What volume developer is in box dye

What volume developer is in box dye? (Let’s find out)

The developer volume included in box dye can vary depending on the color you choose for your hair.

Dark hair dyes typically use a 20-volume developer. Light and extra light colors, on the other hand, use 30-volume developers.

Using high-viscosity color developers or those with a high pigment load can lead to permanent damage or breakage.

To my surprise, one of my clients asked me recently what volume developer is in box dye?

Why was I surprised?

I was happy to notice somebody was interested in learning about hair products!

I’m sure you probably have dyed your hair once or twice.

You might be thinking about what your hair looks like outside of the salon, but there’s something you don’t think about because it’s not right in front of you- the developer volumes of hair dyes.

Box dye developers have different volumes and come in different sets. This allows for greater control. It is also helpful to be able to identify them.

In terms of power, it would seem that the higher developer volumes are, the stronger they are.

Using a high power hair styling product means that you have a greater chance of damaging and even breaking your hair.

If you use developer for your hair coloring, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the amount of time it takes to be safe.

How does box dye developer work?

The function of the developer: To lift your cuticles so that you can color your hair to a desired shade.

In addition, developers have a very powerful lighting effect.

That’s when the box dye developer is used.

Let me use an example to help you the reader understand.

If you bleach your dark hair to a light shade, such as extra light blonde 10, the roots will still be noticeably darker than the rest of your hair.

Box dye manufacturers believed that it would be aggressive for hair to bleach the roots every month, so they launched box dyes with 30 or 40-volume developers.

Why Manufacturers use 30 or 40-volume developers with dark hair?

Deeply pigmented hair needs a strong oxidizer that can remove the dark color from your roots, leaving your roots even lighter.

The 30 or 40-volume developer has been proven to do that and work with blonde, blue, or greyish hair for an extra light shade.

High-lift hair dyes will lighten your blonde hair while leaving the brown tones in tact. This means that if your hair is already lighter than normal, they will not lighten it any more.

There are a lot of great reasons to use box colors. They can really make a difference in your final product, whether it’s a new hair color or just adding some subtle variation.

As long as you’re careful, looking out for the best deal with minimum damage is easy and well worth it when you consider all the risks associated with using box dyes.”

How do you know about the developer volumes it contains?

I am highlighting the dangers of box colorants again. The ingredients in these hair styling products are not always clear & must be read before use.

A list of ingredients is included for each colour in the box contents. Colour developer usually comes with a volume rating

Developer volumes are divided according to the color you choose, here’s a list of them:

Can you use regular developer with box dye?

Can you use regular developer with box dye? YES! You don’t have to mix your own hair dyes unless the one you’re using doesn’t come with it included.

Can i use 10 volume developer with box dye?

10 volume developer can create a level of lifting and grey coverage similar to 5 volume. It is good at leveling permanent color lines, but it doesn’t perform well in situations where you need colour covering the hairline.

20-Volume developer box hair dyes

To find out the colors being used in this example, take a look at the developer. With 20 volumes, it is dark to light shades of color.

  • Black 1
  • Brown 2
  • Dark brown 3
  • Brown 4
  • Medium or light brown 5
  • Dark blond 6
  • Blonde 7

So, many brands are using 20-volume developer for these shades because they don’t need much power.

Box dyes with a 30-volume developer

Some brands, such as Revlon and Koleston, enhance the look with 30-volume developer for lighter shades.

Other manufacturers use it in the very light and extra light shades:

  • Very light blonde 9
  • Extra light blonde platinum 10

If you need to apply any of them, there are some precautions that should be taken to avoid further risk.

I recommend that you apply these shades to your hair when it is not washed for 48 to 72 hours.

Box dyes with a 40-volume developer

This hair color can be achieved with specific lightening methods.

Box dyes that include a 40-volume developer can produce staining effects with a single drop.

You should be careful using this product because it can make your hair feel rough or damaged if you don’t follow the instructions.

This is an example of the functionality of color numbers. Most hair colors are given their lightening levels, designated by a number. Light colors start with 1 and go up to 10 while super-lightening starts with 11 and 12.

These shades often have the effect of lightening hair in the unnaturally harsh, unnatural way. The results are often not as desirable as other methods of coloring & styling hair.

It is best to use products that are specifically designed for bleached blonde or chemically treated blonde hair.

Should i use 10 volume or 20 volume developer?

Not all hairstylists are created equal. Different hair stylists might use different products for different levels of coverage.

You’ll want to ask your stylist what type of product would work best for you. If you have grey hair, the 20 volume developer is ideal for the level of coverage they provide. A 10 volume developer is usually used to deposit color onto your hair more

What happens if you use 20 volume developer instead of 10?

The 20 volume developer is a peeler thought to be similar in use to 10 volume. It can lift hair by one-two levels, which the 10 volume did not.

Here, if you’re hoping to cover 100% or even more gray hair, one of the top developers to use is 20 volume developer. This is because this developer can cover a lot of hair with a very long-lasting color.”


You’ll want to use a 20-volume developer when you dye your hair with a permanent color. You may need more of the product depending on how deep your color is due to the chemicals in dye.

Dark hair colors don’t need as much power as other colors, so the developer in the box kit will only use 20-volume.

Alternatively, if you choose to have blonde highlights, the developer in the dye box may be 30 or 40 volumes.


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