best hair to use for passion twist

Best Hair To Use For Passion Twist

If you’re looking for the best hair for your passion twists, there’s one that’s a perfect match and that is the Water Wave Synthetic Braids for Passion Twist.

There are a variety of different hair brands that you can use to achieve the passion twists hairstyle but the one i recommend above is by far the best to go with for this look.

The main issue was with the current passion twist. They don’t blend in well with natural hair. So I wanted to recommend something that is more suitable for those with natural hair.

This passion twists hair is actually better than most on the market. I spent several hours testing different fibers for my natural hair, and it took me a few tries to get the texture right.

Once I did, though, I found a manufacturer that specializes in just that kind of fiber. I’ve been using their product ever since!

Basically a non-silky version of our texture passion twist hair, which had its texture compared to liquid silk. For those who wanted the original silky look, they could also get that.


Passion Twists are these beautiful hairstyles that seem to be coming back in style. The boho babe created this twist pattern, which is called a water wave or bohemian curl.

While everyone seemed to be jumping onto the bandwagon with their hair, I too felt the need to do something different with mine.

Her post on Instagram with a picture of her passion twist became viral, and she followed it up with an instructional video for anyone who wanted to make their own.

I’m going to show you some images of different hairstyles that use passion twists. “Boho Babe” is a YouTube personality who uploads videos with hair tutorials.

One of the textures she used in the video was silky, whereas the other texture she used in her video.

I tested different textures to see what would be ideal for natural hair -wavy pieces tended to frizz, while straight textured sections often caused tangling.

I discovered that water waves on this texture are great because they provide the right amount of shape and movement without frizzing.


The best crochet hair for passion twist is the Natural Black Water Wave Crochet Braids it has a high quality and it is made with natural fibers that are gentle on the scalp it is available here on Amazon.

A lot of people consider crochet hair to be a good option for making passion twist. However, it is important to remember that each type of hair has its own unique features.

This includes the texture and flexibility. It’s also important to note that different types of crochet hair have different properties and qualities that can make them better suited for a specific style.


Passion Twist is a hairstyle that is popular among the African American community. It is a braid style that can be worn with many different hair textures.

The best way to get the look of this hairstyle is to use a braided hair extension. This will allow you to achieve the same look as if you were wearing your own natural hair.

The best braiding hair for a passion twist is a medium-texture and medium-length braid such as the Rosdina Passion Twist Hair. It can be found on Amazon here and it should also be shiny and smooth in order to create a good looking twist.


  • It is not silky, although the water wave hair that was initially recommended is silky. I found it easier to deal with a non-silky texture. You don’t have to worry about slipping hair with this style, it’s also very easy & convenient to wash out.
  • It has a bit of texture to it that makes it easy to grip like braiding hair, but not as coarse as Marley hair. She doesn’t have to spend all her time in the salon and can regularly rock these twists on her 4c hair at home. This is a great way for those who want to wear their natural texture that often.
  • Synthetic hair tangles less and lasts longer than human hair. To detangle, simply finger detangle and voila. I can’t completely say no human hair gets tangled up (as the hair on our heads are also susceptible to tangling). But the hair does not tangle as much as other hair, and it is easily to detangle.
  • You will notice how easy it is to fluff it up from the get-go. There are a lot of ways to protect your hair from breaks when you sleep at night, but the one I mention is a satin scarf or hair bonnet. It helps reduce friction as it naturally wicks away moisture.
  • More strands per pack, most other companies don’t have alot of strands in the pack. Even when they do you require more hair to create a medium sized passion twists. This textured, passion-twist hair requires a strand for a medium-sized twist. This means you will need less packs to get a full head.


The Boho Babe herself, Jenni Merriman, knows how to maintain and manage the hairstyle. Jenni created this gorgeous head of hair just for everyone to enjoy.

It can be more difficult to install the passion twist hairstyle if you’re not a professional. Maybe you don’t have a tight grip or maybe you don’t understand how to perform the “invisible root method.”

This hair braiding method, known as the invisible root method, start from the base of your hair. This allows you to avoid hassle with obstacles such as knots in braids and twists.

Many people started to notice a new issue people had with the hair that was supplied for passion twists.

Several people experienced problems with their hair but were able to avoid them with my textured, stylish passion twists that i recommended.


The passion twist started to slip out of their hair. Even when gripped tightly to the base of their hair, it looked very old.


Think of when you would lay out your weave. As soon as it gets humid, you’ll notice your natural curl pattern returning.

Making you constantly straighten and gel your hair to achieve a laid-out leave-out. This is the same with natural hair when twisted with silky hair.


Different brands of hair are made with different fibers, which can cause the hair to tangle faster. For example, a brand produced with water wave crochet fiber will tangle faster than a brand that uses structure fiber.


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