain pigment, they are colorless. You therefore do not need to use a higher volume developer.

Let me explain another way.

You can hide your gray hair by applying dye, but due to the lack of melanin, any dye that is applied will be expelled.

That’s why gray hair keeps coming back.

It is thought that as some dyes start to wear off after some time, people tend to notice their natural hair color more. This is usually around the same period of time where they will start to see their grays come through.

What can you do about it?

I think you should try not to let it get to you too much.

The more you worry about your gray hair, the more gray hairs you’ll grow.

If you dye the grays, they won’t be as noticeable. There are plenty of products available to make gray strands less noticeable.

You may be thinking of ways to get rid of these pests, but the truth is that it’s not easy.

Your goal should be to learn how to disguise them because you don’t even need to get rid of them.

Are you open to trying that? 

Read on and I’ll share a few (easy-to-use and affordable) tricks and strategies to help you with your grey hair.


The darker the color you dye your graying hair, the more often it will require touch-ups.

What color and developer should I use to cover gray? To hide your gray hairs, we recommend wearing dark colors on your hair.

You shouldn’t just cut your hair off when your roots grow in. Keep it trimmed regularly so that they’ll blend in.

However, if you dye your gray hair blonde or light blonde the contrast will make your gray roots stand out quickly.

If you dye your gray hair a lighter color, you might be able to touch-up the roots every 45 days or so.

If you were to dye your gray hair a darker color, you might need to touch it up every 20-25 days.

It’s perfectly understandable that you might need a unique time frame, or even one outside of the ones we offer.

You might need to touch up your color, if you notice any gray hairs shining through.

Another option is to apply highlights. This will not only cover up the gray hairs, but also brighten appearance

Highlights are created by dividing up small sections of hair to cover, then bleaching them.

Highlights can cover up your gray hair and also add volume to your hair if desired. They have the added benefit of taking away the plainness that comes from having one color.

The good news is, highlights only need to be maintained every 60 days. This means less trips to the salon.

The next step is to visit a salon to dye your hair a specific color. Keep in mind that not all color tones look good on everyone and it might be worth asking for professional assistance.

You might also dye your hair with a home kit from the comfort of your own home, as many women who choose to do this decide.

Whether you choose one option or the other, I have a piece of advice for you..


What brand of dye is best for gray hair?

Some brands and formulas of dye exist but there isn’t one that is right for everyone. It’s important to do your research and know what you want to achieve before getting any hair dye.

Here’s some more information that might come in handy.

All colors work on greying hair as an easy way to cover up the white color

Companies are trying to sell these special dyes by advertising them as the “one and only,” “made specifically for gray hair,” or “all new formula with silver color-fusing technology!” However, they are no better than other dyes in terms of their actual ability to transform your hair color. They’re just packaged differently.

While hair color can change over time, especially with gray hairs, it also has a downside – there are many chemicals in the dyes these days that aren’t tested on and aren’t good for your health.

They don’t contain ammonia.

Traditional dyes contain ammonia. Ammonia helps make your color last longer among other things that it does.

If the dye does not contain ammonia, it lasts less time.

By taking out the ammonia from hair dye, it will reduce its aggressiveness level in your hair.

But it’s also true that if your hair is dyed with a color that doesn’t contain ammonia, you’ll have to touch up your color every 15 days.

The decision is in your hands.

Do you want a dye that lasts up to six months or one that lasts less time? There are traditional and non-traditional formula dyes.

One way to get rid of gray hair is by using a permanent dye and a 20 volume developer that gives you the thickness of black hair.

You can buy it as a kit which will contain everything you need to color your hair, and even includes the developer.

There are many places to buy hair care products. On the other hand, you can also go to a salon and ask them for recommendations on what product might be best for your hair type.

The decision is in your hands.

What dye type do you want to use? There are different types that last less time or have more chemicals in them.

The best temporary dye for gray hair is one that contains 20 volumes of developer. This ensures a good level of darkness at the roots.

You can purchase hair dye kits that come with developer, as well as a color chart and instructions. The kits will help guide you through the process of dying your hair.

Or, you can buy everything individually at a hair salon.

L’Oréal’s Age Perfect line is a top choice for anyone who wants to dye their graying hair.

The kit comes with everything you need to dye your hair at home:

  • A 20 volume developer
  • Color in cream form
  • A conditioning/reparative treatment
  • A brush to apply the dye 

The L’Oréal line uses pigments that last longer, making it a good option for vibrant shades.

This is why it works, but not because it says on the box “formulated for mature, gray hair.”


Throughout this article, I’ve shared tips on what volume developer should you use to cover gray?

You now know that you should use 20 volume peroxide to hide gray hair.

Do you need help getting your gray hair colored?

Are you unsure about which color would best suit your gray hair & if perhaps it should be dyed?

Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible regarding what volume developer should you use to cover gray?


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