I Dyed My Hair 2 Weeks Ago Can I Perm it

I Dyed My Hair 2 Weeks Ago Can i Perm it?

I dyed my hair 2 weeks ago can i perm it? So your hair looks like a crime scene that’s been left out in the sun and doesn’t know what it has done.

Then, don’t worry because color rehab is possible. You can have a new color after just two weeks of time.

In the meanwhile, your hair dye will have fully absorbed. So, when you are perm your hair, you shouldn’t expect the color to change

If you perm your hair without waiting at least 15 days after coloring your hair, this causes the dye pigments to fade. This is less serious than other effects but it can still damage your hair and make it dry.

Why do you need to wait two weeks to perm after coloring your hair?

Because your hair needs it!

Why does it need it?

You should avoid coloring your hair right after chemical processing if you want it to last. Give it time to rest between washes and color so that it doesn’t get weaker in the future.

  • You should wait more than 15 days after a hair color or perm to keep your hair hydrated. Longer periods of time mean that you need less maintenance and have less risk of breakage.
  • You’re probably wondering how long hair dyes last and why perm liquids fade them. There’s two different explanations for this:

1) If you wait too long to wash your hair, the hair dye pigments will fade a bit

2)At the end of the day, you’ll have wasted time and money.

While these two reasons can always be good ones to convince someone not to do a certain thing, I think the priority is the health of the hair.

It all leads to the same path, whether you’re doing it for money, time, or your hair health.

You should always wait at least fifteen days to perm newly colored hair.

Perms are a hair treatment that helps to curl the hair and add volume where they stay in place. They can come in many shapes, from beach waves to ringlets.

The process takes two parts: wrapping the hair around rollers and applying the chemical treatment. Although this can take several hours, the results are worth it if done correctly.

Perms require a chemical that relaxes the hair fiber to allow them to be shaped according to the customer’s desire.

The ingredients inside are a key solution for conditioning and smoothing hair to reduce frizz, create more volume and preserves color.

But if you dye your hair, it will eventually fade and change color to a standard that it needs for the sun and different dyes, chemicals and routes of application.

If you want to keep your hair strong & healthy, you need to wait 2 weeks before rinsing & shortening it.

In addition, recent research shows that perming can cause the color on your hair to fade. The most common substance used in the neutralizer of temporary color is hydrogen peroxide. It’s often found in permanent color formulas.

So, you should wait a fortnight to perm your hair after coloring it. Otherwise, the peroxide used in the curling process will penetrate the hair cuticle and break down the color molecules of the hair dye, and then, bye-bye color!

It’s best to let the pigments in your hair dye become fully coated with your hair strands before trying to perm them.

It’s important to give your hair time to rest after applying color, and perming your hair beforehand is a way of protecting those pigments.

Should you wait at least fifteen days before you perm your hair after applying color?

You decide I’m waiting on your answer, if it is yes then you have made a great decision.

I know it was a difficult decision, but it will be worth the time and effort (and you’ll have healthy hair in the long run).

I still have one more suggestion for you.

If possible, choose a salon that perms color-treated hair

Although keratin treatments are a bit more expensive, they are the most recommended for color-treated hair.

They provide incredible strength and volume for longer-lasting results.The liquids used are usually milder and ensure the results you want: to see your hair curly.

For color-treated hair, perm formulas allow you to choose between waves which are less defined or curls that better suit your hair.

In the process of bleaching your hair for a color change, the wait might vary. It can take anywhere from 20 days to six months depending on how fast your color returns to normal.

Whether you wait 15 or 20 days after coloring your hair to perm it, you should moisturize your “hair” in the meantime so that it can withstand a new chemical procedure.

You’ll need to make a plan.

Plan for preparing recently colored hair for perming

Trim the ends.

I advise you to trim the ends of your hair, which will be colored the first few days after coloring.

Don’t worry, it’ll only be around three centimeters. 

Even a few centimeters of split ends can cause your hair to lose its health. Split ends are ugly, but they’re also bad for your hair health.

Seven days after coloring, do an intensive moisturizing treatment.

For best results, use a sulfate- and paraben-free hair mask. These can be more affordable and are also great for your hair health. They definitely do not affect the color of your hair.

Don’t use a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron.

I know you can’t wait to get your hair curled, but there’re only fifteen days left before you can perm it

Don’t use the curling iron for the time being. Don’t use a flat iron either. If possible, let your hair air dry.

Heat tools cause the water molecules inside the hair to evaporate, which causes frizz and dryness.


Throughout this article, I have discussed if you dyed your hair two weeks ago, can you perm it?

No professional will tell you you should perm damaged hair. In this case, follow your salon’s guidance on how to care for your hair while waiting the indicated time after coloring it.

This way, you can show off your favorite color in enviable curls.


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