i washed my hair 24 hours after a perm

i washed my hair 24 hours after perm

If you washed your hair 24 hours after the perm (or styling process), it’s possible that some or all of the curls have been lost – or, in another scenario, the application of heat and chemicals may have created a lot of frizz.

Whether you keep your curls after washing your hair will depend on your hair type, how you washed it, and the curlers you chose for your hair.

With a bit of luck, you still have time to get your permed curls back by following some tips I’ll give you here.

There are many things you can try to maximize and minimize the damage done after this appointment, as long as you act quickly and efficiently…

You might have tried to go back home and undo that perm, but it’s no longer possible due to the damage that was taken

Did you wash your perm 24 hours after getting it done?

Oops… that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

It’s best to take it slow, though.

As many say out there:  “what’s done is done”. You can’t turn back time. 

If you washed your hair 24 hours after perm, two things happened to your hair.

It is important to ensure that both things are handled in a well-coordinated manner to avoid any potential issues.

Your perm may react differently to the wash due to other considerations issues.

  • For example, what shampoo did you use, and how did you wash your hair?
  • What type of curl perm did you get at the salon?
  • What kind of hair type do you have?


If you shampoo your hair gently with a sulfate-free shampoo for permed or dyed hair, it is less likely to be damaged.

At the same time, you can use products based on natural ingredients that are more gentle. If you’re looking for something without harsh chemicals and PPDs, spending some time rinsing it thoroughly with regular shampoo should do the trick.

However, it also depends on the type of curl you’ve permed, as we’ll see now.


Sometimes a perm can get ragged or lose its shape after washing, especially if you didn’t choose the right curls. Their shrink-ability varies and depends on the curl type.

Curls depend on the type of perm that’s being used. There can be many types– they all attain a different look and usually only work best for certain hair textures.

For example, afro-style curls are usually tight. Other curls are in-between, and others are more relaxed, such as beach waves which are becoming very popular right now.

Also,  each perm curl type can react differently to washing. 

If your perm is a little tight or uneven, washing it may help. It might not completely reset the curls, but it will definitely make them less stiff.

This means that, with a little luck, you may be in time to save your perm.

On the other hand, if you go for a beach wave perm, your curls may stretch it out quite a bit.

If you end up losing your perm, then there is no way to get it back. You would have to go back to the salon and talk to your stylist.

However, as I said before, what happens to your perm after you wash it in 24 hours also depends on your hair type. That’s what I’m going to discuss with you later.


When I mentioned two possible scenarios when you started reading this article, did you know that one of them was about two hypothetical situations?

One of the possible scenarios is that you had not washed your hair before going outside. Your perm may not have been stretched or undone after you washed it, but instead, it gained a lot of frizz without having a chance to air dry all the way.

And that’s a problem because it’ll take you a long time to get it back under control.

You may need to devote some time and money to style your textured hair, but the effort will be valuable.

Hopefully, with a well-thought-out care plan, you’ll be able to tame those curly locks again.

Having thick hair is not the same as having fine hair.

Fine hair is more prone to frizz than other hair types.

Fine hair is more prone to damage, becoming frizzy, and often going unnoticed as it’s not thick.

When your stylist permed your hair, they probably explained how their process changed its shape.

Stylist recommend that you don’t wash your hair too soon, the chemicals don’t end up settling in to maintain that shape.

If you’ve washed your hair too early, some of the chemicals might not have dried and instead settled unevenly in certain areas.

And so, your permed curls have lost their shape and gained frizz.

Thick hair is likely to be frizz-free and looks healthier. Your hair also takes a long time to set with the chemicals.

When washing your hair, it may appear to have lost its curl shape. If so, you will need to visit your stylist again.

Before the end of this article I wanted to tell you about an effective way to wash your hair and get your curls back in shape.

It’s a helpful solution but not a miracle one.


Try co-washing your hair for a few days before giving up on your perm.

What is it?

It’s a method to wash your hair without using shampoo.

Only a special conditioner is used for co-washing. This way, you’ll be able to restore moisture and curl shape.

It’ll also be the best way to make sure your perm abandoned you.

If the co-wash with your hair care product doesn’t work, it could mean you’ll have to return to the salon for a new perm.


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