I brushed my hair after a perm
I brushed my hair after a perm

I brushed my hair after a perm?

One of the most common questions that women who have just got their hair done ask is what to do if i brushed my hair after getting a perm.

This article will answer this question, and provide tips on how to avoid this issue in the future.

The first thing to remember is that brushing your hair after getting a perm can cause the curls to fall out. If you are not careful, brushing can also cause tangles and breakage in the hair.

One way to avoid these issues is by using a wide-toothed comb before brushing your hair with a regular brush or comb. Another option is by using an anti-breakage serum before drying or styling your hair.

If you brush your hair after a perm with a pneumatic brush, it’ll end up breaking the perm. But stay tuned because my tips to save your perm may come in handy for you.

If you’ve done any of the above on your soft, loose waves, take action to prevent them from ruining. Stay and read my recommendations!

Have you ever brushed your hair after a perm?

It sounds like a bad thing, but it could be the best thing that ever happened. Let’s hope for the best!

Several things can affect the longevity of your perm after brushing.

1- Whether you brush your hair wet or dry.

2- The type of hair-brush or comb you use.

3- The type of curl shape you choose.

In other words, don’t panic yet! 

You might want to read this if you ever over-brush your perm and want to know how to save it:

Would you like to hear about my own experience brushing my perm and how I fixed it?


People brush their hair in different ways, depending on how it is done with wet or dry hair, gently or roughly, and whether it is combed with a comb or brushed.

Brushing a perm with a pneumatic brush will quickly ruin your hair.

Pneumatic brushes are not suited for hair and should not be used by females intending to get a perm because the force of the brush might damage the hair and make it frizzy, while also ruining the shape and duration of the perm.

Still, that’s not all! It can still get worse.

If you want to comb your dry hair, using a pneumatic brush might be the absolute worst way to start. It can really affect your perm.

I’m sure you didn’t have this information. And you may not notice it right now, but as soon as you wash your hair, the perm could get relaxed and frizzy.

Brushing your perm means relaxing your waves even more.

Perms are irreversible so if you go back to your natural hair it may not look as good as before.


A few years ago, I got a perm. Believe me, I brushed it out too. When I first saw myself with wavy hair, I felt so strange… I tried to stretch the curls that had been done by myself.

At the same time, I have fine, straight hair which can make it even more difficult.

After brushing, my hair would return to the wavy perm shape. Luckily, I found products for this hair type that helped me maintain it.

Between brushing and scrunching my hair each day, I was able to keep the shape of my perm throughout the week.

I must admit that although my perm didn’t hold its shape very long, it lasted for a while.

This doesn’t mean the same thing will happen to you. If your hair is on the thicker side, there’s more chance you’ll avoid this.

When your curls are loose, they’re more likely to be ruined. This is especially true after using a brush on them – the motion of brushing can tangle & break lost or fragile pieces.

Tip: Curly hair needs to be looked after to maintain its shape and texture, and should NEVER be washed with products containing sulfates. Use products that hydrate and nourish it instead.

It takes a lot of skill to keep your hair permed.


In many cases, a tight perm can be saved. In order to find out, make sure your perm hasn’t been brushed since it went through the process.

Yes, you can still do something to save your perm. The first thing to do is to apply a deep moisturizer in order to keep your hair in good shape.”

Perming curls is a great way to experiment with different styles. But you’ll want to make sure they stay intact by moisturizing regularly.

A curly perm should be treated the same as a natural curl but more carefully. This will help to prolong the time your perm lasts.


  • Avoid using cream products to style your curls.
  • Consider scrunching. This beauty basic mimics squeezing the hair and waving it will be your best ally when it comes to drying your hair naturally. Aim to do it daily when you’ve washed wet hair.
  • You can use your fingers or a comb to make your hair more groomed. Avoid using a brush because it can cause static electricity.
  • Comb your hair when it’s wet. This will avoid breakage.

I recommend you save your perm with these tips. You won’t lose anything

Have you combed your perm with a wide tooth comb and dry hair?

If you use a styling cream or curl activator after each wash, your perm will stay in good condition and your chances of ruining it are slim.


In this article, I have shown you how you could ruin your perm by brushing it dry and with the wrong brush.

If you moisturize your hair regularly and use the right styling products, you should be able to get your perm back.

For a perm to be ruined, you would need a relaxed frizzy wave style. However, this requires regular upkeep and attention to keep it from going out of shape.

If your curls are lose or lose their shape easily then you may be looking for a moisturizing product. Moisturizing products are effective in rehydrating dry hair and giving your curls more bounce.


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