Gorilla Snot gel for curly hair
Gorilla Snot gel for curly hair

Gorilla Snot gel for curly hair

Have you been thinking about whether to use Gorilla Snot gel on curly hair? Gorilla Snot is a catchy name, but the bizarreness of it will make you think twice before choosing it.

I first bought a Jar of the Gorilla snot hair gel two summers ago, after I realized that my edge control was giving me big cystic breakouts on my hair line.

I wanted something that would give me a great, something that would not flake, leave white residue or dry out my scalp and after a thorough youtube search, I had only one item on my list and it was the Gorilla Snot Extreme Hold Gel.

And as if the name weren’t controversial enough, the substance inside the bottle is distinct and different from most hair gels. Does it work for curly hair or should it be avoided?

In this post, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of Gorilla Snot, and how to use it safely. If you’re looking for an honest Gorilla Snot Gel review for curly hair, keep reading.

What is Gorilla Snot Gel?

Gorilla Snot is a line of products from Moco De Gorila, a Mexican hair product company. It is designed to be an extreme hold styling gel ‘for punk rockers, and indies to make mohawks and other alternative hairstyles. it also comes in three flavors.

This gel has been around for a long time and is very popular with a lot of caucasian people who wear punk hairstyles.

However, It became really popular in the natural hair community about three years ago because of the the type of hold it gives.

I have used different types of edge controls in the past, a lot actually. I even used Eco styler gel as an edge control at one point but it did not come close to giving me the type of hold that I get with this product.

I got decent hold with the Eco styler gel but that hold often fell apart in humid weather and normally didn’t last till the end of the day.

This gel gives long-lasting hold because of its anti-gravitational properties, and it is popular in the natural hair community for laying down edges well.

types of Gorilla Snot Gel

  • Punk. This version comes in a yellow bottle and has a hold factor of 10.
  • Rocker. This variety comes in a red bottle and has a hold factor of 9.
  • Galan. This one comes in a green bottle and has a hold factor of 8.
  • Sports Energizer. This extreme version comes in a purple bottle and has a hold factor of 10.

The texture feels stickier than most gels, but it is not too thick or gooey. The ingredients aren’t exactly beneficial for hair, but it’s good that water is listed as the first ingredient, but sadly the alcohol will dry out your hair.

How to use Gorilla Snot gel for curly hair

Gorilla Snot is stickier than your typical gel, and it works to lay your edges down flat for hours. The yellow substance can be applied to the edges or even to the entire hairstyle, and it almost works like glue.

Apply a portion on your fingers, and start styling. Some naturals use it to define curls by finger combing the product through their hair, and allowing it to dry.

Gorilla Snot gel for curly hair

How to remove Gorilla Snot gel from hair

Using the right techniques to remove Gorilla Snot Hair Gel is essential. Try to avoid leaving the gel in your hair for over 24 hours.

The alcohol and other chemicals in the gel tend to be drying, so the less time the product sits on your hair, the better.

When it’s time to remove your gel, don’t try to peel it off. The gel will become pliable with warm water, and you should be able to rinse it out with a mild shampoo.

If you just use solvent on big blobs you’ll smear it all over the place and have a real mess, Just make sure that the Gorilla is sedated first or you’re in big trouble.

Remember to deep condition your hair after using the product so that you can counteract the drying effect of the alcohol.

Pros and cons of Gorilla Snot gel for curly hair

o you are at the edge of getting gorilla snot gel!

Great !

But there are few things to note before getting.

Like every other product, gorilla snot gel has it good and not so good side.

Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of gorilla snot also known as moco de gorila in the video below.

Pros and cons of Gorilla Snot gel for curly hair


  • Lays edges down flat,
  • it’s inexpensive and affordable in price
  • a quick way to get your hairstyle on point


  • It’s drying to hair,
  • it could smother the hair follicles,
  • it can be difficult to remove
  • sticky in texture

What are the ingredients?

If you take a good look at the ingredients bellow you will notice that it’s not really what you would call a safe product to be used daily.

I appreciate the fact that water is listed as an ingredient that makes it a bit reliable.

Note that there is alcohol as I mentioned earlier therefor you need to use it with caution else it can end up leaving you with dry hair.


Water (Aqua), Pvp, AlcoholPeg-150, Sorbitol, Hydroxyethylcellulose,Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Cyamopsis, Tetragonoloba (Guar) Gum, Fragrance(Parfum), Yellow 10 (Ci 47005), Yellow 6 (Ci 15985), Green 8 (Ci 59040),Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone. Apply a portion on your fingers, and start styling.

How well does Gorilla snot gel work on 4c natural hair?

Now if your hair texture is a 4c I’m sure you might be concerned if gorilla snot edge control will work with your hair type.

Know that gorilla snot edge control can leave a white residue if you use a large amount of it on your natural hair.

Using it on your edges has seemed to be the best way to go about using gorilla snot edge control not forgetting to cover your edges with a silk scarf in order for it to set.

Does Gorilla snot gel last all day?

If you work your way through styling your edges and covering overnight you could get it to last all day.

Remember, gorilla snot gel is just as all other gels so if you find yourself sweating or in a humid area it might not hold as well as when you’re not in those areas.


Is gorilla snot gel aka moco de gorila worth it? It totally is!

Gorilla snot gel is a great gel with a snot texture that can help you achieve a better edge control. If you have some gorilla snot hairstyles ideas make sure you don’t overuse it or apply too much due to the alcohol in it.

Gorilla snot on natural hair has gotten really good reviews although gorilla snot hair loss is always question we should work on answering.

Base on the gorilla snot gel reviews I would recommend to not use it too often and always know that the pros and cons of gorilla snot can change. please checkout my other post How to protect hair when swimming everyday


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