How to keep natural hair from reverting after straightening

How to keep natural hair from reverting after straightening?

How to keep natural hair from reverting after straightening? The most important thing to keep in mind is that natural hair is fragile. It can easily break if you don’t take care of it.

  1. The first step to taking care of your natural hair is to use a protective style like braids, twists, or Bantu knots.
  2. The second step is to take care of the scalp and hair follicles by using products that contain oils and moisturizers. This will help the hair retain its moisture and keep it from drying out.
  3. The third step is to be patient with your hair and allow it time to grow out naturally before you decide on another style.

Below are two techniques that you can use to keep your hair straight but still natural:

Heatless Straightening:

This technique is done by using a flat iron or a hot comb and running it through the hair with very little tension. This will create a straight look without applying heat which could damage your hair.

Wet Set:

This technique is done by washing and conditioning the hair, then applying a product with heat protectant in it, then blow-drying the hair, and finally flat-ironing the ends of the hair for extra hold.

Can you get your natural hair back after straightening?

The short answer is no, it is not possible to get your natural hair back after straightening. The long answer is that the damage caused by straightening your hair can be reversed and you can have healthy hair again.

We can’t change the permanent damage that heat styling has done to our hair. But, we can do a lot to help our natural hair grow back healthier and stronger by using some of these tips.

  • Avoid heat styling when possible. If you do use heat styling tools, use the lowest setting and protect your hair with a thermal protector before applying heat.
  • Get a trim every six weeks or so to keep your ends from splitting and breaking off.
  • Use products that are formulated for ethnic hair types, like moisturizing conditioners, deep conditioners, and oils.

Why does my hair go back to normal after straightening?

When you straighten your hair with heat or chemicals, you are changing its shape but not its length. If you are straightening your hair with a curling iron, you are changing its shape and length.

Another reason why hair goes back to its natural state after straightening is because of the heat. The heat from the straightener causes the hair to lose its shape and go back to its natural state.

The hair straightener that would not cause the hair to go back is one that has a cooling handle. The process of heating the hair with a straightener is usually what causes it to go back to its natural state.

Most people who use hair straighteners have the cause of their hair going back to its natural state is that they use a lot of heat on the straightener, and some don’t even get close enough to their scalp.

How long does it take for natural hair to revert after straightening?

The heat from the straightener will cause the hair follicle to relax and return to its natural state.

The hair follicle can take up to two days for it to return back to its natural state.

It may take up to two weeks for the hair follicle to fully revert back.

Tips for maintaining straightened natural hair

1. Silicone or mineral-based oil can be used to repel humidity.

The following ingredients have their place especially when it comes to heat styling. Silicone or mineral oils are best for water repellant.

You should start by spraying them on your hair as soon as you find it frizzing up. Note- Mineral oil can be quite oily, so you might want to use a light hand when applying it to your hair.

2. The best way to set your freshly pressed hair is to use a Flexi rod or any other kind of roller.

When I first straightened my natural hair, I wasn’t aware that it would return to wearing its natural state momentarily with the flat iron removed.

I didn’t realize that my kind of hair needed a little bit of styling before I could wear it out. It prevents my cuticles from grabbing water so quickly from the atmosphere.

One way to stop your hair from falling flat immediately after the effect has been ironed in is to roll the newly flat-ironed area around a curler or pin curl.

3. As soon as you’re done with the press, wrap your hair up right away.

This is related to the same idea as the previous points above. After pressing my hair, I use all the Flexi-rods, wrap my hair around my head then place a satin scarf over it.

After I have flat ironed my hair and cooled it down, I take off the wrap for a clean, straight appearance.

(You may skip this step)Curl your hair as usual, but keep the curlers in as it cools down. It may cause your hair to be less grouped together

4. Every other day, use a small amount of oil in order to help repel humidity.

After the day after I flat ironed my hair, I now apply oil to help repel humidity.

It’s a little oily, but it’s helpful in providing nutrients to my hair while keeping it clean and glossy.

5. You should pin curl or wrap your hair every night to keep it in place.

This tip is an essential part if you are a regular user of heat-styling on your hair. I’ve found that I need to maintain straight locks if I want them to remain healthy and attractive.

I prefer pin curls to curly styles because the former better hides my natural hair texture.


The article is about how to keep natural hair from reverting after straightening. What we need to do is to find the right products and tools that will help us maintain the hairstyle.

There are a few things you can do to help your hair stay straight, but it’s important to note that they won’t last forever.

You can use a heat protector before you straighten your hair, use an anti-humectant spray or serum after you’ve finished styling, and wear protective styles when possible.


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