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Best Brush for Relaxed Hair (My Top 5 Picks)

The best brush for relaxed hair are different from the ones that are used for curly hair. If you have straight hair, you will need a brush with medium-sized bristles and a round head. If you have curly or wavy hair, you will need a brush with shorter bristles and an oval head.

My top picks on the best brushes for relaxed hair are:

1) Mason Pearson Sensitive Boar Bristles Brush

2) Spornette DeVille 100% Boar Bristle Oval Cushion Brush

3) Glide Thru Detangling Brush for Ultimate Results by Crave Naturals

4) Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush

5) Denman D81L Large Hair Brush For Relaxed Hair

To find out which hairbrush will work best with your particular type of hair, first consider what kind of style you have. If you have relaxed fine hair, then a paddle brush such as the Mason Pearson Hair Brush would be perfect for you.

Can you brush relaxed hair?

Yes, you can brush your relaxed hair. It is not recommended to do this with a standard brush because it will pull the hair out of its natural state and cause damage. Using a boar bristle or nylon bristled brush is recommended.

Is boar bristle brush good for relaxed hair?

Boar bristles are great for people with relaxed hair because they help to remove excess oils from the scalp.

Boar bristle brush is a type of hair brush that is made from boar bristles, which are very stiff and coarse. Boar bristle brushes are used to remove excess oils and impurities from the scalp.

They also stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which helps to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

The best type of boar bristle brush for your relaxed hair is a boar bristle paddle brush, which has long bristles that can reach all parts of your head.

How can I make my relaxed hair fluffy?

Relaxed hairstyles are a must-have for summer. However, the problem with these hairstyles is that they don’t hold their shape or volume. The best way to make your hair look voluminous and fluffy is to use a diffuser.

What should I do after relaxing my hair?

After a day of relaxing your hair, you might want to take a shower to cleanse the oils left in your hair. But you should also consider what type of products you should use after relaxing your hair.

Many people are not aware that they should use products with natural ingredients after they have relaxed their hair, like coconut oil or argan oil. These oils can help maintain healthy hair and prevent frizz.

How do you stop relaxed hair from breaking?

Relaxed hair is a style that has been popular in recent years. It is characterized by waves, curls and waves of long hair. However, this style comes with its own challenges – namely, breakage.

To prevent your relaxed hair from breaking, you need to use a conditioner that is meant for all types of hair types. You can also use heat protectant sprays and creams which are designed for relaxed hair specifically.

Best Brush for Relaxed Hair (My Top 5 Picks)

If your hair is thick and coarse, relaxing it can be an easy way to get rid of the frizz & manageability. But you shouldn’t have open-hearth straightening to do that because permanent damage can occur.

Just because you have relaxed hair, it doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain its quality. On the contrary; some people have great results with natural hair care products.

Having your hair processed is a big decision, and it can be difficult to find the right answer. One of the most common questions people ask about their experience is whether brushing their hair after undergoing a chemical service is helpful or not.

If you’ve had your hair processed for the first time, it’s difficult to know how long until you should brush it again.

Yes you can use a hairbrush no problem, there are actually many benefits to using one. However, the type of brush you use have an effect on your hair, so it’s important to know what kind will be best for you

To help you choose the best brushes for your relaxed hair texture, here are five of the best options available on the market today:

1. Mason Pearson Sensitive Boar Bristles Brush

This brush is considered the gold standard in the industry. It is handmade with 100% natural boar bristles that feel like silk on your hair, making it ideal for all types of hair types.

When you decide to play it safe, you have to be careful when choosing hairstyling tools, because they are known to damage your hair.

You need to use a brush that can stimulate the scalp natural production of oils, leading to shiny and smooth hair. You’ll also have less need for chemical hair products.

Mason Pearson has perfected the art of boar bristle brushes and uses various methods to help distribute natural oils throughout your hair from root to tip.

You can exfoliate the scalp with the right tools, to stimulate the circulation of your hair follicles. They’re easy to use & comfortable, don’t pull or stretch your strands of relaxed hair and they’re ideal for anyone who has trouble styling their hair regularly.

Many people wonder whether this product is worth the high price tag. However, you do get what you are paying for- an outstanding performance that lasts for a long time.

2. Spornette DeVille 100% Boar Bristle Oval Cushion Brush

Another extremely well-made brush, this product uses boar bristles to reach hair’s natural oils at their roots & ends. The bristles are also durable and work efficiently to bring your hair’s natural oils all over its length.

This brush will feel even softer and more comfortable on your hair than it already is. The bristles will bring back a feeling of peace & well-being as they massage your scalp & hairline.

This brush helps untangle your hair without hurting it. It also cleanses and treats your hair in the process, which equals shinier hair!

Just like the Mason Pearson hair brush, This brush will give your hairs that much coveted shine, eliminating the need to apply harsh products on them

This hair brush is made from quality hardwood that’s so durable that it will last you long after use. It leaves your hair smooth and sleek, and it’s perfect to use for blow drying loose ends.

There are a few disadvantages of the brush – it can occasionally produce static, but you don’t have to worry about that since your hair is already relaxed.

3. Glide Thru Detangling Brush for Ultimate Results by Crave Naturals

People have been talking about this hair brush because of its high quality and unbeatable price. It has longer fibers that don’t split like cotton or cause friction when they enter the scalp. The Glide Thru helps to soften the hair and prevent breakage too.

The innovative design allows it to untangle knots with minimal pain and efficiency. It also prevents excessive pulling of hair, which can result in breakage or damage even after a day’s worth of styling.

The Cone-shaped plastic bristles on this new brush gently separate your hair from its roots and push out all the toughest knots & tangles. It also helps stimulate blood circulation & massage your scalp for healthier hair.

This brush can also exfoliate the scalp and encourage healthy growth. Prolong use of the brush will help maintain a healthy, shiny scalp for you.

That’s the one downside of this device: it only works with dry hair. There are a few other things you need to take note of first before buying this model though.

4. Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush

A lot of people like to buy brushes and other tools for their hair that are specifically made for relaxed or chemically treated hair. This brush is one you should definitely look into because it will provide the softness your hair has always needed.

The patented, flex bristles of the Macadamia no tangle brush allow for gentle detangling and shine. It also protects your hair from damaging treatments and breakage, which means you’ll never have to worry about looking bad again. After all, that’s a huge stress relief for every woman!

People who have trouble keeping their hair healthy are always looking for a solution that is suitable for chemically-treated and fragile hair. Brushes like these provide a lot of value while flattering the natural beauty of your locks.

This would have been a perfect value-for-money brush for relaxed hair if the handle was bigger. It would’ve been so much more comfortable and easier to use.

5. Denman D81L Large Hair Brush For Relaxed Hair

The Denman D81L Large Hair Brush For Relaxed Hair is a great option for people who have frizzy hair. It is made of very soft bristles and is made up of a durable, natural boar bristle.

The Denman D81L Large Hair Brush For Relaxed Hair features a densely packed head that provides deep, even contact with the scalp while preventing irritating friction between the bristles and scalp.

The brush is also heat resistant to make sure it can be used on all hair types, including color-treated hair.


If your hair has been chemically treated, you should use a boar bristle brush to help break up tangles. This will also provide extra ease on your regular routine and promote the health of it.

These soft, flexible bristles give you smoothness without roughly pulling at hair. Not only will your natural oils be distributed to your hair well, but the shine that comes from these bristles will give it an extra boost.


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