How long should i wait before texturizing my hair again

The Ultimate Guide On Texturizing Hair

How long should i wait before texturizing my hair again? if we take a look at the big picture, hair texturizer is good for your hair as it makes it easier to manage, but it may cause also some problems. So you need to take it out of your head that you don’t use any more chemicals on your hair- as a hair texturizer is not quite natural.

In order to be efficient, a hair texturizer has to contain chemicals just like hair relaxers. Some think a hair texturizer is safer to use, but it’s only because it doesn’t stay long on your hair, and because it’s natural.

Hair texturizers give the best results on the shorter hair and they don’t work that good on the long hair. Even for the hair-stylist, getting good results with a hair texturizer on a longer hair might be quite a challenge. The situation might end up with areas with completely straightened out strands of hair and…full curls in other areas.

Choosing a hair texturizer is not that easy as it might seem and you need to really pay attention to the ingredients in order to keep your healthy at the same time.

Some hair texturizers come with a neutralizing shampoo and this is a good choice as the shampoo stops the chemical process right after your washed the texturizer.

Look for hair texturizers with enriching emollients that keep under control the porosity of your hair. Jojoba oil, shea butter, olive oil-are some of this type of ingredients. Even though some products are labeled as natural, this might not be entirely true so learn to read…between the lines.

Try to stay away from the texturizers that have no active ingredients to loosen your curls. Not only they give temporary results, but they also might give bad reactions to your hair.

How long should i wait before texturizing my hair again?

First of all, with any chemical process the chemicals should be applied to the coarsest or toughest hairs first.  Some people have coarse hair in the middle, some have it at the nape, some even have this at the front edges or sides.  We are all different.

That said, there’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to deciding how long should i wait before texturizing my hair again?, which is why I called up a few hairstylists for their expert opinions (namely, how texturizers work, how long they last, and whether or not they’re damaging). Keep scrolling for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about texturizers, plus all the hair products you’ll want to have on hand for the best experience possible.

I texturise my hair every 12 – 13 weeks, but this is my personal choice and may be a little extreme for some.

6 – 8 weeks is good for many people as there is enough new growth to work with at this point.

So, for your hair Glimmity, I would start at the back first and then work your way to the front.  That way the hair will get processed all at the same time as the chemical would stay on the front for a shorter length of time than the back.

I hope this is clear.

What is a texturizer?

Texturizers are quick chemical treatments that loosen your curl pattern (read: not a treatment that will add even more texture to your curls). Unlike a relaxer, which straightens your hair, a texturizer is a chemical process that smooths and de-frizzes your hair while maintaining some of your natural curls.

texturizers are left on for as little as five minutes. “The purpose of a texturizer is to slightly loosen your curl pattern instead of making it completely straight.

The biggest misconception with texturizers is that they’ll give you loose curls, but they actually just loosen the natural pattern you already have.

Can you texturize hair twice?

You should only leave a texturizer on the hair for about five to 10 minutes don’t do this twice. This allows the chemicals to loosen the curl. The effects of the texturizer last permanently, but you’ll have to treat your hair’s new growth to loosen incoming curls as your hair grows.

How To Take Care Of Texturized Hair?

  1. Use products that suit your hair after texturizing.
  2. Sleep with a silk scarf wrapped around your head.
  3. It is important to wet your hair daily.
  4. Use a shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist at least four times a week.
  5. Avoid using brushes and go for a wide-toothed comb.
  6. Stay away from heat styling products.

Do texturizers damage your hair?

A texturizer is a processing cream designed to help loosen tightly coiled hair. Those powerful chemicals can cause breakage, scalp damage, or hair loss, but in all fairness you do not need chemicals to cause those types of damages. Most texturizer products include a few key ingredients to help condition and restore the hair. Your hair will definitely need some TLC after a texturizer to keep it healthy.

Is texturized hair still natural?

Texturizer Is Not Natural Although some texturized hair looks as if it could be natural because it retains a curl pattern—although looser than your natural one—it’s still achieved with texture-altering chemicals.

How often should you wash texturized hair?

Shampoo your hair three to four times a week with a volumizing shampoo. Shampooing texturized hair daily can lead to dry, brittle hair. Instead, texturized hair should be shampooed a maximum of four times per week. Apply a deep conditioner to your hair twice a week.

How long do texturizers last?

Get a touch up texturizer as needed, whenever you notice your curl pattern isn’t as relaxed as you‘d like it to be. Make an appointment with your stylist; although there are at-home texturizer kits, don’t risk applying it incorrectly. You don’t need to get a touch up every six to eight weeks like a relaxer.

What happens if you leave a texturizer in too long?

If the texturizer is left on too long, it may straighten the hair as opposed to just loosening curls. A texturizer is a mild relaxer that loosens curl patterns in hair. The result is loose waves rather than tightly coiled spirals.

Is a texturizer safer than a relaxer?

Texturizers are particularly tricky. They can be packaged differently and offer various claims – i.e., they’re “healthier” or “better” for your hair than traditional relaxers – but read the ingredient labels. You’ll find that most contain sodium or calcium hydroxide, just like a relaxer.

Does texturizer stop hair growth?

A big misconception about texturizers is that once you put one in your hair, it stops your hair growth. Your hair will always continue to grow and a texturizer will not stop that. If your hair does stop growing, it’s for other reasons, not the texturizer.


How long should i wait before texturizing my hair again?. A texturizer is a relatively quick way to achieve frizz-free curls, with a pretty chill upkeep since touchups are only needed every two to three months. The only issue: Texturizers are still chemical treatments that can cause breakage if they aren’t applied correctly or cared for after. Since it’s a permanent process, the only way to get rid of texturized hair is to start fresh and chop it all off. Personally, I’m not ready to relive the big chop again, so I’ll continue to wear my natural hair in protective styles until further notice.

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