Gold Box Braids On Dark Skin

Gold Box Braids On Dark Skin

Over the years, Gold Box Braids On Dark Skin have really been popular not only among the African-American women, but also celebrities on the red carpet to the hot models on Instagram. 

Since the celebrities inspire us so much to opt for a new hairstyle, I’d like to mention Beyonce, Brandy, Lilly Singh, Ruth Negga, Mel B, Kat Graham, Ciara, Jordin Sparks, Keke Palmer, Alicia Keys, etc.

Who have rocked the Gold Box Braids On Dark Skin sometime over the years. As we have got some celebrity-inspirations, now we can jump into the sexy styles that our gallery has to offer.

There’s no end to the list of beautiful hair colors for dark skin. Women of color can carry off bold, bright hues without a second thought.

From warm golden brown to icy blue, nothing is off limits. Your hair is the one thing you can play around with because it always grows back, so why not experiment with a variety of colors?

Show off your flawless skin to its best advantage. Complement it with a new hue for your hair.

6 Hairstyles You Can Try With Gold Braids

  • Braids with straight hair. It is a good hairstyle that will help to individualize everyday style. If a girl colors plaits in grey this will perfectly harmonize with a dark skin color. This combination will look impressive. Grey is a fine tone. It’ll go well with all types of clothing.
  • Braids with a unique pattern. There are many types of braids. There are classic or French ones. What plait you choose is a females’ own choice. Some patterns look tenderly. Others are fine to wear even during office days. The choice depends on a female.
  • Braids with a ponytail. A ponytail is a fine hairstyle idea you can always try. It will look stylish to get many plaits and a ponytail on the top. This will create a very modern look.
  • Braids in knots. It is a very stylish and great hair idea. You can get the braids twisted in knots. Such a way of hair making will impress by its complexity. It will be a perfect hairdo for people who love fashion.
  • Braids put in a bun. It is another fine way of putting braids together. A bun can be a good choice for working women. This hairdo looks very accurately. A female who gets such a hairdo will always love to wear it.
  • Gold braids with colorful stripes. It is another type of a unique hairdo. If a girl likes to create lively looks, putting some strips into hair is always a fine idea. It is fine to intertwine that strips that will harmonize with color of clothes.

10 Best Gold Box Braids On Darker Skin Tones Hairstyle

if you’ve been waiting for the right time to get the protective hairstyle of your dreams, we’re about to drop 10 inspo-worthy reasons that there’s no better time than this very moment to give your hair some much-needed love.

Ahead, we rounded up the prettiest (and attainable!) Gold Box Braids On Dark Skin styles taking over our Instagram feeds right now, including a blunt, middle-parted lob and a sky-high bun with gold cuffs.

But be warned: Settling on just *one* way to style your braids will be fairly impossible.

Frozen Colors Gold Box Braids

Not only a runway model, but also you can rock these icy cold strands on your long, Gold Box Braids. This hairdo is simply amazing and nevertheless manageable too. Try out the frozen colors for a change and let it surprise you.

Gold Box Braids Into A Pony

Gold Box Braids Into A Pony

Here, in this hairstyle, the Gold Box Braids are tied up into a high ponytail. It is a very easy going hairstyle that you can do no matter what. This hairstyle is simple yet totally doable anytime, any day.

High Up Gold Box Braids

I can’t believe my eyes right now! This look is absolutely classy, ain’t it? The pencil-thin box braids with half-shaved sides create the most unique look ever. use Gold Box Braids to get the exact vibe.

Gold Box Braids Simple Look

Gold Box Braids Simple Look

If you’re just browsing the gallery for a simple and everyday look, then you gotta try out this Gold Box Braids hairstyle. It is easy and anyone can carry it with utmost comfort.

Fishtail Gold Box Braids

We gotta love the perfect transformation of old and regular box braid into a fishtail Gold Box Braids. The frontal stylish braids are becoming pretty popular these days. And for a stylish flair, you can always be playful with the colors.

Gold Box Braids On The Hair

If you’r willing to change the hair dimension this year, then try coloring your hair some Gold Box Braids. Not only is this hue classy, but also it can be pulled off by any skin type. The Gold Braids go hand in hand with the box braids, that’s for sure.

Ponytail Gold Box Braids

Ponytail has always been there for us no matter the occasion, no matter the place. You can opt for a sleek high ponytail for your Gold Box Braids.

Braid Threads with Gold Braids

Adding golden threads to the Gold Box Braids have become pretty trending element of decoration. Try out the threads to style your gorgeous hair.

Triangle Gold Braids

Triangle Gold Braids

The star-shaped partition looks so beautiful on the Gold Box Braids. This look is absolutely gorgeous.

Tiger Prints Gold Braids

The mix of golden brown and black extensions preferably look like a tiger’s skin print. This mix and match of colors seem to be very classy and alluring.


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