Dabur vatika coconut hair oil vs Parachute
Dabur vatika coconut hair oil vs Parachute

Dabur vatika coconut hair oil vs Parachute

Dabur vatika coconut hair oil and Parachute are both popular hair oils on the market, but they have different formulations and ingredients. In this article, I will compare Dabur vatika coconut hair oil vs Parachute and discuss how they differ from each other.

In the beginning of this article, I will give a brief introduction to each product and then proceed to the analysis part where I will be comparing their formulation, ingredients, etc.

The conclusion section will give you a quick idea about which one is better for your hair type.

Parachute hair oil review

It’s not uncommon to develop dry and stiff hair during the onset of the chilly winter season. Without the essential oils required to make them prosper, they become dry and brittle.

Do you find that your hair gets drier and duller with cold weather, especially in the winter? Parachute Coconut Oil cleanses and restores natural oil to your hair.

Parachute Coconut Hair Oil is the nation’s favorite coconut hair oil. The product is also the first hair product that people may pick up while they’re shopping in a department store.

Color and texture of the Parachute hair oil

The oil is transparent, has a smooth texture, & smells light and clean.


The liquid in a Persian blue plastic bottle has a tight sealed point. The label is not very classy, but the liquid inside is good.

My Experience

I know that living in a hot place can cause a number of problems for the body. The sun can cause my hair volume to decrease and affects my skin. Parachute’s coconut oil is made from 100% pure coconuts, which is the highest quality.

I tried this to see if it would make my hair healthier. It did not only help with hair health but it helped with skin as well.

Coconut oil is a rich source of Vitamin E, which other healthy fats that improve the skin’s moisture balance, making them more nourished. It also has calming properties, so coconut oil can help you relax.

How to use Parachute hair oil

To avoid an oily mess from Parachute Coconut Hair Oil, we recommend wearing old clothes that can be thrown away and a towel near you. Next, get a bowl and measure the right amount of coconut hair oil to be applied to your hair and scalp (depending on the thickness and length of your hair).

Method 1

  1. Rub oil on your palms
  2. Put your fingers on either side of the top of your head, making a V shape.
  3. Slowly massage your scalp with the oil. Take more if needed.

Note: Apply slowly to avoid straining your hair roots.

  1. You should cover the ends of your hair with oil to avoid split ends. Apply oil from the root to the tip of your hair, focusing on the ends and make sure that you don’t miss any area.
  2. Leave your hair open for at least an hour
  3. Wash your hair with shampoo and water.Note- Hot water may increase hair loss.

Method 2

  1. Pour some Parachute oil into a cup and heat it mildly
  2. Apply the oil generously on your scalp and the tips
  3. Let your hair sit for an hour before being washed, preferably in cool water

For best results, follow any of the methods thrice a week.

Suggestion– I’d suggest to oil the hair and leave it overnight for quicker results.

Pros of using Parachute hair oil

  1. Promotes hair growth
  2. Conditions your hair
  3. Controls hair loss
  4. Helps dry skin
  5. Smoothens the skin.
  6. Both men and woman can use it
  7. Reduces body heat
  8. The oil is edible

Cons of using Parachute hair oil

  1. Makes your hand feel oily
  2. Makes the hair look oily and sticky
  3. Consumption of excess oil leads to diarrhea
  4. Hair will feel damp if not washed properly
  5. Carrying the bottle is not travel-friendly

Benefits of the Parachute hair oil

Parachute is a brand that has been popular in the market since the year 2007. It has always been known as a leading hair oil company with its high quality ingredients and the best packaging in the industry.

What must be emphasized is that this hair oil is not only effective, but it also smells great. There are many reasons why people choose to use this brand of oils, these include:

  • Coconut Oil as a Conditioner

Coconut oil is popular all over the world for its deep conditioning properties. Applying coconut oil to one’s hair not only helps in deep conditioning, but also builds one’s hair stronger, thicker, shinier, and healthier, owing to its high Vitamin E content that nourishes one’s hair, making it silky, soft, and smooth. Coconut hair oil is also known for its anti-dandruff action on the scalp; reducing dandruff and making your hair softer in one go!

  • Coconut Oil as an Exfoliant

Coconut oil helps in exfoliating dry skin cells and accelerating the removal of dead skin cells. Say goodbye to the potentially-acidic action of TCA Peels and adopt a more natural, chemical-free cleansing and exfoliating action on your skin, making it softer and keeping it fresher. Coconut oil can be applied to the skin as a face scrub for its incredible cleansing action and its natural beautifying properties.

  • Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

The versatility of coconut oil enables it to double as a conditioner and a body lotion. It can moisturize skin with great finesse. This gentle oil is capable of moisturizing and hydrating your skin, replacing any body lotion in the process and leaving you with a gentle, soft skin in the unforgiving winter environment.

  • Coconut Oil as a Lip Balm

Not only can coconut oil be used to help moisturize and hydrate lips in colder seasons, but it can also prolong lipstick wear-time. That helps prolong the effective use of your lipstick while reducing the chance of discoloration.

  • Coconut Oil to Aid Shaving

Coconut oil is a great way to help prevent razor burns and give you a smooth shave. It can also be used as a pre-shave oil to help reduce the razor drag. So whether your legs are shaving dry or uneven; apply some coconut oil to them before you begin shaving.

  • Coconut Oil to Remove Makeup

Makeup removers usually contain chemicals that can harm your skin while removing makeup. Coconut oil, however, has a tendency to help remove your makeup while exfoliating and cleansing your skin from dust, dirt, and other impurities. It also helps kill two birds with one stone by removing your makeup.

  • Coconut Oil as a Detangling Agent for Your Hair

Often for people with long, curly hair, hair tangling can become somewhat of an issue if not a constant daily struggle. Fortunately, coconut oil takes care of the problem of tangled hair by itself. Apply a little coconut oil to your hands, then to your hair, and forget about the issue of tangled hair.

  • Coconut Oil as a Cuticle Cream for Nails

A pedicure-like treatment can be obtained at home by applying a small amount of coconut oil on one’s nails and on one’s toes. Lauric acid is in the coconut oil and has protective properties when you’re suffering from cracked heels. While this can help fix a problem, it sounds like it’s been made to sound appealing!

Ingredients of Parachute coconut hair oil

Parachute Coconut Hair Oil contains only one ingredient: 100% pure coconut hair oil. The coconut hair oil has received the approval of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), guaranteeing that it is pure and rich.

The shelf life of this product is 18 months from the date of manufacture. This means it should be used before that time to provide optimum quality.

Sizes available in Parachute coconut hair oil

Many varieties of size are available to suit your unique needs in Parachute Coconut Hair Oil.

Parachute Coconut Hair Oil is primarily available in the markets in the variants ranging from 100 milliliter personal pack to a large 1000 milliliter or 1 liter jumbo pack for family needs.

Between these, a 175 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, and 500 ml packs are also available in the market

The Price for Parachute hair oil

The price of the Parachute Coconut Hair Oil range from INR 69 for the 250 milliliter variant to INR 399 for the 1000 millileter variant

Is the Parachute hair oil good or bad for your hair?

The Parachute Coconut Hair Oil and the Dabur Vatika-enriched Coconut Hair Oil are both fine products that provide one with premium-quality hair oils that are available on the market. This product is made from 100% pure coconut oil and is certified by the Food Safety & Standards Authority.

In retrospect, the Parachute Coconut Hair Oil is highly recommended if it is natural coconut hair oil with Vitamin E that one seeks.

The hair oil is versatile and is able to suit all of one’s needs and requirements there may be; and doubles up as various other products, thereby eliminating the needs of a variety of other products. The cost of the product is reasonable.

Dabur Vatika enriched coconut hair oil review

Dabur Vatika, a sustainable hair care brand, makes it possible for you to have beautiful and healthy hair. With a range of products, they provide the best quality nutrients that your hair needs. It is also enriched with coconut to make your hair stronger, shiny and hydrated.

This article provides an in-depth review of the Dabur Vatika enriched coconut hair oil. It includes information on its ingredients, benefits and how it can benefit your hair.

Dabur Vatika has been around for almost a decade now. It is made by good old Dabur, a trusted brand.

Dabur Vatika claims

Vatika Hair Oil is made with natural ingredients to nourish your hair and give it a healthy bounce.

Unlike ordinary coconut oil, Vatika’s coconut oil is enriched with the goodness of eight time-tested herbs. While most hair oils only have two to four herbs, Vatika’s has eight.

They work magic on your hair, giving your hair and scalp complete nourishment for a healthy crowning glory.

Dabur Vatika enriched coconut hair oil ingredients

Dabur Vatika is a popular brand of hair care products for home, salon and beauty parlor. In their hair care product, Dabur Vatika has enriched coconut oil as the main ingredient.

Dabur Vatika enriched coconut hair oil ingredients can be found on the backside of the product packaging. The company provides a list of ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help treat dry and damaged hair due to environmental factors like pollution, chlorine etc. It also mentions some beneficial properties like:

Triphala, Brahmi, Henna, Neem, Lemon, Rosemary Oil, Kapurkachri, Soya Extracts

Our new formulation of Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil is proving to be much better than normal coconut oil. It’s proven to make hair stronger, thicker, shinier and control dandruff!

How to use Dabur Vatika coconut hair oil

Apply regularly on scalp and hair for best results. Massage and leave it on overnight.

My expectations

I have personally been experiencing very promising results with coconut oil. It seems to help hair grow faster and rejuvenate dry & damaged hair, which can be a refreshing change from expensive salon visits.

My experience

Vatika’s Enriched Coconut Hair Oil has become a personal favorite. It smells great, feels light and doesn’t leave a sticky feel behind. The appearance is clear, it is tinted green and doesn’t have any additives to make the oil smell like anything else. The smell is addictive!

The results

You did not notice an increase or decrease in hair fall after using Dabur Vatika premium coconut hair oil for a few months.

Many products claim to provide professional-looking results, but in my opinion the product didn’t live up to its claims. It did help make my hair appear shiny, though.

Reasons you must try Dabur Vatika premium coconut hair oil

1. The hair oil is nominally priced at $15 for a 150 ml bottle. It has a shelf life of 2 years. You can find it in most beauty stores or online on Amazon, which means you don’t have to worry about the cost if you don’t finish it all in one go. I didn’t experience dandruff while using the hair oil.

Reasons you may not try Dabur Vatika premium coconut hair oil

1. The list of chemicals in coconut oil – so coconut oil has to contain so many chemicals to preserve it for two years? Huhh!! Didn’t go down well with me.

Will you buy it again? Probably. The many features you like about the product are also why it is a top-seller for the brand.


I conclude my Dabur vatika coconut hair oil vs Parachute comparison by highlighting the most important features of each hair oil and suggest the best usage for each one

Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil is a very popular hair oil that has been around for a few years. It does not contain sulfates and other chemicals, which is great for people with sensitive scalps or scalp conditions. It also contains coconut oil to make your scalp feel hydrated and nourished.

Parachute Hair Oil is another popular hair oil that has been around for years now. They are well known for their moisturizing properties and will not leave behind any residue on your skin or hair the next day unlike some of the cheaper brands out there.

Dabur vatika coconut hair oil is a widely-loved hair oil for its deep nourishing and hydrating effect. It is a vegan-friendly product that is high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

Parachute hair oils are known to have great properties that can be used as a conditioner, leave-in conditioner, or styling agent. They are also suitable for all types of hair – natural, curly, straight, and fragile.


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