How to Maintain Passion Twists

How to Maintain Passion Twists?

You have installed your new passion twists hairstyle and need to know how to maintain it. You have come to the right place.

After my experience installing passion twists on myself and also doing them for other people I have come up with a few tips and tricks to help make your passion twists last.

The maximum amount of time you should keep passion twist in your hair with braid is 4 – 6 weeks when using passion twist hair.

For crochet, I may keep it in for around the same time period with the exception that I can re-install the hair.

Knowing how to maintain your passion twists is key to giving your hair that extra bit of life to have a long install and keeping it looking fresh.


When it comes to tangling your passion twist, there are a lot of different brands and types of hair you can use to twist it up. Each type will require a different method when it comes to winding & twisting the hair strand.

I use passion twists hair water waves. They have less tangling and a textured look that makes my hair seem silkier than other brands.

But I can not lie and say synthetic hair never tangles, and our own hair does too if it isn’t properly taken care of.

To detangle your passion twists simply run your fingers through your hair and finger detangle each piece.

You should avoid yanking or pulling on your passion twist as this can cause knots and further matting.In the end, you’ll need your trusty scissors to cut off any pieces that you don’t want to use.


Keeping your hair out of your way while you sleep is a key factor to prevent tangling and having a longer install.

If you remember to tie up your hair each night and use a satin bonnet, it will be easier on you AND on your hair.

Silk Bonnets is also a good material to use. Be careful when buying bonnets from a beauty supply shop, as some of them have ‘satin lining’ and it’s hard to tell which ones actually have it.

The right pillow case is important if you want to make a difference with your hair at night. There are many options available, so we recommend using one made of satin or silk.

Even with my natural hair, I’ve had to un-knot it a few times because it would form knots at the end of the day. And I’m afraid that I might have lost a lot of hair this way.

But when I started using a satin bonnet, my hair became softer and more manageable, even with the high-heat styling tools. This makes things much easier and will also give you less breakage.


There are a couple of things to do to make your passion twists look ‘new’ again. One of them is giving the curls just a twist over in an effort to define them. You may also use hair styling mousse or even hairspray if needed.

It defines the curls of your twist as well as giving it a wet look in order to give off a healthy shine.

I always use this particular mousse from Sainsburys to style my hair and it has been giving me great results so far.

But feel free to use any styling mousse of your choice. I also add eco styler gel to my twists to add strength and allow for fullness of my natural hair.

I found a great tutorial on how to do a passion twist and that refreshing your hair is easy as well. you can read about it here and check it out!.

This will make your passion twists look good as new. This is a good option if the hair still looks great and you want to refresh the perimeter.


I have been asked this question by a couple of my clients. If you can wash passion twists. The answer is of course you can.

I would not recommend swimming in passion twist because this can be damaging to the curls. That’s why I would recommend washing your hair between styles to maintain your passion twist.

The final step of washing your twists involves shampooing and rinsing your scalp first. You proceed to gently shampoo the twists and clean out any leftover hair or soap residue.

Washing your hair this way will make sure that it is clean and you won’t damage or unravel any of the twists. Does this sound like something you want?

If you want to shower without getting your passion twist wet hair, there are plenty of options out there. One option is a shower cap. This can keep your hair dry while it gets clean.

Plus, it’s more convenient and feels less restrictive than wearing a swim cap or a turban while you’re soaking wet.

I brought in an extra-large shower cap just in case. They can adjust the size with a drawstring & have satin to prevent leaks.


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